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EST-GER// Cooking German food!

This time we met at mine to make a German sandwich dish called Strammer Max. The dish was very easy to make and tasted great. My language partner said that this is a dish Germans usually eat when people come and help you move out. I enjoyed it a lot.

Before we met I wrote down my favourite travel destinations in Germany for a trigger. On our meeting I asked my partner to check out these destinations and name I few recommendations himself.  Turned out most of the destinations I picked were in the South of Germany. My language partner is from the North of Germany, so I got a few recommendations where to go in the North too. For example he suggested to go to Pullman City which is a recreation of a Western Town (cowboys, country music etc). From then on we talked about how many states, islands our countries have and what our countries look like on a map. I told my language partner about our 2222 islands and that we have the longest ice road in Europe.

Although I thought I had learnt about Germany and its states in school, a lot was entirely new for me. I also learnt that Bavaria is the equivalent to Bayern. I had thought they were two different states.

Pildiotsingu strammer max tulemus

Picture represents a Strammer Max. From Wikipedia.




Whenever it comes to food, I would be sooo excited. What about you? Do you feel excited now?

This time we had a perfect lunch with lecker German-Finnish starter, Vietnamese-style main dish and herkullista Finnish desert.

This is Tabea’s blog post: http://eoto.blogs.tamk.fi/2017/10/22/international-lunch/. You can find all the ingredients there.

Swabian potato salad was the name of the starter. It took Tabea two hours to cook it. Well I would say it was worth cooking as the dish was good! and Tabea could save much time for next cooking tryout.

Hmm it seems that I forget something. Ohh the legendary “pastry”. I love the moment we made fun of this pastry. Tuuli even showed us the home-made one, which surprised us all! In my opinion, the one from Lidl supermarket (out of 3 biggest) is the best!

I love cooking. Since I moved to Finland, I tried to mix many Finnish raw ingredients for cheaper price with Vietnamese and Asian sauces for familiar taste of food. It is great experience in general. This dish was no exception. Basically, this dish was not from Vietnam, but I tried to make it with Asian style. You will love it for sure!!!

This is mud-cake, the desert. Anyone crave for sweet?

What I learnt during the whole food-date was the difference between Vietnamese cooking style with Finnish/German one. I love cooking with hands so that I try to use hands to do as many things as I can. Meanwhile, it is considered dirty in Finland and Germany. It was quite surprising to me that Germany and Finland shared quite similar table manners besides cooking styles. Should I call it in general as European style? Other than that, we had discussion about Finnish law, housing price in Finland, European citizen benefits and all kinds of jokes.

Such wonderful experience, looking forward for upcoming food-date!!!

6/ German Dish

Again this meeting took place in the house of Tanja and Magdalena, but this time we met for a German dish : “Semmelknödel” with a mushroom sauce.

The result of our homemade dish was successful.


It was really funny to do that recipe because to make the dough Tanja mixed all the ingredients with her hands even with the milk and the eggs !!


We learn the ingredients necessary for the receipe in the three languages :


Thanks to this class, I realized that it’s really difficult for me to learn the German language. It’s totally different form the French or even the Spanish. But I’m happy to learn this new culture that I don’t know by my own. In fact, I already know a lot about Spain and the Spanish culture and I think that it’s the best option to be in a group with more than just one culture to learn. That is to say that I can learn more about something that I already know but also completely discover something new.

Next cooking time, will be my turn and to be honest, I’m a little bit anxious !