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5th double EOTO meeting at Ada’s place

After school on 10.11, we gathered at Ada’s place to share some Japanese culture. While we were waiting for other members, Ada and I were playing/studying Japanese learning purposed Nintendo game. Ada remembers Kanji very well although she was so generous.

We spoke sometime  in Finnish as well. We cooked Japanese curry together with Nao. When the food is ready Toni arrived to Ada’s place. We were talking about how Japanese people are interested in Finnish culture and  I gave some tips for visiting Japan.

This was not for learning language but for sharing culture thus it was good for fun I thought. Maybe next time I would like to study Finnish more. Time flies! We have only 5 times left 😮

Num num curry...
Num num curry…
Ada study Kanji(Chinese character) with Nintendo.
Ada study Kanji(Chinese character) with Nintendo.

Winter(-ish) swimming

It’s time for little culture again after all the exams and heavy reading.  Finally the weather started to be little colder for the winter swimming experience, so our meeting took place at Kaupinojan sauna. It’s a public sauna near Tamk facilities in Kauppi-forest, for more information click Kaupinojan sauna above.

Sauna was approximately +90 celcius, outdoors temperature was +3 celcius and the lake was +4 celcius. After a soft beginning everyone did great and Thomas was even swimming a long time in the lake like a pro! It was fun to show this side of sauna for the guys, because even though many Finns have their own sauna in the flat, house or cellar of a apartment building people still go to public saunas. I go there regularly once a week. It’s a lot more crowded and loud not calm and serene like sauna is often imagined. It is a social place where to meet friends or people also go there alone, it doesn’t matter.

Here at Kaupinojan sauna is possible to swim in the lake through out the year. And that’s the main reason people go there, dipping into the lake after sauna or even swim in the lake.

finnish and japan in the warmth of home

For the third meeting, Iris invited us home. I prepared some phrases I wanted to learn, some of them I already know in finnish, thanks to Basics of finnish course, so I was mostly asking Yuki for explanation.

I learned new words, also how to create questions in japan, difference between question and notification sentence, how to ask someone to do something. I was also intrested in making right form of verbs, from their base form to the form, used in sentences.Iris knew some rules for it, so Yuki let her explain it to me. After that, I wrote numbers in japan and asked Yuki to tell me if I,m wrong (scored 8,5/10). She told me how to create numbers up to 9999 as well.

Yuki then wanted to know more possible asnwers for mitä kuuluu?, so we both wrote down some new expressions for mood, and me and Iris wrote down vocabulary she asked Yuki afterwards.

We were also discussing finnish habit about moving away from parents after acceding university. At first I was suprised when Iris told me her parents are living just two km from her house. In Slovakia we usually live with parents until we are about to get married, so it seems kinda like wasting money. But on the other hand, I can understand that they are trying to become independent. And I like living here in flat on my own too (no work around the house, watching series during nights, yay 😀 ).

So after two hours we ended our meeting, because Yuki had another business to deal with. Next time we will maybe try to write a letter in language we are learning, and watch some japanese series, and I,m looking forward to it.