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A nostalgic day

With our third meeting we decided to visit the Moomin museum. I was really excited, because the Moomins were definitely a part of my childhood. I always watched the tv show when I was younger.

The museum was really nice. You could grab a book at the entrance and the book was basically your guide. This was a good way of exploring a museum in my opinion. Elisa grabbed a Finnish book and I grabbed an English one and together we explored the museum. Elisa knew a lot more then I did, because she has read all of the books and I haven’t read them. This was good for me, because she was my second guide.

Another thing I really liked about the museum was the fact that a lot of scenes out of the books where created in an exhibition piece. Because of the books really came to live. It was also fun to hear the stories and looking at the exhibition piece at the same time.

The best piece in my opinion was the Moominhouse. There was one really big exhibition piece and that was a replica of the Moominhouse. This piece is absolutely beautiful, and the details are amazing. It felt like exploring a giant doll house.

Elisa and I both grew up with the Moomins, that’s why we decided to teach each other  the names of the characters in our mother tongue. In the following picture you can most of the characters with their Finnish and Dutch name.



We also did both a test called: Which Moomin character are you? You can do the test over here: https://www.moomin.com/en/which-moomin-are-you/     


According to the test I’m Moomintroll.


It was a really nostalgic day for us! It was awesome. If you are in Tampere, I recommend you to definitely visit the Moomin museum!

Food night!

For our second meeting, the theme was food. We decided to cook some food together. I’m not a really good cook, so I was glad Elisa wrote down two reci


The first thing we made was makaronilaatikko, macaroni casserole or macaroni ovenschotel.

Things you need:

Finnish English Dutch
5 dl makaronia 5 dl macaroni 5 dl macaroni
1 kpl sipulia 1 pcs onion 1 ui
1 rkl rypsiöljyä 1 tbsp rapeseed oil 1 el koolzaad olie
400 g jauhelihaa 400 g minced meat 400 gr gehakt
2 kpl kananmunaa 2 pcs eggs 2  eieren
5 dl maitoa 5 dl milk 500 ml melk
½ tl suolaa ½ tsp salt ½ tl zout
¼ tl mustapippuria ¼ tsp black pepper ¼ tl zwarte peper


What to do:

  1. Keitö makaronit.
  2. Kuori ja pilko sipuli.
  3. Kuullota sipulit ölyssä.
  4. Paista jauheliha.
  5. Lisää sipuli jauhelihan joukkoon.
  6. Sekoita jauheliha – sipuli seos makaronien joukkoon.
  7. Vatkaa kananmunat.
  8. Lisää mausteet ja maito kanonmunien joukkoon.
  9. Kaada munamaito vuokaan.
  10. Paista 175 °C noin tunti.


  1. Cook the macaroni.
  2. Peel and cut the onion.
  3. Fry the onions in the oil.
  4. Fry the minced meat.
  5. Add the onions to the minced meat.
  6. Mix it with the macaroni.
  7. Scramble the eggs.
  8. Add spices and milk to the eggs.
  9. Pour the eggmilk to the pan.
  10. Cook at 175 °C for about an hour.


  1. Kook de macaroni.
  2. Pel en snij de ui.
  3. Braad de ui in de olie.
  4. Braad het gehakt.
  5. Voeg de uien toe aan het gehakt.
  6. Mix dit met de macaroni.
  7. Roer de eieren door elkaar.
  8. Voeg de specerijen en de melk toe aan de eieren.
  9. Giet het eiermelk in de pan.
  10. Bak het in de oven op 175 °C voor ongeveer een uur.



The second recipe is Mustikkapiirakka (it’s easier to bake than to pronounce)/blueberry pie/bosbessen tart.

