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Getting to know each other & basics of French/ German & Finnish

Our second meeting was on Tuesday the 15th and we meet in our kitchen again which is a pretty convenient place for both of us. Both of our schedules were pretty busy, so it took a bit to find a time that was good.

We talked again about ourselves and why we actually chose Finland. Guilio visited some friends on their exchange and liked it. That´s why he wanted to do it himself, but didn´t know where. First he thought about Canada, but a friend of him did his exchange here in Tampere and told him that it was great, so he decided to do it here as well. So far he enjoys it here a lot. We talked a bit about the experience for both of us so far and it was really interesting to hear about a different perspective because I´m a full degree student here and doing my bachelor.

We decided to just do some basics then like:

je suis = Ich bin = minä olen =  I am

tu es = Du bist = sinä olet = you are

il/elle/on est = Er/Sie/Es ist = hän on = he/she/it is

nous sommes = Wir sind = me olemme =  we are

vous êtes = Ihr seid = te olette = you are (plural)

ils/elles sont = Sie sind = he ovat = they are


merci = Danke = kiitos = thanks

salut = Hallo = hei/moi/terve = hello


I remembered something, but not all. It´s been quite a while since I learned some French and it was nice to try to speak it again.

13/11/2016 – 6th meeting Hungarian/French

For this meeting, I went to Tamás’ place to discover a Hungarian dinner. We were five people: two French and three Hungarian (Xavier, Tamás, Rebeka, Klementina and me). They cooked “Chicken paprikash” and it was ready when I arrrived. I also tried Palinka: the traditional alcohol in Hungary.

This dinner was really good! I ate a lot but it was my favourite dinner in Finland! We talekd a lot and after, we ate crepes with nutella for the dessert.

Next time, I will cook French food but I don’t know what yet.



02/11/2016 – 5th meeting Hungarian/French

This week, we met at my place in Toas Pinja in the center.  There was not only Tamás  and Rebeka, but also Béla and a friend of Rebeka. They are  also from Hungary so I was the only French student with four hungarian.

This meeting was quite similar to the last one, but we spoke about food. They presented their traditional food, and they illustrated it with various pictures so it was easy for me to understand. Then, I chose a typical Hungarian food that they will cooked at the next meeting: chicken paprikash.

After, we talked about French food (galettes, coq au vin, quiche lorraine, ratatouille…) and I show them some pictures. At the same time, we shared a bottle of french wine to try because French wine are famous.

See you next time for the Hungarian dinner!02-11-2016

3/ Vocabulary TAMK


We are 4 members with different schedules so sometimes it’s difficult to meet but we all like this weekly meeting so we decided to do this one in TAMK during the lunch and learn vocabulary in this context.


I realized that the German language is certainly more difficult than the Spanish language for me. It’s true that I already learnt Spanish but German it’s actualy much more different than Spanish and French.

I also learnt the different pronouns :

LE         EL         DER         
LA         LA         DIE          
L’           /            DAS          /

We try to teach to each one the pronunciation of each word and Tanja was surprised because in French but also in Spanish the noun are without capital letter.

26/10/2016 – 4th meeting Hungarian/French

Today, I meet Rebeka and Tamás in the MacDonald in the center to have dinner. It was a pleasure to see them because the last meeting was one month ago! In fact, we travelled a lot and we did not have time to see each other for Each one teach one.

During this meeting, we talked about French and Hungarian drinks. I learnt that Pálinka is a traditional fruit brandy which has different flavors like plum (‘szilva’ in hungarian), apple (‘alma’), pear (‘körte), apricot (‘barack’) and other flavors. They told me that Pálinka is considered as the national Hungarian drink. I was really impressed because Tamás knew a lot of things about this topic. Even Rebeka didn’t know all of these things that Tamás said!

After, I talked about French wines which are quite famous. Tamás knows some of them and he also knows a lot of things about French drinks in general. We talked about the various regions, the grapes, the cellars, and a little bit about the spirits. Finally, we spoke about how to serve wine in France. I know some things about this topic but Tamás taught me more while he is Hungarian! It was quite interesting.

I learnt few words:

  • Wine: Bor
  • Spirits: Szeszes italok
  • Soda: Szóda
  • Drinks: Italok
  • Grapes: Szőlő

27/09/2016 – 3st meeting Hungarian/French

During this meeting, I just saw Tamás in a café for 1 hour and a half, in the center of Tampere.

