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We are Family~!


Okay so tonight me and my German partner decided so go to a pub to discus some German, not sure where but it had a great atmosphere!

Anyway, so Tom had a couple of questions that had been on his mind, such as tenses of words such as “drove” and “drive” and also “drink” and “drank” so I tried my best to explain however it proved to be very difficult because I just know it. It’s strange how we just accept it in English but don’t really ask “why is it not … instead?” But I guess it’s because I’ve been learning English for the past 20 years (and I’m still not great at it!)

Anyway, after discussing Tom’s questions I had one of my own. I know in the UK it’s common to call red head “gingers” but I didn’t know if any other countries had nicknames for red heads. Turns out in Germany they have rotkopf or rotschopf meaning redhead.

We discussed the German and English for family members and friends as well, some of which in German has a male and female version of the words. The list is below.

Mother- Mutter

Father- Vater

Brother- Bruder

Sister- Schwester

Cousin- Cousine (f)/ … (m)

Aunt- Tante

Uncle- Onkel

Nephew- Neffe

Niece- Nichte

Grandfather- Opa

Grandmother- Oma

We also discussed the word Friend- Freund (m) and Freundin (f)- however Tom described that a context would need to be given depending on where I would use these. Such as if I would mean a male friend or my partner/ boyfriend.

As always it was really interesting learning with Tom, I really enjoyed it. We’ll meet again tomorrow so expect more posts soon!


Lesson one: English and Espresso After a Very Slow Start

Finally, after defeating our schedule issues we got to start EOTO with Sean. We’ll certainly start meeting frequently from now on (or at least we’ll try our very best!). Our first meet-up was at a coffee shop near Keskustori. The place was new to me but it was alright. On this first session we went through some very basics of Finnish and it was more or less to check out Sean’s current skills in the language.

My English skills are a bit more advanced already, but we are concentrating on little things in writing and on American culture and slang etc. This time, however, we went through some Californian culture, because Sean is from San-Diego. I have also visited California once and that’s why it was very interesting. I got a new point of view on people and everyday life over there. We also went through some slang from San-Diego. I already knew couple of the words and phrases but there was a lot of new information for me.


All in all, this first EOTO meeting was very nice and I definitely look forward to our next meetings!


Meeting at TAMK premises

Today I had lunch and coffee with Hui and later I saw Fernando. Me and Hui are participating to the Innoevent and we both have the same case. The case is to invent how we can stop smoking near the central hospital’s (TAYS) main doors etc. That case made me think smoking abroad. In Korean, people can smoke inside clubs. Normally the law is pretty much same there than in Finland. But for some reason, it is still okay to smoke inside at the clubs. Feels weird for me, because in Finland there are smoking rooms in some clubs, but you cannot smoke anywhere else inside. And another thing, the clubs are always underground. Of course the signs and name of a club is in sight, so the premises are not hidden, but the club is not at the street level. They just are, there isn’t any specific reason for that.

After a nice and tasty lunch we went to cafeteria. It is a part of Korean culture, that you drink something warm and maybe eat something sweet after eating. In Finland that is not like a culture thing, although many people do so. This Innoweek has been really busy, but funny week. And it was nice to chat with Hui about the case and to know that in Korean they have also this kind of happening, maybe just not as big as this is.


With Fernando we talked about this curse and things we try to manage to do. Time goes really fast and we have to re-think our meetings. Luckily we all are at the same school, so it’s easy to see there and schedule our meetings =) Talking about time running up so fast, we wanted to go visit the International fair, now when it’s possible. Cause we both are planning to do exchange studies, but do not know where to go and when. It is coming in the future, so it’s really good to start thinking about that early. We talked whit some people, who introduced their schools and degrees. They gave us brochures, which are in English of course. Luckily I was with Fernando there so he helped me with those. I didn’t understand everything what was written to the brochures so he explained those things for me.


Things we taught to each other’s today were really usual basic things, what comes in front of you daily. I told about Finnish way of studying, motivation and getting together after school (if that happens). Fernando gave me some good tips, how you can meet your school friends and study at the same time. Like if you have meetings, it’s good to prepare ideas and material before, and then you can just concentrate to learn the things. As a Finnish person, it is not so usual for me to see school friends after school. Maybe I should, because it really seems to be a good thing.

Then couple of words that I can use right after this day:

Borrow – lend: depends of are you the giving or receiving one
Confectionery – pastries: common name to all baking’s, pies, cookies etc. and a name for some specific things like muffins.

