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True Finns – A comedic look at life in Finland

Yesterday a part of our group were at the True Finns show at O’Connell’s. True Finns is a live comedy show that explores Finnish culture and stereotypes in hopes to understandtruefinns what life in Finland is like for both Finns and Foreigners. One of the comedian was a Finn, the other one was an American.

At the beginning of the show the topic was Thanksgiving because the Americans celebrated that yesterday.  The comedians called some random guys of the audience on the stage and asked them what they know about this public holiday. Soon we, as non-americans, could imagine how this day is celebrated: Many people eat dimensions of food and talk about nonsense, and that for hours. After that the two comedians showed funny newspaper articles and made jokes about them.


After a short break the topic of the show was “pikkujoulut”, what means little christmas. Pikkujoulut are small celebrations before christmas (usually from companies or associations) where the people drink much alcohol. The comedians called one guy on the stage and asked them about pikkujoulut and that was really funny. He said that he usually not remembers anything and the word alcohol describes the thing the best. After that they showed us ten advices what you should not do at pikkujoulut like choosing wisely who to take home because you have to work with some persons the whole year.


In the last part of the show they searched on Twitter for hashtags which are related to pikkujoulut like #hangover or #adultery. The audience could choose the searched terms. The comedians and three others made an impro about these terms. It was really funny.

For me the evening at O’Connell’s was very funny and I learned much about Finnish and American culture. I was surprised that I understood everything, so my English knowledge increased a lot since I’m here in Finland.