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Meeting 5 Finnish-German: German evening

Pretty soon after the last meeting, our little group met again yesterday at Chiara’s place. After baking something Finnish on Sunday, this time we had a German evening and made German “Kässpätzle”.

As always, we talked about various topics throughout the evening while we cooked. We talked about food, Easter, the peculiarities of the Southern German language, colour blindness and much more. I learned that there are different Easter traditions in Finland. Like in Germany, gifts are sometimes hidden by the Easter Bunny (pääsiäispupu in Finnish), but in other parts of the country there is also the tradition of making a bonfire, including at Jasmin’s house. The food was very tasty and I was happy to eat something typical for my home country again after almost three months here. After the meal, we played a German game so that Jasmin could put her German skills into practice. In this game, we had to play Rock-Paper-Scissors repeatedly. Jasmin taught us that this game is called the same way in Finnish as it is in English, i.e. “Kivi, paperi ja sakset”, and we practised saying the Finnish version of it.

All in all, however, we talked more about the German language than the Finnish language this evening and showed Jasmin, for example, that there is a word in southern Germany for a meal that consists of bread. Where I come from, it’s called “Vesper”, whereas Chiara calls it “Brotzeit”. The evening was really nice and the three hours flew by. Since Chiara and Jasmin will be out of town for a while, we’ll meet online again next time and listen to the Finnish and German songs we had planned once before. I’m really looking forward to it!

Friendship is not end!

Several days ago (28.11.2019),we had the last meeting of this course in the pre-Christmas party in Tamko office.

At that day,we played Finnish games and some Chinese games.It’s funny that some of the games I have played in my country.We took turns to make a question which was similar to each other ,and then everyone described own word.The aim of this game was to find out whose word was different from others.We enjoyed a happy time in the game and we also ate some chips and a Japanese food which was taken by Moi.That tasted really nice!!It’s true that was a unforgettable night.At last,Jenny cuddled me for a while.We hope we’ll meet again.

Looking for forward to seeing Jenny in February!Love Jenny!!!!

1st meeting: Getting together in a birthday party


When we met with Fruzsi and Boti to discuss about the becoming Each One Teach One -course after the orientation lecture, they told me they would like to taste different kind of Finnish flavors. Therefore, I decided to invite them to my birthday party, as my dad, who is a sahti-maker, had made some sahti (a traditional Finnish drink) to be served there.

Since it was a birthday party and the snacks served, such as cake, were rather typical for a birthday party – and therefore not necessarily so Finnish ones – I decided to make this flavor tasting  more like a game in which I would bring such for Fruzsi and Boti to be tasted while my Finnish friends would simultaneously share their own ideas of those flavors. By this way I hoped Fruzsi and Boti to get better and more varied ideas of it, what Finnish people think about them. Some of the snacks were related to the annual celebrations such as Eastern and Christmas.

List of snacks served: sahti, crips rye-bread and butter, Finnish squeaky cheese and cloudberry jam, sea buckthorn, salmiac, rye budding, cream and sugar, and gingerbread.





Another topic we had decided to go for was talking about annual Finnish celebrations. Also for this task we did play a game. This time I had found questions related to the celebrations. It worked so that I asked a question from Fruzsi and Boti, who then had a change to guess the right answer. After this I asked the same question from my Finnish friends, who then gave their own answers and reasonings. By this way I hoped Fruzsi and Boti to get better and more varied ideas about the celebrations and the content of them.


I think that using games as a way to teach about Finnish culture was rather relevant in the situation. However, it might have worked out better, if there wasn’t so much going on all the time. Maybe there was too much distraction as music was playing and people were coming and going. Yet I was quite happy to realize that my friends were rather excited to share their ideas about the flavors served and to answer to the questions related to the annual celebrations. However, I think I might have given more time to Fruzsi and Boti to think their guesses. As well I could have been more active to ask each of my friends to answer to the questions or otherwise helped them to express themselves a bit more. Overall, I’m rather happy to the outcome. In the context, it worked out as well as possible, I think.


5/ Card Game

This time, in a coffee shop, it was the Spanish card game was honored. The “Brisca” is according to Xavier, one of the most popular card game in Spain.

This time was a little complicated for me because I didn’t well understand the rules and the goal, that is to say, the best way to play.

But we talk about the different desk that exist in each country and we learn the name of the different card or the value of each according to this game. For example here, the values were : the most powerful with 11 points is the AS then the three which worth 10 points, after that the king gives 4 points, the horse 3 points, and the last figure bring 2 points.


2/ Moro Sky Bar

Few days after, the second meeting took place in the more sky bar. In this amazing place, we try a popular game in Germany : “Rummikub”. I know that this game existed in France too but it’s not a game that young people play. The idea of this meeting was to have fun with a game that not everyone already knows but also learn some vocabulary.


During this meeting we learn principaly german words :

Number                                                                  Color
1 Eins                                                                        Rouge Rot
2 Zwei                                                                       Black Schwarz
3 Drei                                                                        Blue Blau
4 Vier                                                                        Yellow Gelb
5 Fünf
6 Sechs
7 Sieben
8 Acht
9 Neun
10 Zehn
11 Elf
12 Zwölf
13 Dreizehn

I really liked this meeting because we focused on one culture so we can learn more. But we are, each member, in erasmus in a country that we didn’t know before so we discover new place together and drink coffee as a real Finnish !

I really like our meeting because everything is natural, I mean that we learn but not in a School way : boring where you just have to listen. No, we share together our culture and our feeling in a new country. And of course, we want to learn some vocabulary and compare the pronunciation etc.