We talked about how to order something in a bar; for example how to order drinks and food. In fact, Tamás would like to work in a bar or a restaurant in the future so he wants to practice as much as he can. We built a whole conversation between customers of a restaurant and the waiter. Which questions the waiter should ask pose and the use of good sentences. Tamás is really good in French and he always tries to do his best. He learns very quickly!

Moreover, I learnt a lot of new words today!

  • Shop: Bolt
  • Car: Autó
  • Bicycle: Bicikli
  • Boat, ship: Hajó
  • Train: Vonat
  • Letter: Levél
  • Cellphone: Mobil
  • Market: Piac
  • Post office: Posta
  • Police: Rendőrségi
  • Fire station: Tűzoltóság
  • Ambulance: Mentő
  • Hospital: Kórház


And I also learnt two news verbs in Hungarian:


  • én csinalok
  • te csinalsz
  • ő csinal
  • mi csinalunk
  • ti csinaltok
  • ők csinalnak


  • én hivek
  • te hivsz
  • ő hiv
  • mi hivünk
  • ti hivtek
  • ők hivnek

’Az èn nevem Ariane’: My name is Ariane.

25/09/2016 – 2nd meeting Hungarian/French

For this meeting on the 25th of September, we met at Tamás’ flat in the north of Tampere. We talked about French and Hungarian movies, actors and music. Tamás and Rebeka also showed me on the computer the traditional dance of their country called ‘Csárdás’. It was interesting because in France we don’t really have a traditional dance. If you want to see how to dance the ‘Csárdás’, you can have a look on this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vKKM8J3y3G0

Rebeka was very interested in French movies and French actors. So we talked about the French movie ‘Intouchables’ or ‘Le Fabuleux destin d’Amélie Poulain’. And Tamás teach me about the basics in grammar (personal pronouns for example, basic verbs and basic sentences). I also learnt new words in Hungarian! It’s very interesting but still so difficult to pronounce all the words!


  • I am: Én vagyok     /     I am 22 years old: Én 22 éves vagyok
  • You are: Te vagy     /     You are 21 years old: Te 21 éves vagy
  • He / She / It is: Ő van     /     He is 25 years old: Ő 25 éves
  • We are: Mi vagyunk     /     We are Hungarians: Mi magyarok vagyunk
  • You are: Ti vagytok     /     You are strong: Ti erődök vagytok
  • They are: Ők vannak     /     They are kind: Ők kedves


New words – Clothes = Ruhák:

  • Coat: Kabát
  • Hat: Sapka
  • Sweatshirt, Jumper: Pulóver
  • Shocks: Sokk
  • Shoes: Cipő
  • Tee-shirt: Póló
  • Skirt: Szoknya
  • Sun: Nap
  • Flower: Virág
  • Ground, Earth: Föld
  • Mountain: Hegy
  • Wind: Szél
  • Rain: Eső
  • Snow: Hó
  • Tree: Fa
  • People, man, person: ember

15/09/2016 – 1st meeting Hungarian/French

Our first meeting was on the 15th of September. I met Tamás and Rebeka in my flat in the center of Tampere (TOAS Pinja). I was so excited to meet new people from another country.

I begin to learn the Hungarian alphabet (which is not the same as the French one), the numbers, the colors and some basics words of everyday life. You can read them at the end of my article. It was really interesting to meet them and to talk about different cultures.

During this meeting, we also played a Hungarian card game called ‘ZSÍR’. We had to play in team so I was with Rebeka and Tamás was with Béla (another Hungarian friend in my flat). Sometimes, card games are similar between different countries but not that time. So it was really interesting to discover the ZSÍR game.

My first impression of the Hungarian language is that it is really difficult to pronounce because it is not the same sounds than in French. There are forty-four letters in the Hungarian alphabet while there are twenty-six letter in the French alphabet.

The numbers in Hungarian:

  • 0 = nulla ; 1 = egy ; 2 = kettő ; 3 = három ; 4 = négy ; ­5 = öt ; 6 = hat ; 7 = hét ; 8 = nyolc ; 9 = kilenc ; 10 = tíz.
  • 11= tizen + egy ; 12 = tizen + kettő, etc.

