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First and Second meeting: 얼마에요?

summary of first and second meeting with Olha.

First meeting

” 얼마에요? ”

Olha and me met 2houre before Korean class. I taught her useful expression in cafe situation. I have a plan to teach Korean via different situation through each one teach one meeting. and I start from cafe situation which are really usual culture in Korea now. so we changed our role from waiter to customer. Korean class meeting place was also cafe of UTA, so it was more easy to imagine how it’s working. and next week a Korean director’s film will screened in Tampere Film Festival, so we made a plan to watch that movie.

영수증 필요하세요? do you need recipe?

삼천 오백원 입니다. it’s 3500won.

주문하시겠어요? do you want order now?

흡연실 있어요? is there smoking area?


Second meeting .

“같이 영화 보러 갈래?”

I got a work as a interpreter for the Korean director who invited for Tampere film festival. so I invited Olha for the day I had to interpret him. it was international competition 10. and it was screened with 5~6 different international short film. after it we had Q&A time for director. I was a little bit afraid to stand up in front of many people, but Olha’s attendance makes me more comfortable. and after it Olha and me went bar with the Korean director and have some chatting time.

“Thank you Olha!”

* some expression useful in theater.

같이 영화 보러 갈래? / Let’s go to watch movie.

무슨 영화 볼래?/ what movie do you want to see?

저 영화 보자! / that movie !

팝콘 먹을래? / do you want to eat popcorn?

저 영화 재밌겠다./ that movie looks funny.