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Meeting number 6: привет!

Today Julia, SlIMG_0542[1]ava, Alina, Alex, Sabrina and me met at one of the Wayne’s Coffees and had our first russian lesson.

As our russian team members were prepared so well Sabrina, Alex and me had the opportunity to learn quite a lot.  We decided to start with the russian alphabet which was quite complicated for me. All the turned letters that mean something total different and the sometimes very difficult pronounciation (ш is sch, б is csch, ч is also ch?) confused me very much 😀 We also learnt the numbers from 1-10 of which I remember #1 best because it is called like an old god: odin.

Sabrina and me also taught the others also a bit of German for example the German alphabet and while we were doing this we have noticed that the german word “Uhr” has a really strange pronounciation 😉

I really enjoyed today’s meeting and I am looking forward to the next one 🙂


Hong Kong, my home


We have a small group, consist of 3 different nationality — Czech, Russian and Hongkongese. In this meeting, it is more about getting to know each others and an Introduction of my home, Hong Kong. I am sure a lot of people have hear about it, but not much people know where is it and the relationship of China. I have share about some current issue we have been facing for year , for example, the sub-divded flat or extreme Gini coefficient.

I am happy to share these problems  to my group, as most of the people only know about how beautiful of our city. It is an opportunity let myself to think about these problems, even I have been study aboard more than a year. Moreover, it is really interesting know about how other countries perceived their priority. Even in different countries, family is always important.

I am looking forward for the next meeting, it gonna be so much fun. 🙂

Meeting # 1

Hi everyone!

Two days ago my Greek counterpart, Ioannis and I met for our first EOTO meeting at Café Europa. We have met before after the kick off at TAMK where we right away talked about what we want to learn and teach each other and how we are going do it. But for our first meeting we decided to hang out at a comfortable sofa at the café, which is a lovely and lively place to stay and to get to know other people.

We decided that we try to both, teach and learn each language at every meeting. So Ioannis started to teach me Greek. Due to the fact that some part of my family is of Greek ancestry I understand a bit Greek but cannot talk as much as I want to. Therefore, we started with the alphabet, which you probably know is totally different than the Romance one. I already knew some letters but it is still difficult for me to say the whole alphabet and to remember all the characters, especially in capital and small letters… We proceeded with some useful sentences and numbers as well as the days of the week and the months. Ioannis wrote everything down and explained it to me whereas I tried to speak out loud what he just taught me. It was really fun to practice it this way and the atmosphere in the café made everything easy-going.

However, after an hour or so my head almost exploded of so many new things that we decided to switch. I promised him that I am going to practice what we learned together, which I of course really want to. I guess learning something that you want is much easier than learning something that you have to.

So, it was my turn and Ioannis wanted to first of all practice his German speaking skills. I was really surprised how many words he knew and that his sentence building was quite good. We were talking almost an hour, asking us questions and gave answers and he tried to build every time new sentences and used words he just learned from me. His understanding was already really good and if we practice more often like that I am pretty sure that he will soon understand a simple German conversation and will be able to respond quickly to questions.

What I realized is that, because I am from Switzerland and we usually speak Swiss-German outside of the school, which is by the way quite different than German, I sometimes have to think what that word in German is or how I build that sentence now. However, I just have to get used to speak more German with him and that little problem will solve itself I guess.

So far, our first meeting went really good and it made lot of fun. I realized it because the two hours passed so quickly and there was no second where it was boring! I cannot figure out any problems that will arise during out meetings so far and I think that Ioannis is a really easy-going and interested person, which will make our meetings fascinating and lively.

Definitely looking for the next one! 🙂

Oh, and we totally forgot to take any picture… what a shame, but we will do some next time! 😉


more scary grammar

Yesterday Emilia and I met the fourth time. Again, we were at cafeteria, because there were no tables with cute armchairs at that moment in Y-campus.
So the lesson was dedicated to Russian language . We plunge into russian grammar.

13270495696876 Sounds scary? Are you afraid? You underestimate the power of Russian grammar.

What I am about? The topic was endings of adjectives. There are 3 genders and the dependent word (in our case adjective) is directly influenced by the main noun. For example, clever can be written like умный, умная, умное. All three options re correct. The difference of endings just show the gender of the noun the relate to. Of course, simultaneously we study some vocabulary.
Moreover, we started studying cases. In Russian we have 6 cases. They correspond with nouns and point out the question to this word. Really complicated. At least, it was an introduction and on following lessons it will become clearer. At least, I hope so! And hope, that Emilia understands this topic. Not sure I am a good teacher. But Emilia has a real progress. Comparing to the previous meeting, her pronunciation became better and sounds more Russian!
Anyway, it was an extremely funny lessons. A great end of the hard work week.