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Final meeting/closing report FIN/JAP

For our final meeting, Toni invited me his place and prepared beautiful Indian curry.
He even had some bottles of Japanese beers, I did not know that I could find Japanese beer in Finnish supermarket.

Then we watched Finnish film called “Mies vailla menneisyyttä”.
Until Toni mentioned him I hadn’t heard his name but now I know that Aki Kaurismäki, the director of the film is very popular among film lovers in Japan.
I really liked the film, its story, the actors and all. I found some similarities with Japanese classic movies and I like it. For instance there’s no too dramatic scene happening, mostly it’s quiet and less talk which is good for learning language.
I definitely will watch another films made by him.

It was such a great final meeting.
Through E1T1, I learned a lot, not only finnish language but the culture.

And I really am happy that Toni will be doing internship in Japan this summer.
I hope he will have good experience there and enjoy the life in Japan, and more than anything, what I told him during E1T1 will help him somehow.

This is my closing report!

Thank you very much for your helpful teaching Toni!


Movie Night!*


That was a nice meeting. We decided to watch a Finnish Movie together. So first, we went to Makuuni and rent the movie called Elokuu, in Chinese it’s 八月=Bā yuè, meaning of August. But before get to Julia house we also bought some Candiess!! Honestly, before came to Finland I am not really a “Candy person”, but after I came here, I will say I definitely change and become a super “Candy person”! The candies is just super here! (also Chips hehe). Oh ya we also bought some glögi and chips in Sokos (I am also glögi super fans!) (Well I will say I like most of the Finnish food x) ).


So, back to the movie, it was nice, even the ending is a bit sudden and weird. I enjoy the time spends with les girls. During enjoying the movie we also talked something about our different culture things. I was quite surprise when heard Julia and Paapi said they think Chinese peoples’ life are more relax than European people, for me, that’s totally opposite! I will say for most of the Asian people, we will think that people live in European countries are more relax and enjoying life, at least that’s what I and my family think. The girls also said during their exchange in Beijing, China, they always saw people wearing pajamas in the shopping complex, that’s really a little bit weird! But the local people there think that’s totally normal! Well I saw some in Malaysia but only the kids, not the adults.

There are all new for me and it’s good to learn something new from them! Hope to see the girls very soon in the next meeting! 😉