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My schedule is very tight next week…..

Not this day, I have to work….

Not that time period, I have lecture….

Do these sayings above sound so familiar to you when it comes to decide time for group meetup?

Yeah yeah you guess it right! We also encountered that situation.

BUT that is ANOTHER issue. Let’s me first introduce our squad.

  1. What is the name of this course again? Uhmm……EACH ONE TEACH ONE. Does it sound so straight to you? A One teaches another one and then that one teaches another another one and then that another one teaches a one or another one. Or then a one teaches another another one and vice versa. Or then … JUST FORGET IT. Basically we are a group of 3 people teaching each other. Sound much easier right?
  2. We are a multicultural group. A German, a  Fin and a Vietnamese. Together we are GFV aka Guaranteed Future Value :)))))) If you do not know what it is, well then Google does not charge you anything! Asian joke mode on.
  3. Only Tuuli has glasses.
  4. Tabea has brunnett hair.
  5. Final clue: Vietnamese girl has Asian eyes.

Until now, can you guess who is who?

If you can, congratulation and you can finish your reading here. Thanks for your time 🙂 Keep calm and wait for my next blog!!! Hmm next time I will try to make it even harder for you guys.

If you can not figure it out, well trust me you are completely normal. Believe or not, even me cannot understand it. So we are in the same boat now. Well unfortunately, there are some more interesting things down below 🙂

This is us!


This is the first time I saw Tabea and the second time I met Tuuli. They were such beautiful people and I just could not get my eyes off them.

Well off-topic haha. Let’s get back to main points. Basically we discussed when, where and how we would meet next time. And also what to do during the next meetup. It was only a 2-week plan, however, it took us 1.30 hours to jump at final conclusions.

During the discussion, we somehow mentioned Mämmi and Glögi 🙂 Oops. They are quite good in my personal opinion. I know I know. You must think that something looks like liquid poop. Well you can actually mix that thing with Salmiakki, vanilla or your favourite ice cream flavour. Trust me, se on tosi hyvä!

I think I need to stop here or otherwise this is going to be way too long. Thanks for your time and your concern. Wish you a fantastic day and enjoy your current life. You know life is too short for negative thoughts and situations, be yourself and hope life would treat you better and better each day!

Bonus section for those lovely people reading my blog post:

You gotta try harder and fight harder for your own good, as long as you don’t disturb others business.

To be continued soon….





8th meeting: True Finns

On Thursday Sora, Alexandre, Jaana, Sabrina and me met at O’Connel’s bar to listen to the weekly lifeshow which was very funny. This week it was called “True Finns”.  In this show two stand up comedians told their jokes and played with others in an impro theater afterwards.

One of the speakers was American and the other was a Finn. As it was Thanksgiving yesterday they started with a few jokes about what Americans do when it is Thanksgiving. The answer was quite easy: They eat too much and meet family members they don’t want to meet usually.

After that they talked about finnish pikku joulu which means little christmas.
This little christmas celebration is organized by friends, companies, associations and so on. They talked about the ten things you should not do on pikku joulu. It was really funny 🙂

After that they were asking for funny words that were related to pikku joulu and looked for hashtags on Twitter. They made a improtheater out of these words with three others which was really, really amusing.It was a really funny evening  at O’Connel’s and I was glad to learn so much about finnish (and american ;)) culture. It would be great to visit the show at this bar again or to take part in a real pikkujoulu 🙂


4th meeting: Kokkoa koko kokko kokoon

On Thursday we had our fourth meeting at Sabrina’s and mine appartment. Sora and Jaana taught Alexandre, Sabrina and me a bit of Finnish.

As I have already been in the Basics of Finnish Intensive course I have already known a bit of the things Jaana and Sora taught us, but I leant plenty of new things like the funny Finnish sentence: Kokkoa koko kokko kokoon which means Build the whole bonfire up together or the funny word Juoksentelisinkohan which means I wonder if I should run around aimlessly. Finnish is even more funny than I have ever imagined and having some beers makes it even funnier.

I have also learnt sentences for daily conversation which I decided to put in a little dialogue:)

B: Hyvää huomenta. – Good morning

B: Huomenta. – Morning

A: Mitä sinun nimi on? – What’s your name?

B: Olen Christine. Entä sinä? – I am Christine. And you?

A: Olen Anna. – I am Anna.

B: Miten menee?  – What’s up?

A: Eipa erikoista. – Nothing special.

B: Okay. Nähdään pian. – Okay. See you soon.

A: Nähdään. Hei sitten. – See you. Bye then.

Meeting number 6!

This meeting was at Emilie’s apartment 🙂

We thought about practicing pronunciation and what better (and funny) way to do it saying tongue twisters!

First we taught each other tongue twister we knew like

Erre con erre, guitarra;
erre con erre, carril:
rápido ruedan los carros,
rápido el ferrocarril.


Tres tristes tigres comen trigo en un trigal…but couldn’t remember the rest so we decided to google and we end up watching some cool tongue twisted videos on Youtube.

Spanish tongue twisters: http://www.educar.org/lengua/trabalenguas.asp

French tongue twisters:http://michel.buze.perso.neuf.fr/lavache/virelangues.htm