Things you need for the pohja/dough/deeg:

Finnish English Dutch
150 g voita 150 g butter 150 gr boter
1,5 dl sokeria 1,5 dl sugar 1,5 dl suiker
1 kananmuna 1 egg 1 ei
3 dl vehnäjauhpja 3 dl flour 3 dl bloem
1 tl vaniliinisokeria 1 tbs vanilla sugar 1 el vanilla suiker
1 tl leivinjauhetta 1 tbs baking powder 1 el bakpoeder
400 g mustikoita 400 g blueberries 400 gr bosbessen


Things you need for the murutaikina/short pastry/zanddeeg:

Finnish English Dutch
50 g voita 50 g butter 50 gr boter
0,5 dl sokeria 0,5 dl sugar 0,5 dl suiker
1 dl vehnäjauhoja 1 dl flour 1 dl bloem


What to do:

  1. Sekoita sokeri ja pehmeä voi.
  2. Lisää muut aineet ja sekoita tasaiseksi.
  3. Levitä taikina vuokaan.
  4. Kaada mustikat vuokaan tasaiesti.
  5. Valmista murutaikina ja levitä se mustikoiden päälle.
  6. Paista 200 °C noin 30 minuuttia.
  7. Tarjoile jäätelön kahssa.


  1. Mix sugar and softened butter.
  2. Add the rest of the ingredients and mix evenly.
  3. Spread the dough into the pan.
  4. Pour the blueberries evenly into the pan.
  5. Mix together the short pastry ingredients, and spread it on the blueberries.
  6. Cook at 200 °C fora bout 30 minutes.
  7. Serve with ice cream.


  1. Mix de suiker met de zachte boter.
  2. Voeg de rest van de ingrediënten toe en mix tot een glad geheel.
  3. Leg het deeg in het bakblik.
  4. Giet de bosbessen in het bakblik.
  5. Mix de ingrediënten voor het zanddeeg en spreid dit over de bosbessen.
  6. Bak op 200 °C voor ongeveer 30 minuten.
  7. Serveer met ijs.


It was a really fun and delicious evening! My favorite was the blueberry pie, it was amazing, especially with the ice cream. If you have free time, you should definitely try to make it!

Testing 1, 2, 3

Hey everyone! 🙂

My name is Elisa and I’m a student here in TAMK. This is my fourth and final year of vehicle engineering studies. I am teaching Finnish to my pair Jocelyn who is teaching me Dutch.

Our first meeting was 19th October and it took place at the new cafe and restaurant Puisto in Koskipuisto. The cafe was really cute and there were many different delicious-looking cakes and pastries. I chose blueberry tea and a piece of lime and white chocolate cake. It was really good!

I was excited to learn some Dutch because all I knew about the language was that it kind of sounds and looks like English and German combined. I learned numbers from 0 to 100. First I repeated the numbers after Jocelyn and it was surprisingly easy. That was probably because I used to study German when I was younger and they sound somewhat similar. After repeating the numbers, I tried to write them down but I got almost all of them wrong the first time. While writing them down correctly I learned some things about pronunciation for example the letter v is pronounced as ’f’ and ’ij’ is pronounced as ’äi’ like in the Finnish word for mother ’äiti’.

Jocelyn already knew the numbers in Finnish because she is taking the Basics of Finnish course. I taught her the shorter spoken language versions of numbers. We also taught each other how to say hello and goodbye.

Until next time!



Stockholm on 14.11.2016

Our 10th EOTO session ended up happening in Stockholm since Patty, me and one of my Finnish friends went on the Pirates of the Baltic cruise to Sweden. We had a day to see Stockholm and we decided to teach each other some sentences while going out and about since we always have fun while doing it; it doesn’t feel like we’re doing an actual assignment for a course at all.

We taught each other sentences like “Do you like this city?”, “What do you want to eat?”, “We need to go in the metro” and “I would like to buy a souvenir”. In retrospect, I don’t remember all of the sentences that we taught each other but I remember some and that’s already really good. Patty did really well again though; I think she’s still super motivated to learn as much Finnish as she can while she’s here.

Since this was our last and 10th session, I reflected back on the whole experience a little bit. I think that it got a lot easier to learn after I got more used to Dutch and the type of language it is. It’s also really helped that me and Patty have become such amazing friends and that we spend a lot of time together. When I’m around her, I hear a lot of Dutch and I’m exposed to it a lot so I can pick up on some phrases that I hear again and again.

