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Let’s watch Hockey

What is probably the most Finnish thing you can do? – watch a nice match of Hockey. As the World Cups is now going on and we didn’t want to leave out the German part of our EOTO we watched Germany against France on the 2nd of May. As both of these countries are not the most famous Hockey nations the game ended with a rather unspectacular 1-2 for Germany. But at least we won with a exciting last minute goal in the end of the third period. 😉 Ice hockey will never be the most exciting sport for me to watch  but every now and then it is nice.

Austria vs. Germany

Todays topic is the German versus the Austrian country, culture and language. Even if the language in Austria and Germany are actually the same, there are a lot of differences. Not only words, but also the pronounciation differs! To be honest, for me as a German it is even easier talking English to austrian than German. But most Austrians can understand the “proper” German.

image (2)

As you can see on the map below, Austria is much smaller than Germany. Germans capital Berlin and Austrias capital Vienna are both really international.




Taking a closer look at the prices in both countries one can definitely say that Austria is much more expensive than Germany. Especially hotels and commodity prices are much higher in Austria.

The food itself is probably quite similar. Typical Austrian food is “Leberkäs” or “Kaiserschmarrn”, but it is also common in Germany. Austrians and Germans are really spoiled when it comes to bread and cakes. There are a lot of bakery shops that only sell various kinds of breads. 🙂