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Olen lettukokki! ~ Crêpes, s’il vous plaît!

Today is the official crêpe day! Crêpe is a thin pancake type food, which can be eaten savory or sweet, just like a Finnish ‘lettu’. To celebrate this great day, Morgane and Getuar came over to my place to bake crêpes together! Morgane brought a surprise ingredient: goat’s cheese!

Morgane had a recipe ready, and there we listed the ingredients in French, English and Finnish, so everyone could learn something new! Also, we could revise the numbers when reading how many grams of everything we needed for the mix. “Soixsante grams de sucre! – Sixty grams of sugar – Kuusikymmentä grammaa sokeria!” We didn’t really have a scale so we just estimated the amounts with flour and sugar but still the crêpes turned out delicious! We added some chocolate spread on top of it, it was so very delicious. I ate so many my tummy hurt! Morgane also made a crêpe with goat’s cheese, honey, and almonds, I have never tasted something like that, it was quite interesting.IMG-20170202-WA0020

Making crêpes was very fun, the flipping part was scary at first, I was afraid that I would throw the whole damn crêpe to the sink by accident. But everything went better than expected and I succeeded on my first try! I had a great teacher, after all ;)!

To make the evening even more French, welistened to some French music, and I tried to listen to and recognize some words that I would understand, I remembered things like: une fleur – a flower, chercher – to look for, travailler – to work… It was fun and develops your language ear!

Our 7th meeting: Parler francais

Today we had our seventh meeting and we met -like we always do- at Wayne’s beautiful coffee house. After we have eaten our cakes and huge chocolate muffins we started our lesson. As a few of us have never had French Alexandre learnt with them and Jaana learnt with Sabrina and me on a more advanced level.

Today we were describing objects, tell what we like and don’t like and additionally we were translating a french text about a literature club and doing an excersise where we had to fill in the missing word.

Describing objects 
table-rougeQuelle est la couleur de l’objet?
L’objet est rouge.

Quelle est la forme de l’objet?
L’objet est rectangulaire.

Quelle est la matière de l’objet?
L’objet est en bois.

Quelle est la taille de l’objet?
L’objet est gros. Il fait 50 centimetre de haut et un mètre de long.

L’objet pese combien?
Il pèse cinq kilos et est trés lourd.


What I like and dislike

  1. Ce que j’aime bien c’est écouter des livres audio.
  2. Ce que je déteste c’est gents avec  mauvaises manières.
  3. Ce qui m’interésse c’est apprendre nouvelles langues.
  4. Ce que m’embête c’est le gents qui ne sont pas honnête.


Excerpt from the text in which we had to fill in the missing words

herissonMon livre preféré l’élégance du hérisson est un roundu de Muriel Barbery publié en 2006. L’intrigue de ce livre est trés captivante. L’histoire se deroule á Paris. Le roundu trate de la vie de Renée , une concierge parisienne.

I liked today’s meeting because I have learnt a lot and because I know now that it’s for free to emprunter des livres dans la bibliotheque de la ville (to lend books at the city library)

Thanks Alex and Jaana 🙂