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Finnish dinner party!

This time Satu and I prepared a typical Finnish dish.  It is called Karjalan Piirakka or in English: Karalian pie with egg butter. We started from zero and it took us about one hour and a half to prepare it. Satu looked after the ingredients, the recipe, some Finnish background music and I brought different kinds of Finnish drinks.

I have recieved a translation of the recipe so I can try it when I get home. But for this meeting we tried a different method with Finnish directions. Karjalan Piirakka is a salty pastry filled with a rice and egg filling. There is also a sweet variant of it. My partner had some experience in past with making this dish, that’s why she could give me accurate instructions on the recipe.

While we were cooking my partner had prepared a first course: Leipäjuusto with lappa or cheese bread with cloudberry. I never heard about cloudberries before, so we looked for the Dutch translation which was ‘Kruipbraam’ and that was totally new to me. After this we could enjoy the main meal!