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Friendship is not end!

Several days ago (28.11.2019),we had the last meeting of this course in the pre-Christmas party in Tamko office.

At that day,we played Finnish games and some Chinese games.It’s funny that some of the games I have played in my country.We took turns to make a question which was similar to each other ,and then everyone described own word.The aim of this game was to find out whose word was different from others.We enjoyed a happy time in the game and we also ate some chips and a Japanese food which was taken by Moi.That tasted really nice!!It’s true that was a unforgettable night.At last,Jenny cuddled me for a while.We hope we’ll meet again.

Looking for forward to seeing Jenny in February!Love Jenny!!!!

Clothes & Golden Unicorn

After a weeks break, we could arrange our schedules and meeted at Ratina Shopping Center. This time the agenda was to learn clothes, colours and accessories. We had prepared short papers for each other with most common clothes and colors in english-finnish and english-chinese.

I learned that colors forms describing word +sè. Like grey is “dirty color”, so it’s Huī sè. Same goes for many clothes, example pants and shirts. Duǎnkù (=shorts),  “Duǎn-“ is short and “-kù” at the end means pants, so short pants.

After a long visit in Kappahl, we were all so hungry that we went for lunch in Golden Unicorn (Li’s and Huang’s workplace). Food was so delicious! I really loved fried chicken and ice cream with fried banana.



Sauna & Swimming

On our 2nd meeting we went swimming and sauna to Kaleva’s uimahalli (Tampere swimming center). Even thought few of us had a little cold it was so much fun!

My boyfriend Toni came with us too to support and guide Lee, so he wouldn’t feel lonely. I was with Cui, Huang and Sisi (a new chinese friend!)

I was so proud of them how well they handled Sauna. We talked about swimming and relationships in Sauna before going to swim. I was suprised that they don’t swim in chinese schools.

After the swimming we sat down to cafeteria to learn few things. I taught them numbers from 10-20 and how numbers are formed (tens-ones) and family members.

I learned family members in chinese and learned there are diffrent pronounciation for A:  ā,  á, ǎ, à and a.  I also learned that chinese alphabets are not pronounced as they are written. Pronounciation is a clear problem for me xD.

We agreed to meet next sunday to have chinese home made dinner with them! I am anxiously waiting to eat some chinese!!



Yesterday (Wednesday 12.9) was my groups 1st meeting in Moro Skybar. My two chinese friends had bought another chinese friend Ruonan with them and I bought my classmate Meri and my boyfriend Toni. I was worried it would be awkward but mood  was very relaxed and easy with some hot beverages and juice.

My chinese friends were very impressed by the beautiful view we had. We changed a few words before moving onto learning part.

I taught them numbers from 1-10, weekdays, months and seasons. They asked some other questions like how to pronounce their home addresses here in Tampere and how to say I love you <3 and so on. It was very funny and delightfull to teach them and we concluded finnish R is hard to pronounce! I have to agree chinese isn’t easy either!

They are very intrested in finnish nature, so we agreed to go boat trip to Näsijärvi next spring/summer with my boyfriends boat and do some spring celebration on Spring.

Some of the things  I learned:


0 Líng
2 Èr
3 Sān
6 Liù
9 Jiǔ
10 Shí


一 月 yī yuè January
二 月 èr yuè February
三 月 sān yuè March
四 月 sì yuè April
五 月 wǔ yuè May
六 月 liù yuè June
七 月 qī yuè July
八 月 bā yuè August
九 月 jiǔ yuè September
十 月 shí yuè October
十一 月 shíyī yuè November
十二 月 shíèr yuè December

-I love you: 我爱你 =Wo ai ni

-How to write my name: 珍妮

Our next meeting will be in Sauna next week! I am anxiously waiting to see how that goes and learn more~~

Making some Tacos dorados.

As It has been stated before, We truly love food. So this time I brought the ingredients to make some “Tacos Dorados” at Maria’s place. I bought “Mazeca” a brand of corn flour used to make “Tortillas”, Lettuce, cheesee, chicken breasts, cream and Potatoes.

First I show Jacqueline, Maria and Nedas how to prepare the dough. Latter, we form medium size balls with the dough, just big enough to get a tortilla out of them. The process is simple, in Mexico we use a metallic press that squishes the doug, but here we had to improvise.

We use instead a plastic bag and common plate, with the bottom part of the plate we push the balls down until we got a round shape. Later, I show them how to cook  the tortillas on the pan.

While we cook the tortillas, We boil on the side, some potatoes and chicken, later on Nedas, Jacky and Maria help me peal and mash the potatoes and pull the chicken.

The next step was putting the mash potatoes and pulled chicken into the cooked tortillas, roll them and deep fried them in oil.

At the end when we got to serve the food we decorated the tacos with the cream, the cheese and the lettuce. (One mistake I made was forgetting the salsa.) But in the end, it is the best recreation of the dish we could have made by ourselves with the ingredients I found here in Finland.

