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Linzer Torte baking at Pinja

For the seventh meeting we again decided to cook. Yeah, that’s the skill that we have really developed throughout this exchange. So we met in Pinja, and decided to bake a Lizer Torte – the dish that is considered to be the oldest cake in history, yet who named it still remains a history. We bought all the ingredients:

  • 250 g butter
  • 250 g flour
  • 125 g icing sugar
  • 150 g ground hazelnuts (or almonds)
  • 2 tbsp bread crumbs
  • 1 egg
  • 1 egg yolk
  • Generous quantity of cinnamon powder
  • A pinch of ground cloves
  • A pinch of salt
  • Grated lemon rind or lemon juice
  • Wafers for layering, to taste
  • Egg for coating
  • Redcurrant jam for coating
  • Butter for the mould
  • Flaked almonds, to taste



Though we had a problem with flour because it was for bread and not for the cake, we still mixed everything together and baked it for half an hour and it was great! We put some lemon and bluberry jam on top and it was incredibly delicious! Also while we were baking we played some games together and had a chat about our week. This meeting was a lot of fun!

The Syrniki

Once again we decided to cook. Apperently cooking is very fascinating thing to do. I think it really unites people and brings a lot of joy! So we decided we need to make anither Russian dish for Vanessa because w were talking so much about it. The dish is called syrniki (сырники). It is a Russian-Ukranian dish made of quark (cottage cheese), flour, eggs and some vanila exrtact. The look like really fluffy pancakes, served with honey, jam or whatever you prefer and taste amazing! While we were cocking them we had a conversation with girls about food culture and traditions of Russia and Germany, then Vanessa decided to share some anecdotes that German people have about Polish people and gypsis. I think national jokes really describe people’s attitude to life and makes overall impression. We also talked about the appearance of Russian and German people and decided that the light colored eyes are dominant in both nations.


It was a great breakfast and good start of the day!

Brunch at Lapinkaari

For this meeting we decided to finalyy make some Russian food for Vanessa. A lot of people have heard about Russian pancakes or how we call them “Blini”, but not that mane people actually tried them. So we decided on who should buy which ingredients: flour, eggs, milk, marmelade and fruits. The blini were so delicious we completely forgot to take pictures of them! We all really enjoyed making then and especially eating:) They turned out really sweet and nice. I will attach a pucture of what they should look like.

Картинки по запросу блины с вареньем

Vanessa said that she really liked them, but they are different from what she is used to. I’m not surprised about it, but still happy to share out traditions with other people.

Fifth meeting at TAMK’S Canteen

On 19th of March we decided to have a small lunch together at the university. When we came to the place, we realized that there was some special event and people have made a separate table of vegeterian dishes to try. Non of us is a vegeterian but we decided to give it a try and wee pleasantly surprised. Burgers were really good in delicious.

Картинки по запросу vegetarian burgers photo


During the meeting we decided to discuss our future plans, looked up some German and Russian recepies to cook and talked about our experience so far. It was a small chat that i really enjoyed and also the change of the food can sometimes pleasantly surprise you!

Our Fourth Meeting in Pispala Cafe

On the 10th of March we went to the Pispala cafe to enjoy the new place that was recommended to me by my friends who already went there. We really wanted to try waffles, but unfortinately, they do not serve them in the afternoon, but they offer some of the Asian dishes. We decided not to spend a lot of money and odered vegetarian spring rolls that were the cheapest. I also took Aperol Spritz. The area where Pispala cafe is located looked pretty nice, so I also took some pictures of it. The weather was chilly but sunny, which made it even prettier









Unfortinately, the spring rolls were absolutely tasteless and we did not like them at all. But our meeting was still really pleasant. We discussed the differences between Russian and German girls, etiquette, dating rules and norms. Vanessa pointed out that Julia and me have very smooth and gentle moves, which I, personally, never noticed. Nessy also helped us with the homework for the German class in TAMK.

Overall we had a really nice meeting. In the end we took a bus with Julia and Nessy took her bike. She is really sporty and always goes by bike. I really admire it and think that it is really cool.

The Moomin Museum

I and Ranja have done our fifth meeting. There was in Moomin Museum and I found book about story of Moomins and can know more information about it. So Ranja have took her children. It added a lot of fun because it’s so cool see how children and adult smile together for simple things. That was so amazing before I didn’t know much stories. I was noticing that the Museum very modern there is a lot of hand made by Tove Jansson. Also we’ve listened Moomi stories twice – first Finnish and after that Russian. Unfortunately in the Museum illegal take photos but I saved my tickets from there. It was so good meeting.


Chapter # 3

Time for testing new food

Today we have had our third meeting in the Student house. So we had the next plan:
1. Nessi tested Russian sweets like condensed milk (Сгущёнка) and gingerbreads also we drank a tea with other candies
2. A presentation about Nicholas II which Margo prepared for us
3. We watched the movie “Anastasia”
4. We discussed our next steps and the meetings


You can read more:



My first step in the Finnish language

So Finnish my fourth languages which I start to learn except Russian. I have a very good teacher – Ranja because she is a good speaker in the Russian language. Sometimes she can explain to me the Finnish language on Russian that is very cool. We decided to share our time equally. Thus we had the first part of Finnish where we learned Luku 1 and I want to learn one chapter for one meeting. Then we studied Russian. We tried to improvise Russian dialogue like a Greeting.

When you start a new language so you learn a new structure, grammatic and spealling, therefore, your brain creatives unique thoughts and new ideas. I think it’s a good reason for studing new things 😉 Here common words which you should know if you live in Finland.

Be polite and good luck to study new!  

Chapter # 2

Talking time

Welcome back! So our German – Russian meeting was simple. We decided to talk about history. The topic for our discussion was Чернобыль – Tschernobyl – Chernobyl.

«a town near Kiev in Ukraine where an accident at a nuclear power station in April 1986 resulted in serious radioactive contamination in Ukraine, Belarus, and other parts of Europe»

We met for a lunch at TAMK canteen. We found an extremely interesting theme for each other. Also, we started to research some information, movies, pictures about it. I remember my History classes in my school it was so informative and amazing. I think all people should talk about it for the future as a huge bad lesson for humans. It’s so important in our days because we have a lot of nuclear and other dangerous energy which can potentially hazardous for all of us.

You can read and watch more: 



Chapter # 1

Our cooking time 

I want to tell our short story about German – Russian time. My name is Julia and in my group, I have also Johanna from Germany and Margarita from Russia. We met together and told about our plans, therefore we decided to the organized first meeting for cooking German food. We like sweet and we baked Apfelstrudel. You can see a receipt on this photo and you can try to cook something similar.

An apple crumble der Apfelstrudel Яблочный штрудель
chopped almonds gehackte Mandeln измельченный миндаль
raisin die Rosine  изюм
vanilla sugar Vanillezucker ванильный сахар
an apple der Apfel яблоко
bread crumbs Semmelbrösel панировочные сухари
Eggs Essig яйца
wheat flour Weizenmehl мука
salt Salz соль
ice-cream die Eiscreme мороженое

Good luck! See you soon in the next post.