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Voisin ottaa capuccinon ?

Hello all !
New post on this blog to speak about my 8th meeting with Elina. We hadn’t a lot of time but we wanted a cosy place so with went to Café Europa, common but really cool place.


As usual we spoke about us, I told her how was my « Survival Weekend » in the middle of the woods and how I enjoyed it ! She told me that she went to her parent’s place and she really enjoyed her weekend as well. A good weekend is primordial to begin well the week !
We spoke about her favourite sport the Pole Dance, even if I knew this sport she taught me few things I didn’t know ! There are a lot of different metal bare, different diameter, different textures and different methods of attachment. She felt her progression in the last times so I was glad for her.

After this we went through Finnish stuff, I have to recognize that even after several meetings I don’t know a lot of Finnish words, it’s not because she is a bad teacher, it’s because I often, really often, teach French to her. I know that this will be useful for her and I really like to teach French. So yes I know few things but not a lot. This time so I was my turn to learn, we reviewed the numbers, a little bit the verb “to be” and the weekdays. We did few new things like how the open, close a door for example because I needed to know “Open” and “Close” because I’m always asking myself when the stores are open and I’m never able to read the Finnish on the front doors.
Then I learnt how to order a cappuccino or a beer (I will need this for sure !).

At the end I shown her a video on youtube about an amazing girl in an American TV Show “American Ninja Warrior”, she went through all the track easily, even better than a man !

We will meet each other only in two weeks because she is going to London on Thursday and then it will be me going to Lapland. We have planned to meet again at least twice and we should make something all together with Michèl and Tilda to remember our EOTO experience ! Surprise…

Videos !

New meeting with just Elina because Tilda wasn’t free. We met a new time in the Library, it’s quiet, comfortable and easier because if I’m not so busy, Elina is, she does lot’s of things next to the school like dancing, French lessons or gym !
This time I used my computer to watch videos with her on Youtube. I presented to her my city and then I found some French lessons in video. We watched few of them about the genders, it’s THE trap for every foreigner trying to learn French, the genders have no rules, you just have to know them for every words and Elina have to continue to learn them.. Then we did listening comprehension, it was the description of the Julien’s day with a lot’s of detail and then few questions. She went through easily.

We spoke a bit about how we were doing and we left each other. We should meet next week on Tuesday and maybe Wednesday because Elina is leaving to London few days and I will leave to Lapland in one week so we have to see each other before. The next time won’t be in the library for sure, we don’t know exactly where yet but we will find out!

Kauppahalli the Finnish covered market

For this new meeting we were three, Elina, Tilda and me. As the weather was not so good we decided to stay inside and we chose the Kauppahalli covered market. I really wanted to see this market so I was happy to go there even more because I was with finnish people who were able to explain me many things and comment what we saw.

Covered Market 3

We walked few minutes aroud the market, lot’s of interesting things, lot of food also. I was surprised to see a shop with lot’s of french words on his sign like : poisson (fish), café (coffee)…

We finally decided to sit down in a café to talk about our holiday, I told them about my trip in Russia all in french. I told them about Corsica also, a little island between Italy and France just in front of Nice (my city). I tried to speak as much is possible in French. I need sometimes to explain few words but generally they understand without any problems !

While we were talking Elina and me were eating traditional Finnish food, the karjalanpiirkka (Karelian pie). I confess that I need to copy-paste this name because it’s impossible for me to remember it.. However it was really good and Elina said me that with a litle bit of butter on the top it’s even better so I will try later for sure !

Covered Market 2

Finally we went through “Le passé compose”, a French tense. It’s not really hard but like all the French stuff you have a lot of exceptions (If it was too easy it would be not funny). Tilda was already ok with this tense and Elina got quickly how it works. We finished on this, when I went out it was really dark, rainy..

Finland yes I chose Finland … =)

Finnish, second most difficult language after Polish..

This time we met at TAMK with just Elina because Tilda was not free. We chose now to meet each other twice a week to do as many meeting as possible before the end of the year.

So we spoke a bit about our holidays in France for me and in Belgium for Elina and then it was time to work on Finnish. As I mentioned before I never spoke Finnish so everything is just discovery for me.. She asked me what I wanted to learn and I said that I would like to learn something useful, something I can use I my everyday life in Tampere so we began with the weekdays:

Viiko = Week = Semaine

Päivä = Day = Jour

Maanantai = Monday = Lundi

Tiistai = Tuesday = Mardi

Keskiviikko = Wenesday = Mercredi

Torstai = Thursday = Jeudi

Perjantai = Friday = Vendredi

Lauantai = Saturday = Samedi

Sunnuntai = Sunday = Dimanche

She said me that almost all the day finish with “tai” and the most important is to learn the beginning of each day. I notice the “Keski” which means here middle of the week but can also be used in “keskustori” for example to say center of the city. I wrote the days in French just next to English because as usual when I learn words in Finnish, Elina is able to find the right words in French easily.

Then we went to how ask the time: Mita kello on? – Kello on… This should be useful even if almost all the Finnish people speak English!

Finally we went through the really basics verbs as “To be” And “To have” and of course just before we made the subject pronouns

Minä/ = I = Je

Sinä/ = You = Tu

Hän/Se = He/She = Il/Elle

Me = We = Nous

Te = You = Vous

He = They = Ils/Elles

It was a good meeting and I have a lot to study at home to really remember all these new words !