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First Meeting – Getting to know each other

In the first meeting, we met at TAMK’s lobby, and we introduced to ourselves. Our group is formed by five people: Tomi and Ivan, from Germany; Kasimir, from Switzerland; Loy, from Malasya, and me (María), from Spain.

After that, we went to have lunch together at TAMK’s cafeteria and then, we met in a classroom to discuss about how we would make our preliminary plan.

We agreed that we would learn German, Mandarin, and Spanish, so we would use all of the three languages in every meeting.

Our intention is to meet at least once a week, except that we need to meet more times or if plans that would be good to do in a group arise, in which case we will see each other twice a week. We will try to meet every Monday for at least two hours, starting in the third week of September and finishing in the first week of December.

During that time, we will prepare typical dishes from each country, we will go to play sports and to watch an ice hockey match, we will meet at some different bars and go sightseeing.

In this first meeting, we learned how to introduce ourselves in all three languages.

Our first meeting


My name is Maria and I am from Finland. I made my “Each one teach one” course with Kurumi (who is from Japan) and Eetu (who is from Finland). Our first meeting was in Lielahti’s Wayne’s Coffee because Kurumi and Eetu live in Tesoma and I live in Lentävänniemi.

We got to know each other better and I brought some Finnish sweets (Fazer’s chocolate and salty liquorice). Kurumi prefer chocolate but as she was brave she also tasted salty liquorice!

We also started to study (both Finnish and Japanese) and our first meeting lasted many hours. It was pretty challenging because Eetu was way better in Japanese than me. Anyway, we started from the basics because I knew only a few words in Japanese and Kurumi could only say “moi” in Finnish. We studied basic phrases and numbers.

We really enjoyed our first meeting!

With love,

Maria K


#1 First meeting for Ice breaking

25.1 Wed, 16:00-18:00 First meeting and Ice breaking


Actually this was the first time that we met together. There were Guillaume, Jieun and me. And we just noticed that Hyunsoo would join our group. After the formal meeting for Each One Teach One class, we went to the cafeteria in TAMK and had time to know each other more than only introduction.

Guillaume seemed very interested in Asia and he can even speak some Japanese already. He introduced himself as a big fan of K-pop and he knew plenty of songs and singers more than Jieun and me. We talked about basic things about each culture and Finnish life here. For example, fashion, weather, politics and so on. Guillaume also showed us the video of Ma Yun, the founder of Alibaba showing his nice philoshophy.

Hyunsoo, Jieun and me already knew each other. Hyunsoo came from the same university in Korea as mine and we had had dinner together in TOAS city with other friends. Jieun is also the same and we were friends from 3 years ago. I felt so comfortable by the reason that I was already familiar to them and and he was a lot greater than I expected. I looked forward to other meeting following later.

Our first meeting at Oma Cafe – Italian and German girls´ diary pt.1

Hello! I am Melissa and I am an Erasmus nursing student from the city of Padua (Italy).

I will spend here in Tampere just three months so i decided to enroll in this course in order to learn as much things as possible and also to meet new friends and spend good time with them. I decided to start to learn German because in my country I have already studied Spanish and French and I am really interesting in learning also this difficult language. For this reason, my Italian friend Marta and I, met the German girl Anna the 2nd of February at Oma Cafe. During this first meeting we talked about our own culture, country, field of study and also about ourselves in order to know better each other and to start to decided how to plan our “Each one teach one programme”. We went to Oma Cafe because is a very familiar location where you can taste very good cakes and drink a good Expresso (the first thing that we taught to Anna is the “Italian coffee break with Expresso”).

From this first meeting I learned that not all German people are serious and strict like they seem (maybe cause of their strong accent and pronunciation), because Anna is a very nice girl with a sweet voice also if she is speaking German. I also understand that German language is very difficult because is full of diphthong, consonant and strange sound, but it will never be more difficult than Finnish language, so I am very hopeful to learn the basics of German during this meetings.

It was a very nice evening and I am sure that the next meetings will be very interesting and full of fun!

See you next time, Auf Wiedersehen!









