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A teacher who learns

Although our second meeting with Emilia was on the 23 of September, I was totally snowed under studies, so only now I can write about my impressions. As the previous lesson was dedicated to Swedish language, this time my partner was taught Russian.


Initially, we started form the alphabet. It consists of 33 letters whereas 26 is the number for English. Actually, the pronunciation of letters is mostly the same, but the way they are written is absolutely different. And for beginners it is very confusing.

For me, it was easy to explain these basic things. However, everything turns into another way, when we switched for grammar. I found myself unable to describe properly rules to Emilia. Therefore, language border was faced. Hope, that such obstacle will be overcome.
Moreover, I told her about pronouns in Russian language. And warned her about furher difficulties in the way how all words changes depending on their place in the sentence. This will be a real torture.

Of course, it did not go without common phrases. It is extremely important to know how to grate in Russian:)

Overall, this lesson was a great experience. You are gaining teaching skills, develop your speech and vocabulary, trying to be understood by others. As I mentioned in the previous note, “Each one teaches each one” course, in my opinion, is aimed at developing a mixed diversity of skills and this is amazing! Every lesson includes so much new information not only real studies but also self development. Suppose, the last one is even more significant and helpful in the future.
Всем удачи)