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Pyynikin kahvila FIN-RUS

I desided something calm like Pyynikki observatorium would be good place to meet. We were awake not too early and I noticed library was soon closed.  We went observatoriums  coffee place dowstairs and ordered dougnuts, coffee and studied new chapter. Text seemed easy to translate and it was no problem for any of us. Урок Три (Chapter Three) was themed around foods and was really pretty easy for me.

We talked about week and write some common proverbs between Russians and Finns and write them down. Also we did compare our calligraphy. Mine looked not so good. Last time i used calligraphy was in high school many years past and never found it useful but only painful to use at the time.

As some time passed, more space started to free and we moved inside. I ordered another cup of coffee and then we read chapter to the end. After that we went our own ways to spend weekend.