I think that the fall break when we went to the Netherlands together was the highlight of our EOTO course. I got to practice my Dutch in Holland and meet a lot of Dutch people that I’m now friends with so my social media also has a lot of Dutch on it.  We’ll probably keep teaching each other Finnish and Dutch for the rest of the time we’re spending together this year but probably won’t keep a more official track record of it.

I can have a short conversation in Dutch and I can now follow a conversation. I think me and Patty were very successful in our Each One Teach One course and I know I’ll need to remember my Dutch since we’ve already planned for me to go to the Netherlands for a few weeks in the spring and I’m pretty convinced that I’ll put Amsterdam and Utrecht on my choices when I apply for the mandatory exchange for International Business students in a few months.

Stockholm 14 November 2016

Lyydia and I booked a Stockholm trip in September. Time really flies when your having fun because the 14th of November already arrived. I was so excited to go. And Lyydia as well. We walked around for hours and when we sat down at a place to eat we thought that it would be a good idea to do a EOTO session here. We didn’t do a lot because we were running out of time. But here are some sentences that we taught each other:

  • Do you like this city?
  • Have you bin here before?
  • What do you want to eat?
  • I would like to buy a souvenir
  • We need to go in the metro

It’s not much but these sure are very useful sentences to use when you’re in an unfamiliar city.

I could see that Lyydia was very eager to learn these sentences. And she’s still doing a great job. I’m so proud of her.

And I can see myself growing with Finnish. And I’m not struggling that much with sentences as I was in the beginning.

And can I just say that I find Stockholm really, really pretty!


Kauppi park on 10.11.2016

The first real snow fell and I told Patty that I needed to show her around before it was going to melt (which it did) since the first snow never stays. She really, really loves snow and was really hoping to see some so of course I wanted her to get to see the nature.

I decided to take her on a walk to the jogging trails that are pretty much behind TAMK to see the nature and see a lot of snow and for Patty to just enjoy it. And it was a great opportunity to teach each other some words and sentences about the snow and winter and everything that was around us.

I’m happy about teaching Patty more Finnish since her time here is coming to an end very soon and I want her to be able to speak at least a little Finnish. I think she’s started to do even better with learning, even though it’s hard to remember Finnish. Patty’s had some new motivation since she wants to enjoy the rest of her time here as much as possible.

Remembering the Dutch wasn’t impossible this time which was a relief for me. I’m trying to really learn as much as I can since I won’t have Patty here to teach me after December and TAMK doesn’t offer classes in Dutch. So if I want to remember it, I need to really try now and make notes of the words and sentences that I’ve learned.

Some of the sentences that we taught each other are:

  • It’s snowing
  • Let’s go for a walk
  • Are you tired?
  • Watch out, it’s slippery here
  • The water is frozen
  • It is getting dark
  • Let’s go back


10 November 2016 EOTO in WINTER WONDERLAND

I told Lyydia from the day that I met her that I love snow. She did warn me a little bit because she wasn’t sure if I would see snow because I will only stay in Finland until the middle of December. So you can imagine that I was pleasantly surprised when I saw that it was snowing every day for the past week.


So after school, Lyydia took me for a nice afternoon walk. She took me to the forest behind TAMK. It was so beautiful. It made me so happy. I just love snow and nature. So it was a perfect setting to do a EOTO session during our beautiful walk. Here are some sentences that taught each other in our language:

  • It’s snowing
  • Let’s go for a nature walk
  • Are you tired
  • Watch out it’s slippery here
  • The water is frozen
  • It is getting dark
  • Let’s go back


So these are perfect sentences to teach each other because we actually used them. So they fit in the setting perfectly.


I really liked to teach Lyydia these sentences because these are sentences that you could use in the Netherlands because we have snow to.


It took a little bit longer for me to learn the sentences because Finnish is obviously a difficult language.


I can say that I’m still having a lot a of fun with the EOTO course. It is also very helpful for me because I’m in the basic of Finnish course and my exam is coming closer now.


