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Yksi, kaksi, kolme….

W had our second meeting with Laura and Eija (as the others couldn´t come) and went to a café to learn some basics of finnish and german language.

And the first word that I have learned this day is actually quite similar to the german word (in fact, it is the same, you only spell it in another way) :  tee (tea). So I ordered a tee in the kahvi.

We started with counting in finnish and german. As for me it is very hard to imagine how the words are written in finnish, i wrote all of them down. We only made it to ten (kymmenen), because they are very different from english or german. When we tried to pronounce the words, we figured out that there are some kind of false friends in german and finnish language. For example, the letter “E” in finnish sounds like an “Ä” in german. That was confusing some times and made us laugh very hard.

We were talking a lot about markets, festivals and typical parties in Finland and Germany. For example, the culture of Oktoberfest and how it is spread all over the world more and more. And about the christmas market in Tampere, which seems to be very nice, so I will definitely go there in winter.

Another good thing for me was to learn the weekdays. Because sometimes I stand in front of the door of a store and it is closed, but I can´t figure out when it will be open, because I can´t read their opening hours. So the weekdays were another block of words, in german and finnish.

After that, we went to a local market where they have some electronical devices, because Laura wanted to know some of the words for cameras, laptops etc. in german. But then we figured out that most of the words are the same as in english. Display-Display. Laptop-Laptop. Camera-Kamera.