I believe that they  enjoy the tacos a lot, they even got a little bit creative and started mixing the chicken with the mash potatoes. While we cook, I show them some of my favourite tunes in spanish. It was a nice evening, and I hope that in the future they try to recreate the recipe by themselves back in their countries.



We love food, sorry. “Bavarian evening at @TAMK

This time Jacqueline invited us to an event she was hosting with some other German girls at the Catering Studio. This time the girls didn’t prepared the dishes but another student from TAMK did. They had a menu on the wall and although I wanted to tried the “Schnitzel” I went with the salad “Kartoffelsalat” once more. We spend the evening talking about our plans for Christmas and when did we planned to go back to our countries.

Futhermore, we meet with some Maria and Jacqueline friends that we met on Oktoberfest and we learn how to play a German game called “Kniffel”. the point of the game was to collect the same numbers or a set of combination similar to the ones in Poker.

You could only roll the dice 3 times and you can keep the ones you thing are good enough to score a good combination.

  We also had the opportunity to see Jacky with her “Dirndl” on, this attire is mostly use in celebrations in Germany  or big gatherings like Oktoberfest.

1st meeting: Getting together in a birthday party


When we met with Fruzsi and Boti to discuss about the becoming Each One Teach One -course after the orientation lecture, they told me they would like to taste different kind of Finnish flavors. Therefore, I decided to invite them to my birthday party, as my dad, who is a sahti-maker, had made some sahti (a traditional Finnish drink) to be served there.

Since it was a birthday party and the snacks served, such as cake, were rather typical for a birthday party – and therefore not necessarily so Finnish ones – I decided to make this flavor tasting  more like a game in which I would bring such for Fruzsi and Boti to be tasted while my Finnish friends would simultaneously share their own ideas of those flavors. By this way I hoped Fruzsi and Boti to get better and more varied ideas of it, what Finnish people think about them. Some of the snacks were related to the annual celebrations such as Eastern and Christmas.

List of snacks served: sahti, crips rye-bread and butter, Finnish squeaky cheese and cloudberry jam, sea buckthorn, salmiac, rye budding, cream and sugar, and gingerbread.





Another topic we had decided to go for was talking about annual Finnish celebrations. Also for this task we did play a game. This time I had found questions related to the celebrations. It worked so that I asked a question from Fruzsi and Boti, who then had a change to guess the right answer. After this I asked the same question from my Finnish friends, who then gave their own answers and reasonings. By this way I hoped Fruzsi and Boti to get better and more varied ideas about the celebrations and the content of them.


I think that using games as a way to teach about Finnish culture was rather relevant in the situation. However, it might have worked out better, if there wasn’t so much going on all the time. Maybe there was too much distraction as music was playing and people were coming and going. Yet I was quite happy to realize that my friends were rather excited to share their ideas about the flavors served and to answer to the questions related to the annual celebrations. However, I think I might have given more time to Fruzsi and Boti to think their guesses. As well I could have been more active to ask each of my friends to answer to the questions or otherwise helped them to express themselves a bit more. Overall, I’m rather happy to the outcome. In the context, it worked out as well as possible, I think.


#10 Goodbye party

[10] 16.5 Tue 19:00-21:00 Goodbye party


We came to TAMK to memorize our moments at TAMK. This would be our last time for each one teach one. It is sad that we have to say goodbye to each other now but I believe someday we can meet somewhere and keep in touch on Facebook. We are already good friends and I will miss each member of our group. I was so lucky to get this chance to meet this people and learn more things from them than just the culture and language. I won’t forget these precious moments with Guillaume, Hyunsoo and Jieun. I had really comfortable classes thanks to Hyunsoo and Jieun and I got more affection to France by Guillaume so much. He was our best teacher and also best student with regard to France. I will think of his passion to classes and K-pops as well.

10/12/2016 – 8th meeting Hungarian/French

It is already the 8th meeting and we are almost at the middle of December!

This meeting was one of my favourite! We met for Rebeka’s birthday on the 10th of December in the West of Tampere. We had a lot of fun at this meeting because we try to pronouce hard word and it was quite difficult for the three of us.

Furthermore, we played some games but in English this time, with other friends of Rebeka. We also played the ‘Twister’ for a long time. We met Rebeka’s Finish roomate who was really nice.

Some word that I learnt at this meeting:

  • game: játék
  • cake: torta
  • present: jelen
  • candle: gyertya
  • friends: barátok
  • roomate: szobatársa


13/11/2016 – 6th meeting Hungarian/French

For this meeting, I went to Tamás’ place to discover a Hungarian dinner. We were five people: two French and three Hungarian (Xavier, Tamás, Rebeka, Klementina and me). They cooked “Chicken paprikash” and it was ready when I arrrived. I also tried Palinka: the traditional alcohol in Hungary.

This dinner was really good! I ate a lot but it was my favourite dinner in Finland! We talekd a lot and after, we ate crepes with nutella for the dessert.

Next time, I will cook French food but I don’t know what yet.