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The Pyynikki observation tower (FIN – RUS)

Hyvää päivää 🙂
Our meeting has done in the traditional place it was the Pyynikki observation tower is a 26-meter observation tower in Tampere. There was the double adventure for the first , it was the Cafe which has its own historic donut recipe which has remained unchanged for 80 years.

And then we went up to the Top. The open top offers a clear view of the city of Tampere as Lake Näsijärvi on the north and Lake Pyhäjärvi in the south. We had luck with the weather the sky was so clear! There was an amazing view of the whole city.
Then we walked around the close area and told about cultural but it was about modern topics from our daily life.



The Moomin Museum

I and Ranja have done our fifth meeting. There was in Moomin Museum and I found book about story of Moomins and can know more information about it. So Ranja have took her children. It added a lot of fun because it’s so cool see how children and adult smile together for simple things. That was so amazing before I didn’t know much stories. I was noticing that the Museum very modern there is a lot of hand made by Tove Jansson. Also we’ve listened Moomi stories twice – first Finnish and after that Russian. Unfortunately in the Museum illegal take photos but I saved my tickets from there. It was so good meeting.


We continue our Fin/Rus meetings

So, Moi.

I want to write about our two meetings which were 25 February and 8 March. It was the same meeting for places but different about the contents. Both meetings were in Café and we decided to study there because it’s so cozy and warm area also we can take breaks for talk speaking about our everyday life, cultural and so on.

On our first meetings we studied Finnish books about Moomy. I have known new information which was the reason for formed the Finnish story about Moomy. It’s really interesting because at glance it’s the story for children but it’s not so the true reason is more serious. Of course its interesting find so simple talk behind most important things.

Our second meeting was yesterday. Ranja learn about Business and she borrowed some books from the library for study. I think that we’ve decided spend our time the equal. For one we studied some Russian dictionary and Business grammar and for other some rules about Finnish verbs and also we translatied them. I like spent our meetings in Cafe. Also I’ve tried the new Finnish sweets like yestearday I’ve ate the Cheesecake produce in Finland and ii was a little bit differentt from Russian but so tasty. And after our study we had a little time for disscus about things such as finnish habbits, families. It was great time.

I am waiting for our next meetings 🙂

My first step in the Finnish language

So Finnish my fourth languages which I start to learn except Russian. I have a very good teacher – Ranja because she is a good speaker in the Russian language. Sometimes she can explain to me the Finnish language on Russian that is very cool. We decided to share our time equally. Thus we had the first part of Finnish where we learned Luku 1 and I want to learn one chapter for one meeting. Then we studied Russian. We tried to improvise Russian dialogue like a Greeting.

When you start a new language so you learn a new structure, grammatic and spealling, therefore, your brain creatives unique thoughts and new ideas. I think it’s a good reason for studing new things 😉 Here common words which you should know if you live in Finland.

Be polite and good luck to study new!  

Finnish-Russian Group meeting

Earlier in week we desided to meet at Huurre restaurant on Saturday when everybody had some free time. Ilona found place easily but Yulia and I took few minutes to found place. Google maps helped little bit.

As we arrived we ordered some food and beging talking both in russian and english. Then we decided that we should play board-game Alias. Alias is word explaining game in which one who knows word eplained to him or her wins one point and moves on map. We modified rules so that Yulia explained words in russian and Ilona and me explained them in russian or in english; trying to keep game fair. This was good idea and I found out Yulia speaks very undertable finnish and I was able to understand her russian moderately good! Drinking few beers made me quickly speak more fluent in russian.

I also learned little bit Yulia’s backround, like where she moved to Finland. I learned some new words like french fries (картофель-фри) and made corrections on my mind how some words are properly written and pronounced. Overall very useful meeting as for me speaking is best way to learn languanes. Thank you for good company! Peace!