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#1 First meeting for Ice breaking

25.1 Wed, 16:00-18:00 First meeting and Ice breaking


Actually this was the first time that we met together. There were Guillaume, Jieun and me. And we just noticed that Hyunsoo would join our group. After the formal meeting for Each One Teach One class, we went to the cafeteria in TAMK and had time to know each other more than only introduction.

Guillaume seemed very interested in Asia and he can even speak some Japanese already. He introduced himself as a big fan of K-pop and he knew plenty of songs and singers more than Jieun and me. We talked about basic things about each culture and Finnish life here. For example, fashion, weather, politics and so on. Guillaume also showed us the video of Ma Yun, the founder of Alibaba showing his nice philoshophy.

Hyunsoo, Jieun and me already knew each other. Hyunsoo came from the same university in Korea as mine and we had had dinner together in TOAS city with other friends. Jieun is also the same and we were friends from 3 years ago. I felt so comfortable by the reason that I was already familiar to them and and he was a lot greater than I expected. I looked forward to other meeting following later.

Second Meeting, Welcome to France

Welcome to France
time & place :
12:00-17:00 & y-campus in TAMK

Before this meeting, we also talked on facebook a lot. I found out that Guillaume likes K-pop a lot! Thanks for your interest 🙂
We arranged our meeting through Facebook. As three Korean girls go to Lapland and to Eruope for travel, we decided to have two meetings today. However, we thought this meeting was for only planning, so we were very surprised when we heard he prepared 30 presentation pages and many youtube videos. We felt sorry, but luckily, Soo also prepared some paper for basics o Korean language! so this day, we had very nice meetings about language and culture. Let’s see what we did this day 🙂

Warm up with Lunch!
We didn’t jumped into the main meeting immediately, we warmed up with eating at TAMK cafeteria. We all agreed that student cafeterias are so good which are so cheap and offer nice nutrient food!

Let me Introduce Great Lecturer Guillaume!
After having pleasant lunch, we found a nice place to have a lecture which was one of big rooms in y-campus. Guillaume connected his laptop to the TV, so it became a professional lecture! He taught us so many things that we should write notes about his lecture. At the first of beginning, he introduced whole regions of France, and let us know about their traditional food and visits. As he explained about the whole France, it took long time, however, it was not boring at all 🙂 I remember Normandie, which has Mont-Saint Michel! It’s one of the most beautilful cathedrals in France, however, it looked very special as it was built on the small island. Also he taught little French language, which were numbers and simple dialogues. I learned some funny dialogues, to tranlate, it’s like this.
“I’m cold. Give me the alcohol. Thank you. I’m hot”
Also, we saw lots of videos, I could see the regional differences clearly. South Korea is so small that we don’t have regional differences anymore, so it was good to see the varieties.

Thank you Guillaume! I will try to compensate with a good lecture like you for your lecture! 🙂

Guillaume will post his lecture ppt.