Pyynikki tower on 22.10.2016

Patty really wants to see more of Tampere since she’s already halfway through with her exchange here so I took her to Pyynikki on Saturday. It was super cold and autumn-y but it was really pretty there and Patty was really amazed with Finnish nature. I think it might’ve been the first time she was really around it…

We walked around at the beach and kind of walked through the little part of the ”forest” and Patty was really amazed at me actually being more of a country girl. I told her I grew up playing in Finnish forests and I think most Finnish kids from the 90s have.

Of course we had to go to the café so that Patty could try the infamous donuts that they serve in the Pyynikki café. We had hot chocolates and shared one donut.

Since we had learned proper, usable sentences the past two EOTO sessions that we did in the Netherlands, we wanted to make this one a bit easier on both of us so we decided to just teach each other words. They were all related to our day in Pyynikki and I didn’t find it too difficult to remember them but pronouncing some of them was rather difficult. It was a bit surprising since I had done so well with using my Dutch in Holland but I guess you just can’t have a good session every single time (when it comes to the actual learning part).

Patty didn’t have her most amazing learning session in terms of remembering words but we still had a laugh and hopefully we’ll both remember at least some of the words.

18 October 2016 Van Gogh art museum

Today we went back to Amsterdam to visit the museum of the famous dutch painter Vincent van Gogh.  Lyydia love’s art and we already got one free ticket. So we only had to pay for 1. So that was awesome.

We decided to do an EOTO session here as well. And we wanted to relate the EOTO session to art an museums.

For example:

art – Kunst – taide

artist – kunstenaar -taiteilija

I really love this painting –  Ik vind dit schilderij heel mooi – Minä rakastan tätä taulua paljon.

I love these colours – Ik hou van deze kleuren – Minä rakastan näitä värejä

Van Gogh is an amazing artist – Van Gogh is een geweldige artiest – Van Gogh on mahtava taiteilija

What year is this painting from – Van welk jaar is dit schilderij – Miltä vuodelta tämä taulu on?

Can you tell me about this painting – Kunt u mij iets over dit schilderij vertellen – Voitteko kertoa minulle tästä taulusta?

Can I take a photo – Mag ik een foto nemen – Voinko ottaa kuvan? 

Can I eat here? – Mag ik hier eten – Voinko syödä täällä?

Where’s the bathroom ? – Waar is de wc – Missä vessa on?

I know Lyydia was enjoying these sentences because she likes art a lot. I had a great time as well. For me it’s still more difficult to learn these sentences because they are in Finnish and I think Finnish is more difficult then Dutch.



Van Gogh museum on 18.10.2016

Since I loved Amsterdam so much, we decided to spend another day there while on our fall  break in the Netherlands. I also love 17th-20th century art and my mom (who’s already been to Amsterdam before) recommended that I visit the museum.

I wanted to learn more Dutch while in the museum so I could practice talking even more so we picked some art related words and sentences, like:

art – Kunst – taide

artist – kunstenaar -taiteilija

I really love this painting –  Ik vind dit schilderij heel mooi – Minä rakastan tätä taulua paljon.

I love these colours – Ik hou van deze kleuren – Minä rakastan näitä värejä

Van Gogh is an amazing artist – Van Gogh is een geweldige artiest – Van Gogh on mahtava taiteilija

What year is this painting from – Van welk jaar is dit schilderij? – Miltä vuodelta tämä taulu on?

Can you tell me about this painting? – Kunt u mij iets over dit schilderij vertellen? – Voitteko kertoa minulle tästä taulusta?

Can I take a photo? – Mag ik een foto nemen? – Voinko ottaa kuvan?

Can I eat here? – Mag ik hier eten? – Voinko syödä täällä?

Where’s the bathroom ? – Waar is de wc? – Missä vessa on?

I didn’t do as great with these sentences as I did with the earlier ones in Amsterdam (I couldn’t remember them as easily) but I’m still happy with my progress. It was great to enjoy Amsterdam some more and see more of the city.

Patty’s being really persistent about learning Finnish, which is great since she always wants to learn even when it’s hard.