See ya! =)


Me and Jaimile met at the weekend, we have both been very busy especially with Jaimile travelling, to make up for it we spent a lot of time together the other day!

We first met to go have a look at the market joining onto sokos! Then we went to meet Jaimiles friends from university, it was so nice to meet them and we all went for lunch at the pizza buffet where we got a chance to go over some of the foods available and more that we could think of. We spoke a lot about cultures which I’m very interested in! Jaimile told me about all the folklores Brazil had and I told the ones about Scotland! We also had a look at Jaimiles blog and had a read through that.

Then we went for frozen yoghurt which was very good! It was really nice talking to her friends and getting to hear about their life’s and what not.

Then we went to prisma so Jaimile could get a hat, we went through the days of the week and months on the way and at prisma had a good look around talking about things and objects! Really enjoyed this meeting 🙂

IMAG1794 Nessie Pipes cb2c9d566e6ddfea4aeb8d86e37202aa

Friday feelings!

Today we met at the Café Europa. It was really refreshing to meet and talk, after a loooong, stressful week. We tasted some drinks and also translated some ingredients of drinks. It is really important to know, what do they include 😛



Now when we’ve been talking so much English, I’ve noticed that I should pay more attention to the pronunciation. Sometimes I talk really fast and the words don’t come out perfectly. Fernando is a great person to talk with, cause he notices immediately if I say something wrong. Like in my last post, when I was talking about hunting, I actually wrote “ haunting”. One wrong letter, and the whole meaning changes.

Few words for example:
Moose=Hirvi, Muse=Muusa
Hunt=metsästää, Haunt=kummitella
Course=kurssi, Curse=kirous

For me it’s easy to learn words by listening, but i also want to write them down, so i’ll get them correct. Like this, I remember them better. It is nice to hear also Korean, but for me even writing the words with Latin alphabets is difficult, not to mention the logographies. But I hope that I’ll be able to remember even few Korean words after this course =) In korean, the fluctuation has a bigger role in speaking, comparing to finnish.

Because it’s Halloween, it was one subject we discussed about. In USA people really love Halloween! They can have blockparties, where the whole family is all together and have fun. Of course the costumes are very important part of the celebration. Halloween is not so big thing in Finland, but in USA it sure does!

From thing to another, I’m used to say like “She doesn’t make a big number of that”. Today I learned that the better way to say this is “She doesn’t want to make a scene…” Once again, chance one word and the sentence is much better.

Now, have a great weekend everyone! 😉

Learning German, Day 4 :)


So, there was a bit of a mix up where we was to meet but eventually after finding Tom we went to a little cafe called New York (?) it’s across from Stockmann- you should really check it out.

NYCHotChoc Tee

Anyways! Before meeting up I printed out some basic German phrases for me and Tom to go over. (Sorry for the rubbish photos!)

 German1 German2


We discussed how to pronounce them and the fact that other than Wo (Where), Wie (How) and Was (What’s) there’s not many question related words in German.

Also to make a sentence negative (For example: I don’t have a phone) in German they put the negative at the end. So it could be the same sentence up until near the end which is a lot different from the English language.

For example : Ich Spreche (kein)… – I (don’t) speak…


We also discussed that there is many different meanings for statements which depends on if it is a question or not.

For Example: Nicht wahr? – Isn’t it? (It’s a nice day, isn’t it?)

Nicht wahr. – That’s not true (as a statement )

Also a difference in the German language is the use of capitals for some words. For example Sie (you) without a capital means they or an object and not “You”.


So after going over these pages and discussing the difference and similarities in both languages we realised it was incredibly hard to explain concepts we know about our own languages. I really never thought it’d be so hard to explain how to structure an English sentence…


Afterwards we went to the Town Hall as there was going to be a fireworks display to celebrate the Light Weeks (?) and the Christmas lights was turned on in the town centre. Was really fun!


For next time Tom has given me a website to look at and We’ll probably go over concepts I’m struggling with. Really enjoying this opportunity to learn German though! It’s always great fun!

Website : http://ielanguages.com/German.html

More basic spanish


I will shortly tell you about our second meeting 🙂 We’ve all been super busy, so we managed to arrange our second meeting two weeks after the first one, but again it was a pleasure.

We met in Sokos cafe, which was nice place to have a meeting, as it is not too busy or full, but you can get nice food, drinks and as we have one child in our group, there is a play ground for him 🙂 This time we learnt some alphabets, basic questions, times and verbs! We learnt how to say to be and to have and how to ask more questions from another person, so useful!

