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Pre-Christmas Party

Our last meeting was EOTO’s Pre-Christmas party at 28.11.18.

We met at TAMKOs Solu. Our usual gang was there with few extra. We played Chinese word game where game leader gives one, same word to everyone but one. Then everyone has to describe their word and after one round everyone has to guess who has the different word.

While we played, we ate some snacks and Warabi Mochi (Japanese delicacy) that Moe had made. It was quite diffrent from what I have ever tasted but quite good. I was sad to learn they don’t like salmiac 😭

(Picture from Japan entire.com)

This was our last, official meeting with my dear friends but we agreed to meet outside EOTO too since we have gähad so much fun and why stop now?

This course was one of the best courses I’ve had during my 3,5 year in TAMK ❤️

Coffee at Tallipiha

Our teachers’ friend from German came to Tampere and joined to our study group.  Because Tallipiha is a nice and different place for a tourist to see we decided it is a good place to have a meeting. Of course it is a good place to have a coffee too :).

Theresa had advised us to ask about her friends studies. I’m not sure if I understand all but it really sounded interesting. Our teacher said later that even she is not sure what her friend is actually studying so it really is something special :).  I learned that German study system is quite the same as in Finland.  Although there are differences about the study subjects which you can choose freely and which you just have to study. If you choose something (a line or main subject to study) it is not that easy to change than it is in Finland. Student have to also decide quite early what to study.