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Fourth meeting-hot chocolate, shoes, christmas market

This time we met at Espresso house in Stockmann to enjoy a cup of hot chocolate in a cozy atmosphere and lovely chat.

Since it was at the end of the semester we quickly changed the topic to exams, courses and expectations. After a while we decided that was enough time inside and went for a walk. We dropped by a shoe store and after that we decided to check out the newly open Christmas market. It brought nice holiday spirit and enjoyable time with my new friends.

Coffee and spanish

After work I headed to a cozy cafe – Wayne’s coffee to be clearer, to meet with Janica and Gabriela. We were supposed to learn Spanish.

Janica is local, from Tampere. The encounter with Janica was very funny; I did not realize she is already in the cafe, right in front of me on the queue and simultaneously I texted her to ask where is she. She texted back telling she is ordering a coffee and turned around which resulted in both of us laughing.

Furthermore, Gabriela is from Uruguay – from the same country as famous football players Edison Cavani and Luis Suarez. One interesting point about her hometown Riviera is the fact that it borders with Brazil, and instead of having border control in-between, the only thing that separates the two countries and the adjacent cities is a regular street which people cross for normal things like shopping or buying milk. Maybe Mr. Trump should take a trip to city of Riviera and learn about a cheaper border control option than multimillion fence.

Since my starting level in Spanish language was zero, we started learning the basics. As you might imagine, listening to the famous song “Despacito” didn’t give me enough knowledge to speak Spanish, so we started to learn for example how to say the basic sentences shown below:

My name is – Yo soy

How are you? – Como estas?

Goodbye – Hasta luego!

Bye – Chau!

I live in Tampere – Yo viva en Tampere

Good – bien


In conclusion, after the meeting with the girls I was excited about the learning process and I am looking forward for the next meeting to learn more about Spanish culture and language.

Hallo! Wie heißt du?

Today we had our third meeting. We met in Wayne’s Coffee for a hot chocolate and learning German. Christine and me were the teachers.

We started with introducing themselves and ask other persons of their name.

  • Wie heißt du? / Wie heißen Sie? (polite form)  -> What’s your name?
  • Ich bin …. / Ich heiße …./ Mein Name ist …. -> I am …/ My name is…


Than we went on with the asking how someone’s feeling and how to answer these question.

  • Wie geht’s? / Wie geht es dir? -> How are you?
  • Mir geht es gut. -> I’m fine.
  • Mir geht es schlecht. -> I’m not feeling well.


Then we learned asking where you come from.

  • Woher kommst du? / Woher kommen Sie? (polite) -> Where do you come from?
  • Ich komme aus Deutschland / Finnland / Frankreich. -> I come from Germany / Finland / France.

Our next topic were the numbers from 1 to 30.



After practising the numbers we learned them to say how old they are.

  • Wie alt bist du? / Wie alt sind Sie? (polite) -> How old are you?
  • Ich bin sechsundzwanzig (Jahre alt). -> I am 26 (years old)

Who wants to learn more German, here are two good blogs to learn at home:




The group learned very fast. Next time we will learn finnish.