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German-Chinese Meeting #9 Household & Living Conditions

In this session we were talking about the look of a typical Chinese or German Household and the living conditions.

Since I am in Finland, I unfortunately could not show the way my parents’ house looks, however, I taught them that especially in villages it is not uncommon that three or sometimes even four generations live in one house. Therefore, our houses have a lot of floors. Additionally, I taught them about German house-related vocabulary such as chair, table, bathroom, living room or kitchen. For the latter, it was very interesting that in Chinese households parties take place in the dining room near the kitchen as my group mate told me. I guess this also stands true to some German households, however, in my family, when there are parties, we go to the living room and expand a table there so everyone can take a seat so the kitchen is out-of-sight because of the mess during and after cooking and the dishes afterwards.

Considering the lack of space in China as it is reported by the media (especially in cities), I was surprised that my group mate’s family even has a small garden/porch and a balcony which is common for me coming from a tiny village. Otherwise, I was surprised that the living style is rather similar.

Overall a very interesting session!

Studying in library

On 5th of December I was with Suvi in library in city center and we serched for some German book. We wanted something easy so we found one book for children which was about building house. When we read it we usually understood meaning of the text but even if it was book for children there were lot of words we didn’t know. So we wrote up this vocabulary and translated it with dictionary in our mobile phones.

There are some words I wrote up:

  • neben – next
  • das Tollste – the greatest
  • vorher – before
  • die Treppe – stairs
  • gewachsen – grown
  • gemauert – brick