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Chapter # 3

Time for testing new food

Today we have had our third meeting in the Student house. So we had the next plan:
1. Nessi tested Russian sweets like condensed milk (Сгущёнка) and gingerbreads also we drank a tea with other candies
2. A presentation about Nicholas II which Margo prepared for us
3. We watched the movie “Anastasia”
4. We discussed our next steps and the meetings


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Chapter # 2

Talking time

Welcome back! So our German – Russian meeting was simple. We decided to talk about history. The topic for our discussion was Чернобыль – Tschernobyl – Chernobyl.

«a town near Kiev in Ukraine where an accident at a nuclear power station in April 1986 resulted in serious radioactive contamination in Ukraine, Belarus, and other parts of Europe»

We met for a lunch at TAMK canteen. We found an extremely interesting theme for each other. Also, we started to research some information, movies, pictures about it. I remember my History classes in my school it was so informative and amazing. I think all people should talk about it for the future as a huge bad lesson for humans. It’s so important in our days because we have a lot of nuclear and other dangerous energy which can potentially hazardous for all of us.

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Chapter # 1

Our cooking time 

I want to tell our short story about German – Russian time. My name is Julia and in my group, I have also Johanna from Germany and Margarita from Russia. We met together and told about our plans, therefore we decided to the organized first meeting for cooking German food. We like sweet and we baked Apfelstrudel. You can see a receipt on this photo and you can try to cook something similar.

An apple crumble der Apfelstrudel Яблочный штрудель
chopped almonds gehackte Mandeln измельченный миндаль
raisin die Rosine  изюм
vanilla sugar Vanillezucker ванильный сахар
an apple der Apfel яблоко
bread crumbs Semmelbrösel панировочные сухари
Eggs Essig яйца
wheat flour Weizenmehl мука
salt Salz соль
ice-cream die Eiscreme мороженое

Good luck! See you soon in the next post.