First meeting with Ryoko / 18.09.2016

It’s already been a while since this first meeting, actually so long that I feel somewhat embarrassed only posting about it now. Life hasn’t been all that kind to me for these past months but now I seem to be getting back on track with things…

I was so glad Ryoko asked me to join her in this Each One Teach One course since I haven’t had the opportunity to speak Japanese at all since I moved to Finland last year – therefore this is a great opportunity for me to brush up my language skills again! 

Anyway, to our actual first meeting!

I actually visited Turku on that weekend and I ended up going straight from there to Ryoko’s house. Ryoko and her boyfriend Lauri had prepared dinner which was really nice since I was starving after my trip. 

Ryoko made us okonomiyaki (お好み焼き), the so-called “Japanese pancake”. Usually it’s made with cabbage but Ryoko made it with leek instead. She said that Finnish cabbage is too hard or thick compared to the Japanese one, so leek works better in this case – and still tastes just as good!

Okonomiyaki is actually one of my favorite Japanese dishes and I have made it myself a few times before but I have to say that Ryoko’s one was much more delicious! Hehe.

For dessert, we had the Finnish pancake.. well, pannukakku. Pretty obvious one. We ate it with jam and whipped cream, and it was delicious as well. Unfortunately I forgot to take a photo of it…

We discussed in a mix of English and Finnish while eating because Lauri was there as well. After that, we started our actual studying. We divided the time we had in half. The first half we did in Finnish and the second one in Japanese.

We had some basic discussion with Ryoko in Finnish and then she showed me the books she uses to study Finnish. I helped her with some exercises in the book and then some specific expressions to make her speech seem more native-like, so to say. I realized that there’s actually so many ways to say one thing in Finnish and it can get a bit confusing… 😀


I didn’t bring my books that time with me so we just discussed the rest of the time in Japanese. I told Ryoko that I would like to take part in the JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test, 日本語能力試験) in December. I passed N3 in 2015 and would like to try the second hardest level (N2) this time, and I asked Ryoko to help me especially with kanjis (Chinese characters). 🙂

We actually decided to start writing an exchange diary (交換日記) so that we could both improve our reading and writing in Finnish and Japanese. This way, I am also forced to learn more kanji, which is obviously a good thing. 😀

Okonomiyaki topped with mayo, okonomiyaki sauce, bonito flakes and seaweed flakes :)

Okonomiyaki topped with mayo, okonomiyaki sauce, bonito flakes and seaweed flakes. 🙂

Helsinki on 10.9.16

Patricia and I went to Helsinki for the day. Mainly because Patty wanted to do some shopping but also because she really wants to see a lot of places while she’s here in Finland, starting with Helsinki. We’re pretty used to hanging out together now; it was the 4th weekend that she’s here.

During the bus ride to Helsinki, we decided to start on learning languages and Patty wanted to learn animals so we taught each other animals and had a lot of laughs doing it. I joked that now I’d be covered if I went to the zoo in Holland since I knew how to say rhino and elephant and tiger in Dutch (among many other animals).

We didn’t go around learning Dutch and Finnish all day but we did randomly say ”Oh this is how you say this in Dutch/Finnish!” and learned a new random word. And we really had to work on my pronounciation since Dutch has some really difficult sounds for me, even though I’ve studied six different languages.

I had a lot of fun learning and teaching. I did realize that you can only learn as much as you’re motivated and interested to learn. Some words I remembered easy. Some I didn’t. You won’t remember things that don’t interest you. Overall though, teaching Patty was a lot of fun. I think she did a really great job in trying.

After Saturday, I felt like I knew so much Dutch already. Not conversationally, but I could make out some words when Patty talked in Dutch to our other Dutch friends here in Tampere.

Patty and I also bond over our mutual love of taking pictures and being in pictures. I learn about her and her culture and where she comes from and why she loves the things she loves and I find connecting with someone amazing. I think it’s a great start for learning Dutch.

eoto eoto2

1st Meeting

So, me and my group have only been able to meet up once so far. Me and Nelli are teaching finnish to Mattes and Florian and they are teaching us german. Our first meeting was held on the 23rd of February. We decided to go to Vohvelikahvila, which in my opinion is one the nicest cafes in Tampere. We went to the original one, next to Pikkukakkosen puisto, which is a park in the centre.

