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Meeting at Cafe Europa

We met at the Café Europa on Friday. It was really  nice and glad to meeat and t each other, after busy week with many assignments.

We ordered some sweet drinks and drank them! I ordered non-alchol blueberry cider. It’s only 3 euro. (Sangria bottle is 18 euro)  And after drink our own, we tasted sangria which is mixed with fruits and alchol. It was so sweet and great, even for light drinker like me.




While drinking, we talked a lot using English. Actually Fernando is really nice english teacher for Tuija and me.  When I had wrong grammar or pronunciation, he always corrected my errors.

Also we talked about Halloween, because it was Halloween!!!!   Fernando said USA people really enjoy Halloween! It’s really diffrent from Korean culture. Actually Korean including me don’t enjoy Halloween a lot.  But American can have blockparties, where the whole family is all together and have fun.  I think Finnish people enjoy more than Korean:D So, this  was my first time enjoying Halloween party.  After meeting, I went to miami halloween party and I saw so many people decorating themselves with scary things.

Anyway, this day was so nice day for me. And I am looking forward to next meetings.


Friday feelings!

Today we met at the Café Europa. It was really refreshing to meet and talk, after a loooong, stressful week. We tasted some drinks and also translated some ingredients of drinks. It is really important to know, what do they include 😛



Now when we’ve been talking so much English, I’ve noticed that I should pay more attention to the pronunciation. Sometimes I talk really fast and the words don’t come out perfectly. Fernando is a great person to talk with, cause he notices immediately if I say something wrong. Like in my last post, when I was talking about hunting, I actually wrote “ haunting”. One wrong letter, and the whole meaning changes.

Few words for example:
Moose=Hirvi, Muse=Muusa
Hunt=metsästää, Haunt=kummitella
Course=kurssi, Curse=kirous

For me it’s easy to learn words by listening, but i also want to write them down, so i’ll get them correct. Like this, I remember them better. It is nice to hear also Korean, but for me even writing the words with Latin alphabets is difficult, not to mention the logographies. But I hope that I’ll be able to remember even few Korean words after this course =) In korean, the fluctuation has a bigger role in speaking, comparing to finnish.

Because it’s Halloween, it was one subject we discussed about. In USA people really love Halloween! They can have blockparties, where the whole family is all together and have fun. Of course the costumes are very important part of the celebration. Halloween is not so big thing in Finland, but in USA it sure does!

From thing to another, I’m used to say like “She doesn’t make a big number of that”. Today I learned that the better way to say this is “She doesn’t want to make a scene…” Once again, chance one word and the sentence is much better.

Now, have a great weekend everyone! 😉

Ramyun and gingerbread





Today we met in front of the Asian-market near railway station and went to buy some ingredients because today, we decided to cook! We first planned to make some Tteokbokki (떡볶이) together. It is made from soft rice cake and chili sauce. I was really looking foward to making the glorious white tteok together but once we arrived to the store, the saleslady told us that sadly all the tteok was already sold out and a new batch will arrive next week. while I was more or less heart-broken, Yooree suggested that  she could make some spicy ramyun. I haven’t had in a long time any korean-style spicy ramyun and we were all getting quite hungry so me and Shin hyun happily agreed. We bought some Shin Ramyun, tomatoes and then finally some gingerbread dough for the girls. I explained some facts about how finnish families spend their Xmas together and make gingerbread houses and eat a lot and receive presents. We also taked about halloween traditions and apparently koreans do not celebrate halloween in any way (except some random dance club halloween theme night). It is not popular in Korea and you wont see any Halloween decorations anywhere.

Later we arrived to Yooree’s place in Lapinkaari and had the shared kitchen for all ourselves. We baked, ate, talked and then baked, ate and talked some more. All in all, we spent time together today in total 5 hours and 40 minutes!

I had a blast today and ate so well! We already decided to make tteokbokki and maybe some sweet potatoes, not next, but the week after! awesome!



Halloween is coming..

Hello everyone !


I hope your Erasmus time is going great! I finally had my first meeting with my French buddy Ugo for Each One teach one course!

After visiting many countries such as Sweden, Norway, Estonia etc… I finally returned to Tampere!


I chose to do my each one teach one with Ugo because we know each other since the day we arrived. The fact that I already have French knowledge has been a real starting point in our discussion. But I really want to improve my skills and Ugo seems to be the right person!


Today we went buying our Halloween costume for Tuesday party and we really enjoyed that moment. We tried many costume and Ugo selected a Batman costume he’s childhood hero.

Ugo taught me words I forgot such as colours, and parts of the body and clothes translation:


Tête = Head

Chapeau = Hat

Pull = Sweatshirt

T-shirt = T-shirt

Ceinture = Belt

Pantalon = Pants

Chaussures = Shoes


Beside of it I was able to speak again using the different verbs I remembered:

Avoir and Être (To have, to be) and use it in different situation.


Avoir                                          Être

J’ai                                              Je suis

Tu as                                           Tu es

Il a                                              Il est

Nous avons                                 Nous sommes

Vous avez                                   Vous êtes

Ils ont                                         Ils sont

This a picture Ugo took about me wearing my future Halloween costume: I will be a Mexican guy and my mustache will look awesome!


After buying our costumes we went to McDonalds to get a coffee and talk about where exactly we were from and about our childhood.

Ugo was raised in a city 100km south of Paris and moved at the age of 10 to a city called Bordeaux in the south west of France. I already knew where it was because I lived in south of France for 4 months, in Montpellier, which is south too but on the east part of France.


We are looking forward to know more about each other but I already feel confortable again with French. Ugo mentioned me that we were gonna watch some French comedies and listen to some famous French bands and artists and I am very excited about it.