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Hockey Match

On saturday we went to a Hockey match. It was actually the first time I saw a sports match in person because I’m not a sports person. The match was between Ilves and Kalpa (Kalpa ended up winning 3-0 and I think that the Tampere people were not very happy about it). It was interesting but a little bit too long for my liking. Also I found very funny the girls dancing every time music was on, they even danced to commercials.

Hockey Match

Anyways, we did another list, this time about sports:

Ice hockey – jääkiekko – hockey sobre hielo
Soccer – fútbol – jalkapallo
Football – rugby – amerikkalainen jalkapallo
Basketball – baloncesto – koripallo
Swimming – natación – uinti
Tennis – tenis – tennis
Handball – balonmano – käsipallo
Ball – pelota – pallo
Racket – raqueta – maila
Stick – palo – tikku
Tracksuit – chándal – urheiluvaatteet
Sneakers – bambas – “lenkkarit” = lenkkikengät
Swimsuit – bañador – “uikkarit” = uima-asu

Hockey Match

Last Tuesday we went to watch an ice-hockey match at the Tampere ice stadium (Tappara against Ässät). For me, it was the first time that I saw an ice-hockey game, and I really liked the experience.
While we watched the game I explained them that in Spain we don’t have teams of cheerleaders like in Finland and in other countries, at least in small cities, and the sport that is most practiced is football, since Spain has various of the most famous football teams in the world, like Real Madrid and Barça. In Germany one of the sports that is most practiced is tennis, although football is also one of the favorites sports, and in Malaysia football is also the preferred sport. We also learnt some vocabulary related to ice- hockey in German, Chineese and Spanish.

English- German- Chineese- Spanish

(ice)Hockey – Eishockey-  曲棍球 (qugunqiu) – Hockey (sobre hielo)
Hockey stick – Eishockeyschläger- 曲棍球棍 (qugunqiugun) – Palo de hockey/stick
Game – Spiel- 游戏 (youxi)- Juego/partido
Tricot – Tricot- 经编 (jing bian)- Camisola
Team – Mannschaft- 队伍 (duiwu)- Equipo
Referee – Schiedsrichter- 裁判 (caipan)- Árbitro
Ice-skates – Schlittschuhe- 溜冰 (liubing)- Patines de hielo
Goal – Tor- 入球 (ru qiu)-  Gol
To play – spielen- 玩 (wan)- Jugar
Whistle – Pfeife- 哨子 (shaozi)- Silbar
Cheerleader- Cheerleader- 啦啦队 (laladiu)- Animadora

The final score was Tappara 3-4 Ässät. After watching the game we spent some time with people from another EOTO group who had also gone to watch the game; we took some pictures all together and went with them to the nearest bus stop to go home, since it was snowing and none had an umbrella…  We haven’t got used to the beginning of winter yet!

3rd meeting: Tappara-Ilves 8-1

This time we vent to see an ice hockey match as ice hockey is usually thought of as something that Finnish people just love. Also in my opinion it is such an important part of Finnish culture that I just simply had to take Fruzsi and Boti to see some.

We decided to go to see a match between Tappara and Ilves as they both are local teams from Tampere. In the beginning of the match I explained Fruzsi and Boti the basic rules of the game.

The match ended:


So, we were able to see lots of goals!

However, now when I think about it, I’m not quite sure, what did I actually learn this time. It was my turn to be a teacher, so perhaps I could have written down the rules to make them easier to follow? Maybe I should have given the written rules to Fruzsi and Boti before the match to make the game more understandable? Also, I wonder, if it would have been more exciting, if we had a team to cheer for?

Of Hungarian culture I learnt that there is snow also in Hungary in winter time and that kids use to  play ice hockey with each other outdoors. However, even so, hand ball is seen as the most popular sport in Hungary.


#8 Hockey

Hello everyone!

Ugo wanted to share with me his passion about hockey! So we decided to take tickets to

the Tappara hockey game against Kalpa.

Ugo is supporting this team because some French player plays there: Teddy Da Costa.

This was my second hockey game but a good opportunity for me to truly understand the

rules such as the offside, the faults, the face-offs situation, etc.


Here is the picture of the opening faceoff. The rink was almost full and there was a really

good atmosphere in there.

Below you can find some tips if you need to learn some French words about sports:

Game: match

Hockey: hockey

Ice hockey rink: patinoire

Player: joueur

Team: équipe

Ice: glace

Championship: championat

Schedule: calendrier

Play-offs: play-offs

The score: le score

To score: marquer

Goal: but

it’s all about sports..

Hello everyone !

On Thursday the 30th of November, Ugo and I went together in the city center and more precisely in Pyynikki Beach. Ugo has never been there and that is why I wanted to show him that place during the day because I find the view very beautiful.

After a beer we learned some vocabulary about the harbour and boats. Georg already had some knowledge about this but I was able to increase his vocabulary regarding harbour.

Harbour = Port
Boat = Bateau
Beach = Plage
Bridge = Pont
Cruise boat = Bateau de croisière
River = Fleuve
Sea = Mer

As well, while we were walking we spoke about our different main sports representend in our country. I mentioned that Skii is probably the most common sport in Austria. Regarding France, football (soccer) is still remaining one of the most important sport. Ugo’s favourite team is Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) but he is also a big fan of Bordeaux (the country he lives in).
Beside this Rugby is the second most popular sport in France and Ugo played it for almost 10 years. He says that rugby is a matter of family and it is especially popular in the south west of France.


Ugo’s main sport is actually Ice Hockey and to my big surprise he mentioned that hockey is becoming bigger and bigger in France. That means people tend to come watch the games. He is even playing right now in Finland in Orivesi (east side of Tampere).

Ugo spoke to me about sports rules in general :

Offside = Hors-jeu
Goal = But
Net = Cage
Pass = Passe
Penalty = Penalty
Yellow card = Carton jaune
Red card = carton rouge

I really enjoyed this day and we are looking forward to meet each other for some sauna night close to Lappinkaari.

Bye bye everyone !