Since this was the first meeting we didn’t go straight to business and start doing some serious studying. We discussed different topics related to this course. We also planned that we would go to my family’s cottage in Ruovesi next month in april. Really looking forward to that!

We have decided to cook together this week, most likely at my home, since I live with my parents so there is plenty of space. Hopefully we can make something german and something finnish. Also we are going to go through some basic phrases in finnish and german.

  • Yasmin Rowe



1st meeting – Café Gopal

We met in Gopal Café on Thursday, 4 February. Along with a cup coffee or tea, we had chitchat and got to know each other. In our group, we have three Finnish girls, Tuuli and Suvi beside of me, and one from Costa Rica, Isa. Isa will teach us Spanish, and we teach Finnish to her. I think we will have nice time together, learning Spanish and Finnish. 🙂

In our first meeting we started with the basics, even they were familiar for most of us. Isa taught us Spanish personal pronouns, some common verbs, and how to use those in a sentence. She also gave us Spanish alphabets so we can practice our pronouncing. I think it was good to recall those things, so it’s easier to continue with new stuff. In the end of our meeting we gave to Isa few Finnish bands and vocalists, and Isa gave us few Spanish vocalists’ names to check out some lyrics for the next meeting.

We had a nice meeting, time went really fast. Looking forward our next meeting..

First meeting, second hand and cafe

Our first meeting started with second hand shop tour in Kyttälän Kirppis. We didn’t find anything that we could buy, but it was nice to look around. After that we went to Café Runo, to have some coffee and tea. I learned a lot of Korean alphabets, how to write it and also about pronunciation, now I just need to try to keep it in my mind! I also learned some words and sentences. For an example:

An nyeong ha se yo = Hello (polite way)
An nyeong = Hello (to your friend)
An nyeong he gae se yo = Bye (if somebody leaves and you stay)
An nyeong hi ga se yo = Bye (if you leave and somebody stays)
Jal jinetso? = How are you?
Jal jinetso. = I’m good.
Ani = No
Ne = Yes
에미나 = Emmiina
김 지 수 = Kim Ji Soo

My task was to try write Jisoo’s name in Korean alphabets, and I found all the right letters, but adjusted them in wrong order. This picture explains how to adjust letters in right way. Not that simple, right? 😀
2016-02-06 12.42.08 1

I taught some words, sentences and pronunciation of our alphabets to Jisoo. We had lot of fun and three hours went really fast, we stayed at the café till it was closed! On our way home we decided that on the next meeting, we are going to cook some Korean food, kimbap and kimchi! Can’t wait for that!

La primera reunión y la noche mexicana

Our Spanish group consisting of ten people from five different countries – Finland, México, Germany, South Korea and Malaysia – kickstarted our first official meeting at Coffee House near Keskustori last Friday. We introduced ourselves, discussed about our EOTO plans and got to know a little bit more about each other’s countries. We have three languages as main learning goals: Spanish, Finnish and German.

Therefore, as part of our Spanish learning process, Paola and Sofia invited us to celebrate México’s Independence Day together on the follwing Tuesday (15.9.2015).

La Noche Mexicana

Despite the rainy weather, our group gathered with 20-30 others  (perhaps even more?) at one of Lukonmäki’s grilling place to enjoy delicious Mexican dishes, listen to Spanish songs and get to know new people. I have also learnt some clapping games, e.g. Choco Latte (which our Korean member, Sohee, is really good at) and a game that has to do with sailors and sea (which I would like to learn the words from Paola or Sofia). In addition to that, now I can also do “Piedra, papel o tijera!” with my Spanish-speaking friends in the future.

Besides that, I was told that during their Independence Day, Mexicans dance-sing-drink-party and shout “¡Viva México Cabrones!” as part of the celebration. And cabrones, I have learnt, is a term/slang that could be used in either a positive or negative way.

All in all, it was great party, as we get to see and meet people from different nationalities coming together to celebrate an important day for our Mexican friends. ¡Muchas gracias, Paola y Sofia!

Blog post and illustration by: Chrystal Giam, 13Media