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There was like a home-meeting

Yesterday I had my second meeting in our RUS-FIN group. I and Olga (the another member of our tandem) were invited in home Ranja . There was a very warm and cozy place. She has three cats. The cats are very friendly and I played and catch with them.
Ranja was cooking Karjalanpaisti (Karelian Stew) it’s the traditional Finnish food.  We spent a lot of time for conversation it was different topics about education in University, home cultures and habits and a little bit our plans for holidays. We found very interesting information about the Karelian language. In now time this language isn’t so popular maybe more part of cultures. One amazing fact that Karelian language is something a middle between Russian and Finnish.

9th meeting: at Ida’s place

This time Ida invited me to meet at her place – and that was a very interesting experience, among other things because I had never been to a studio apartment before. It is actually really nice; Ida told me this is the best floor plan she’d seen/experienced. Ahoul I maybe apply for a studio? Hmm… Not that a shared apartment is bad or anything, though.

Anyway, another thing that caught my attention was, of cause, the big bookshelf. Looking at it, I discovered Ida and I share another fantasy book series, though that one I simply read, not became a fan of.

And then coffee! – I learned some more about how to make espresso. For example, that teapot-like thing I sometimes noticed in shops but never understood what it was for turned out to be an espresso-maker. Shame on me, I didn’t know that.

Then Ida decided to show me her hometown via GoogleMaps, and then we both started showing each other the important locations in our life. It was fascinating, because not only we’re from different countries, but Ida is from a very small place, while my home city is huge, so it is like two different worlds!

We got so excited about GoogleMaps that we spoke Finnish for nearly two hours, until it was time for me to jump on my bike and ride home before it got too dark. Well, all Swedish next time!

3rd meeting

Today was my third meeting with Martina and Jenny.

Jenny told us about Cantonese pop music,it was intersting to listen music, but hard to understand words:)

eoto 3

Martina told us about her city Brno and show some popular sights.
Brno is the second-largest city in Czech Republic and it is a bit different than the capital of the country Prague.

This black strange sculpture is a clock and popular place for meeting in Brno.

The second is horse rider. It is gold sculpture of the man on the horse with really long legs:)


And also she show us her home universities