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We are Family~!


Okay so tonight me and my German partner decided so go to a pub to discus some German, not sure where but it had a great atmosphere!

Anyway, so Tom had a couple of questions that had been on his mind, such as tenses of words such as “drove” and “drive” and also “drink” and “drank” so I tried my best to explain however it proved to be very difficult because I just know it. It’s strange how we just accept it in English but don’t really ask “why is it not … instead?” But I guess it’s because I’ve been learning English for the past 20 years (and I’m still not great at it!)

Anyway, after discussing Tom’s questions I had one of my own. I know in the UK it’s common to call red head “gingers” but I didn’t know if any other countries had nicknames for red heads. Turns out in Germany they have rotkopf or rotschopf meaning redhead.

We discussed the German and English for family members and friends as well, some of which in German has a male and female version of the words. The list is below.

Mother- Mutter

Father- Vater

Brother- Bruder

Sister- Schwester

Cousin- Cousine (f)/ … (m)

Aunt- Tante

Uncle- Onkel

Nephew- Neffe

Niece- Nichte

Grandfather- Opa

Grandmother- Oma

We also discussed the word Friend- Freund (m) and Freundin (f)- however Tom described that a context would need to be given depending on where I would use these. Such as if I would mean a male friend or my partner/ boyfriend.

As always it was really interesting learning with Tom, I really enjoyed it. We’ll meet again tomorrow so expect more posts soon!