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Counting days – Meeting #2 (Finnish – English)

For our second unit “Finnish – English” we met for coffee in the Tullintori shopping mall. Today more basics of the Finnish language were on the program. Since numbers accompany us very often in daily life, regardless of whether it is when paying at the cash desk, reading and recognizing bus numbers, telephone numbers, at birthdays and much more, these were on today’s program.

We started with the digits 1-10 and were able to move very quickly to various combinations of multi-digit numbers. Here I was able to find a good connection to other languages, since the counting method is very similar to that in Finnish. At first I struggled a little with the pronunciation of the individual numbers, but I was able to combine and pronounce multi-digit numbers very quickly. In a little exercise in which I was given a wide variety of numbers, I was able to practice the correct composition and pronunciation. I was particularly astonished that words and combinations are necessary for such short terms in German and for Finnish numbers.

It continued with the spelling of the date and month name. These are helpful for naming and writing your own and someone else’s date of birth. I found it particularly exciting that some month names can be derived from seasons or activities in this season, such as “kesäkuu” (June, kesä = summer), “heinäkuu” (heinä = wheat, high season for agriculture) and “syyskuu” (syksy = fall / autom “). When we had discussed these terms, I tried to combine and pronounce the most diverse dates of birth with number, month and year. At first it won’t work without written help, but the more I repeat this content of the lesson, the better I will remember these basics.

Breaking ice

Hi everyone, we are already after the first meeting.

Me and Adam went to meet Elisa’s family in her house (koti). They live in Petsamo, the really nice neighborhood in Tampere covered by lovely wooden and colourful houses. Elisa’s hometown is Karvia, a countryside which is about 100 km far from Tampere. In front of her house, we found a brush shoes which make a lot of sense in a snowy country like Finland. Of course, we used it, and we entered into her house in clean shoes.

She welcomed us with the Finnish snacks! Karjalanpiirakka, the rye pie filled with porridge of rice and baked in an oven. We also tried ham (kinkku)  made from beef (nauta) and from wild pig (villisika)! It was so delicious smoked ham (palvikinkku). This experience was new for us and we enjoyed it so much.

Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania Karjalanpiirakka

In the picture you can see Karjalanpiirakka, we ate it with the butter on the top.

We met her husband and two kids, who were watching Finnish cartoons. It was so funny because after we get to know how to count in Finnish language we could hear and recognize some numbers from the tv. We also tried to teach Elisa Polish numbers and she did it so well! Hope she will remember at least some of them at the next meeting!

  1. jeden/yksi
  2. dwa /kaksi
  3. trzy/kolme
  4. cztery/neljä
  5. pięć/viisi
  6. sześć/kuusi
  7. siedem/seitsemän
  8. osiem/kahdeksan
  9. dziewięć/yhdeksän
  10. dziesięć/kymmenen

We were sitting on Saturday’s evening, breaking the first ice,  enjoying a warm tea and talking about Poland and Finland which was a good experience! It has made me a lot to think about differences between our countries.