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#7. Well done, Have fun!

Good afternoon, dear EOTO family! Our city is getting more beautiful. This autumn charms drive me crazy… Besides school work and EOTO programme, me and Sebastjan are like fellow traveler who share week-day activities. Those pictures were taken together with my teacher. We always practice our language skills.


The last lecture was pretty intensive and informative. We started from checking my Finnish homework I mentioned in my previous blog post. I accurately translated 27 sentences at home and changed them from positive past tense to a negative one. Guess what? Sebastjan likes challenging me. He asked me to say the same phrase in Present Tense, Present Tense negative, Past Tense and Past Tense negative (which was my initial home task). It took me a long time but this was an excellent exercise where I got a chance to think and speak, rather than write and read. After all we moved to a text which was also a part of my homework. Currently, I can say without any doubt that I have lots of useful tools in my Finnish Grammar “suitcase”. I know Present and Past tenses, Personal Pronoun, Possessive Suffixes, Noun Cases, Consonant Gradation, Vowel Harmony and other small things which polished my language skills. It’s time to move on, isn’t it?! From now on we leave grammar behind and focus on speaking. Terrifying part is coming…

As for the Russian lecture, we covered quite a few topics because Sebastjan was in a mood! Autumn break made us more relaxed, or, to be honest, atmosphere was not hectic. (not a single soul in the building). We discussed following topics: Where and when you were born? Where have you been living/working? How old are you? Greetings. Time. Location. Let’s go to… and so on. It was a pure pleasure to build an entire conversation with my student who made a tremendous progress. After all we just kept talking in Russian like we used to have a common language. It was amazing!

I’m full of new ideas! Let’s see what’s on the agenda next time!

Cheers! Yuliya.


#6. Outside-TAMK meeting.

Hello, learners! How’s it going? I hope you found an interesting way to amuse yourselves during the autumn break! I definitely did, moreover, it was more like an “intensive work my socks off” week rather than “beer, sofa and movies” type of entertainment.

This time me and Sebastjan met in Demola premises. The keystone in every learning process is a change. New surrounding refreshes, I can say. It was a relatively short meeting but I had fun, as usual with Sebastjan!

At the beginning of lecture 6, my teacher gave me materials concerning Negative Past Simple Tense or Imperfekti Kielteinen. When I saw only one-side A4 page of rules, something inside me exploded with joy! There’s only 4 types of ending-formats which depend on type of the verb. Surprisingly, negative past tense is generated from infinitive form of the verb which makes my life so much easier! At the same time we repeated Imperfekti positive and compared it with the negative form with a help of some examples. At the end Sebastjan gave me the last portion of perfect morning mood – homework! Different people have different ways to perceive and learn information. Advice for all students: don’t hesitate to express your interests to your teacher. It might help both! So I mentioned once to Sebastjan that the best way I analyze and remember is writing. Visual memory is the best for me. So he decided to heed the request and to prepared a massive homework for me! It made me day and two evenings after!


As for Russian part of our lecture, I brought 4 pages of new vocabulary in picture. However, Sebastjan lost his energy or he was saving it for other daily adventures. We covered only a half of that in a fast and effective way. It was simple phrasing for proper introduction and some vocabulary expressing family, places and greetings. Sebastjan did very good! It seems that Russian language is getting more and more natural for my brilliant student.


Good lecture is a set a gained skills which are willingly used outside the classroom by independent leaning. That’s exactly what we did. Plevna, good beer, and Finnish style made me speak. We spent a decent amount of time actually building conversation in Finnish. Or at least for me it seemed like I produce Finnish sentences from my mouth! It was a good day!

 Terveisin Yuliya.