Some basics words:

  • Good morning (before 10 am): jó reggelt
  • Good afternoon: jó napot
  • Good evening (after 7 pm): jó estét
  • Hello / Bye: Szia
  • boy: fiú
  • girl: lány
  • father: apa
  • mother: anya
  • dog: kutya
  • cat: macska
  • horse: ló
  • chicken: csirke
  • cow: tehén



  • white: fehér
  • black: fekete
  • red: piros
  • green: zöld
  • blue: kék
  • yellow: sárga
  • orange: narancssárga
  • grey: szürke
  • brown: barna
  • pink: rózsaszín
  • purple: lila


Food and drinks:

  • bread: kenyér
  • butter: vaj
  • ham: sonka
  • cheese: sajt
  • milk: tej
  • salt: só
  • pepper: bors
  • cucumber: uborka
  • tomato: paradicsom
  • apple: alma
  • pear: körte
  • pear: körte
  • water: víz
  • beer: sör
  • wine: bor


Other basics words:

  • chair: szék
  • bed: ágy
  • table: asztal
  • window: ablak
  • door: ajtó
  • fridge: hűtőszekrény
  • microwave: mikrohullámú sütő


Basic discussion:

  • Hogy vagy? (How are you?
  • Jól, köszönöm. és te? (Fine, thank you. And you?)
  • Szívesen. (You’re welcome)

Quelle est la taille de l’object?

Today we met again at Wayne’s Coffee in Koskikatu. After a delicious chocolate muffin we learned French. We splitted our group because there are so many different levels in our group. Jaana taught Christine and me.

We started with an exercise where we practised to say what we like and dislike.

Ce que j’aime bien, c’est lire avant dormir. – What I like is reading before sleeping.Ce que je déteste, c’est les carottes cuites. – What I hate are cooked carrots.
Ce qui m’intéresse, c’est apprendre autres langues.
– I’m interested in learning other languages.
Ce qui m’embête, c’est le temps actuel. – What’s disturbing me is the current weather.

After that we practised describing objects. We put different things on the table and made a quiz. One of us described one of these objects and the other two had to guess which object is meant.
Quelle est la couleur de l’object? – What’s the colour of the object?
Il est verd. – It’s green.
Quelle est la forme de l’object? – What is the form of the object?
rond – round
carré – square
rectangulaire – rectangular
pointu – pointed
Quelle est la matière of the object? – What is the material of the object?
en tissu – fabric
en cuir – leather
en bois – wooden
en argent – silver
en or – golden
Quelle est la taille de l’object? – What is the size of the object?
Il est minuscule / petit / grand. – It’s tiny, small and big.
L’object pèse combien? – How much does the object weigh?
pèser – weigh
léger – light
lourd – heavy

In our last exercise we read a french text about a book club and translated it. Some passages were very hard for us, but though we made it better than expected.
After our meeting Jaana went with us to the library and helped us to get a library card. They offer much books to learn other languages like English, French, Spanish, German and much more. We borrowed immadiately some French books so we can learn also at home. And the best: You get the library card for free!


Our 7th meeting: Parler francais

Today we had our seventh meeting and we met -like we always do- at Wayne’s beautiful coffee house. After we have eaten our cakes and huge chocolate muffins we started our lesson. As a few of us have never had French Alexandre learnt with them and Jaana learnt with Sabrina and me on a more advanced level.

Today we were describing objects, tell what we like and don’t like and additionally we were translating a french text about a literature club and doing an excersise where we had to fill in the missing word.

Describing objects 
table-rougeQuelle est la couleur de l’objet?
L’objet est rouge.

Quelle est la forme de l’objet?
L’objet est rectangulaire.

Quelle est la matière de l’objet?
L’objet est en bois.

Quelle est la taille de l’objet?
L’objet est gros. Il fait 50 centimetre de haut et un mètre de long.

L’objet pese combien?
Il pèse cinq kilos et est trés lourd.


What I like and dislike

  1. Ce que j’aime bien c’est écouter des livres audio.
  2. Ce que je déteste c’est gents avec  mauvaises manières.
  3. Ce qui m’interésse c’est apprendre nouvelles langues.
  4. Ce que m’embête c’est le gents qui ne sont pas honnête.


Excerpt from the text in which we had to fill in the missing words

herissonMon livre preféré l’élégance du hérisson est un roundu de Muriel Barbery publié en 2006. L’intrigue de ce livre est trés captivante. L’histoire se deroule á Paris. Le roundu trate de la vie de Renée , une concierge parisienne.

I liked today’s meeting because I have learnt a lot and because I know now that it’s for free to emprunter des livres dans la bibliotheque de la ville (to lend books at the city library)

Thanks Alex and Jaana 🙂