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Our next meeting was a continuation from last one. It’s nice to have a lot of comfortable places to work in university and use them. That’s way we consider to choose university library. We were repeating some material from our previous lectures. We conducted a conversation with using new words. This time was finish time. Leila taught me, introduced the world of the Finnish language. I learned how to say the day of week, months how to say on Monday and also vocabulary connect with this type of situation. That day, an interesting situation occurred. At the university there was a fire alarm, we had to evacuate. By the way, I learned a word related to the fire. Our plans change and we continued studies during a successful walk.

January   Tammikuu

February  Helmikuu
April            Huhtikuu
May              Toukokuu
June           Kesäkuu
July             Heinäkuu
September Syyskuu
October        Lokakuu
November Marraskuu

Maanantai      Monday

Tiistai             Tuesday

Keskiviikko   Wednsday

Torstai           Thursday

Perjantai         Friday

Lauantai         Saturday

Sunnuntai       Sunday

Maanantaina on Monday
Tiistaina on  Tuesday
Keskiviikkona on  Wednsday
Torstaina on Thursday
Perjantaina on Friday
Lauantana  on Saturday

#10 – Last meeting and Pre-Christmas Party

We’re nearing Christmas, holidays and me leaving Finland.

For our last meeting I invited my students Kaisa and Maija to my own place for having a small Christmas party 🙂 I still have some German Christmas candies, cookies and cakes from my visiting friends so I let them try out these snacks.

As a special treat, I had Glühwein from Germany. It’s flavoured red wine and super typical for Christmas in Germany, they sell it in every store/supermarket during Christmas season and at every Christmas market. It has to be heaten up in a pot since you only drink it warm ;D

While sitting around in the living room of my apartment we were listening to German Christmas songs, read the lyrics, sang along and talked about the meanings. Christmas songs have a wonderfully cozy touch to them, so we had a very relaxing evening with some sweets, wine and good music.

Here you can listen to a nice mix of the most popular German Christmas songs 🙂

>>> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hf_-e9EWPjI

As a little Christmas gift I baked some cookies for Maija and Kaisa like I did for all my exchange study friends, the whole load looked like this 😀

When I asked for feedback they said that all in all, they were able to refresh and expand their German language very well and in a very funny way, which makes me feel glad that I was able to help them out. EOTO was a really new but positive experience to me. I am glad that I chose this course, EOTO is about more than just learning or teaching languages, it’s something that made my stay abroad more valuable.

I even received Christmas presents from my students, thanks a lot, Maija and Kaisa for the chocolate, it was sooo good! ♥ It was very, very fun with you, I could do it again any time! To have all the meetings, to talk and laugh about the German and Finnish language and just to hang out, talk with you about life and universty and walk around in Tampere. It has been a pleasure! I wish you all the best, let’s keep in touch! 😀

With this entry I want to finish my EOTO blogs, hope you enjoyed it, kiitos for reading! Hope we see each other again sometime, somewhere! 🙂

~~~ Theresa ♥

Finishing to the top

Last meeting we had just before Matija had to go back home. And location high up at TORNI hotelli sky bar. I hadn’t been there before and Tampere looked so very beautiful with all the lights in the darkness. 🙂

Last meeting was about closure.

We discussed how Thomas and Matija’s point of view had changed about Finland through out these months and what EOTO-meetings had meant for them and me of course. 🙂 We were all happy about the cultural and lingual learning process and meeting each other like this. EOTO made us friends, I think I hadn’t met these guys and did or even thought about all the things we learned together if it wasn’t a course like this. 🙂

If we have time we’ll still have one meeting with Thomas in Finland and hopefully more totally casual meetings in the future with both Matija and Thomas! I’m very happy about the course and what it gave to me culturally and personally. 🙂