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#7 brunchtime

Hey everyone!

Today Ugo invited me over his place to have a brunch. With this cold weather it was good to be home and chat a little bit.
Ugo cooked a typical French breakfast, which is very similar from the north American style with eggs, ham, cereals and orange juice.


On that picture you can see some scrambled eggs, with a very good taste and kind of different from regular eggs on the plate. Around this you have some ham and toasted bread with butter. The kinder surprise was a bonus hahahaha!

It was a good moment to take a recap about regular words and I hope you guys can use those for your personal skills and learn some new words ;):

Eggs: oeufs
Scrambled eggs: oeufs brouillés
Ham: jambon
Orange juice: jus d’orange
Butter: beurre
Bread: pain

cheers, Georg