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In our small German – Russian group has done the sixth meeting. The times fly so fast. My report considers information about two meetings because we’ve spent not so much time for this. It’s better to spend not so much time but often. We always keep in our mind the interesting things about each other.

In our fifth meeting, we can try to cook Russian breakfast but it was not so special because it was pancakes known for everyone. It was Sunday and we’ve met in Lapinkaari kitchen. During our breakfast, we told about news, common things and so on.

Похожее изображение

Yesterday was the fifth meeting at TAMK canteen. Our meeting was not so common and we had a special lunch for that (Vegetable burgers). And the topics for speaking were German recipes from Nessi. She has passion about cooking and always have amazing recipes for every case 😀

For example, you can try to cook these bakery products:


Enjoy 🙂


After intense learning, we decided to do some relaxing topic related to facts and fun facts about 2 cultures: German and Finnish.

Here are the lists of facts that we discussed so far:

1, German culture:

  • In German, “thanks” means no. If someone asks you “Would you like a drink?” and you say “Danke”. That actually means “No, thank you.” But if you say, “Bitte” or “Please,” that means yes. So, to recap: “Thanks” means no thanks, and “please” means no. Wish I had known this before my trip to Germany 🙁
  • The middle finger is ILLEGAL. A driver can even report your license plate if they see you throwing up the one-finger salute, resulting in a lovely police letter and a fine.
  • Drinking alcohol in public is illegal.
  • October festival does not start on October.
  • On the first day of first grade, every child gets a giant cone filled with toys and candy.
  • People do not sing the whole national anthem.
  • People from the north will not understand people from the south fully due to dialects.
  • Other countries speak German as well.
  • Different names of same food in different parts of Germany.

2, Finnish culture:

  • There are more saunas than whole national population.
  • Finns love coffee.
  • People have to wave hands for the bus to stop.
  • Avanto-ice diving is very popular.
  • Skiing, ski, iceskating, snowboarding and icefishing are popular hobbies in winter.
  • Personal space: 1 meter from each other please!
  • It gets colder up north.