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Meeting 10 Finnish-German: beautiful view over tampere from Moro sky bar

Yesterday afternoon our small group had its last meeting. Originally, we wanted to go to the Näsinneula to do something typical for Tampere again. But unfortunately it opens frist on 8 May and we decided to go to Moro sky bar instead.

I hadn’t been there before, so the view over Tampere really flashed me. From above, you get a completely different feeling for the proportions of a city and where things are. For example, I was very surprised how close Lapinkaari (where I live) is to the train station as the crow flies, while Lapinkaari by the lake gives you the feeling of being at the other end of the city. For me, many new connections were made from above where something is located, so I am very glad to have been there once. After we ordered our cocoa and tea, Jasmin explained some basic things about ordering, such as the word “mukaan” for “to go” or the different sizes of a drink (medium-sized = keskikokoinen, small = pieni and big = iso).

Our conversations afterwards were, as always, varied. For example, we talked about work in the summer and also about the bachelor’s thesis in comparison to Finland and Germany. I found it very interesting that, according to Jasmin, the bachelor’s thesis in Finland only consists of literature research and interviews and surveys only come up in the master’s thesis. In Germany, on the other hand, it is quite normal to conduct surveys in the bachelor’s thesis, but it also happens that only literature research is conducted or the bachelor’s thesis is written in a company. Accordingly, the difficulty of the bachelor’s and master’s theses is not so different in Germany, but it is in Finland. We also talked about how different the job opportunities are for a person studying social work in Germany and Finland, since that is what Jasmin is studying. In this context wie also discussed the topic of care and the Youth Welfare Office, which is responsible for supporting families in Germany, but also for foster childs and adoption. Another topic we discussed was the topic of dentists, the costs of dentistry and how different the systems are in this area in Germany and Finland.

After our stay in the bar, we took a short detour together to Lidl and then said goodbye. Jasmin gave us a farewell cake with lingonberries (=puolukka) and wrote us a card, which I was very happy about and I find it very sad that our ten meetings are now over. In this sense, Each One Teach One fully met my expectations. I learned basic terms and concepts for food (like apple = omena, street = katu, sun = aurinko), cooked, baked and tasted typical Finnish things (korvapuusti, makaronilaatikko, munkki, etc.), saw a lot in Tampere (Pispala, Moro Sky Bar, Näsinpusito, etc.), listened to Finnish music, learned a lot about the cultures, reflected more on my own language and above all had a lot of fun! I hope to meet Jasmin and Chiara more often in my life, as I think we had a really great time together!

10th – Goodbyes

17th of May

Time really does fly, and we had our last meeting since I’ll leave on the 21st. First, we each said our take on how the course went, it was nice to know they enjoyed learning about my country’s culture, though it was noted how Portuguese is quite complex to learn in sparse meetings. From my part, I do feel like I managed to expand on what I knew not only about the language but also this country’s culture. A curiosity is how I was usually 5 or 10 minutes late since I failed to account the bus timetable beforehand, and Tiiu usually mentioned she’d probably be late she always arrived earlier. A prime example of stereotypical Finns’ punctuality and southern European tardiness. We talked about our plans for the summer, even delved into how driving schools work in each of our countries, before returning to chatting and noting how we take things a bit for granted in our home countries, like how I visited museums and such while here but back home I don’t really do that because I feel like they won’t go anywhere, much like they haven’t really checked out museums in Tampere. I hope that going back home I am able to keep my explore everything mentality, but for now I’m just really glad to have met Kaisa and Tiiu, it was nice to get to know them and to be in their group for this course.

10th meeting – the last one

Our last meeting took a place on 10th of May. It was a happy day to celebrate for Elisa because she has already finished her all classes at the University. Also, we are going to leave Finland soon so it was a nice opportunity to finish our meetings in a chill way. We met in Kulttuuritalo Telakka because there was a Finnish folk-music concert this day. The atmosphere was incredible! Random people were trying their best on the stage. We took a table close to the small stage. The concert wasn’t loud so we could talk properly. There were also playing some movies about folk-music on the big screen on the wall.

We went through a lot of the topics. We moved the theme of climate change, Finnish people, Polish people, behavior, lifestyle, education system and more and more. We shared our feelings about our staying in Tampere and how Finland looks like by our eyes.

I would never learn so many useful things about Finland if I wouldn’t participate in Each One Teach One. It was a great experience for us to meet Finnish family and spend a time with them. To learn their culture, language and habits. Thanks to Elisa we met people from Finland and we could see their point of view. We can say that we know Finland very well!

Hope that we will not lose our contact after we leave Finland and we will keep in touch!

Burritos and goodbyes, 10th meeting

On May 17th we had our last meeting. We decided to grab a bite in Bar Burrito and just enjoy each other’s company for the last time. The food was actually really good, I do recommend the place. The company was even better. This EOTO -course has been quite a journey and the best thing that came out of that is the friendship. I might not be able to speak fluent German, but at least I’ve learned a lot and now have a good basis on which to build. In my opinion that is good enough and I just need to continue studying.

Thank you Amelie, hope to see you soon somewhere 🙂


It was our last meeting, and Maristella’s last night here in Finland and time for us to say goodbye. The next day she was going to Spain for Christmas and new year’s eve. So logically we discussed about her experiences here in Finland and in Europe, and how nice this experience had been for all of us.

She had travelled a lot in Europe while living here in Finland and that was so inspiring for me! It’s funny even we live here close to these cities she visited, we keep them so obvious that we don’t usually travel there,  Norway or Iceland for example. We prefer warmer places. I’s definitely inspired to go to Iceland after all she told us.

This experience was great, I got to know so much more about  Brazilian and Latin American culture and also something new of Spanish culture. I also was able to improve my English and Spanish skills which were also my goals. However, the best thing was to get to know Maristella. She is such a lovely person, and I learnt a lot from her attitude.  I hope me and Ida are going to meet her again someday.


Christmas traditions and goodbyes

The last meeting was a week before Christmas. So we decided to listen to German Christmas songs, eat Christmas cookies and candies and drink some gluhwein. After listen to few Christmas songs we noticed that quite many were translated to Finnish too. We were listening songs from YouTube so there were music videos with the subtitles. We could easily follow the lyrics. There were a quite lot of words in the songs which no-one uses in real conversations. Theresa told us that it is because the songs are so old or the used forms fits better to the songs.

While eating cookies we talked about Christmas traditions. Some were just the same but there were some totally different. Christmas socks and leaving cookies or a shoe outside were traditions we do not have in Finland or at least not in our family. Weichnachtsmann is Santa Claus but the story behind it was a bit different than our Joulupukki :).

It was time to say goodbye and thank you. I really enjoyed studying German. We had a great teacher, a nice group and interesting lessons. I am happy that I took this course.