At the same time when we learnt spanish, we also tried to translate all that in English, so one of us can learn some basic english at the same time. It worked well and I hope our meeting keep going this well. Thanks for everyone, see you next week! 🙂 



Learning German, Day 3!


So me and Tom decided to head down to Koskikeskus shopping centre to learn some German and to perfect his English! Also because he was on the hunt for a hat (Hut in German!)

So we wandered around the shops discussing how expensive Finnish clothing shops are and naming objects in German and English. This lead to us having a giggle fit because Tom was thinking on German and English words which are the same- which lead to him pointing at a shop sign and saying is was a schild-  shield in English.

After failing to find a suitable hat we decided to go to the ground floor where there’s a supermarket and go over food/ drink products in German. Here are some we found.

Bread – Brot

Milk – Milch

Beer – Bier

Butter – Butter

Chicken – Huhn

Pork – Schweinefleisch

Mushroom – Pilz


All in all it was a good lesson. Next time we’re going to talk more about common sayings and Tom is going to look up some websites to help. I’m realising how hard it is now to teach your own language. It’s difficult because something you just know and then trying to explain it is very frustrating and hard.

Learning German, Day 2!


So for our second meeting myself and my German friend decided to go to Waynes Coffee (across from Stockmann)


Anywho! So we decide to learn common questions and the first one that sprung to mind was “Can I get a coffee?”

So Tom starts teaching me how to say it in German but we realised it would be easier to learn the German alphabet which at the start sounded a lot like the French alphabet but just with a few very random sounding letters. Like J. I managed to find a picture but we didn’t discus the accented letters yet!



So after learning the alphabet it was much easier to read the question “Can I get a coffee?” which is “Kanm ich einen kaffee haben?”


Other German questions:

Question    “Wie ist dein Name?” – “What is you name”

Answer    “Mein Name ist…” – “My name is…”


Question   “Wie alt bist du?” – “How old are you?”

Answer   “Ich bein…” – “I’m…”


We also went over the days of the week:

Montag, Dienstag, Mittwoch, Donnerstag, Frietag, Samstag, Sonntag


My partner was asking me questions on what’s the English words were for more mechanical stuff and it was difficult because I didn’t really know anything about that. But Google came to the rescue!


All in all it was a great meeting, as always! Great coffee too!


Second meeting : drink wine and beer, French and Scottish touch in a Finnish place!

FinlaysonFriday 3rd of October, for our second meeting, we decided to go in Finlayson Shopping Center. We went to a pub. We have already gone there with our tutor and we think it is a nice place to discuss with a drink. In this place we can find really good beers. I took one with honey and Michael took red wine. It was like a mix of culture for us. I am very happy to know he likes red wine, because I love it, I love wine. There were a lot of people, I think this place is very appreciated by Finnish people. This course was only in English to help me to improve my level, my vocabulary and my bad accent in English.

In fact, sometimes it is very difficult for me to be understood by other people. I presented him my life in Paris, the place to be, the best and bad neighborhoods, the typical romantic places or touristic places as Montmarte with Le Sacré Cœur, Saint Louis Island with Le Ponts des Arts, Eiffel Tower…

We talked about my friend who are in United Stated, United Kingdom, Mexico or Spain also for their Erasmus. It was very interesting to tell which countries we have already visited, and particularly which cities I have already visited in United Kingdom because his family is from there. We could compare our ideas and I could tell him what I saw when I was there. We spoke about Brighton, Bath, Bristol and London.

Moreover, one of my passion is to learn more and more about religion. All religions. This day was the day of Kippour, a Jewish (= this word is very complicated for me to pronounce) celebrity. So, we talked about the religion in France and in United Kingdom. I like to know how the different religions are integrated in a country.

For me, this course was very good because it helped me to gain more confidence in my English because sometimes I am shame of me and it is not easy for me to speak with other people. Moreover, I learn vocabulary and he corrected me when my word are not good. I liked to speak with him because I feel a good atmosphere to learn. I am very happy to do this course with him because I think he is a good teacher for me. I enjoyed this moment, it was very nice. I think we will do more meeting in French than in English, because I think it is better for him because I have a better level in English than him in French. Maybe twice a month it will be in English and three or four times a month in French.

We plan to go to the sauna the Saturday and to go to the observation tower in the forest to drink a hot chocolate and to eat donuts in same time I teach him French.