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10th meeting: Comparing Christmas markets


This was our last meeting and it took a place in Klubi where was hold a Design Market and in Tampere-talo where was hold a Christmas market sponsored by the local newspaper Aamulehti. The aim was to talk a little  about Finnish design, but also charity work as the market hold in Tampere-talo was a kind of a platform for different kind of common-good and non-profit organizations and hobby groups to talk about their agenda, but also to collect money to keep the activity going on.


We did talk about it how it is to be a designer or an artist in Finland and Hungary, how to make your living and if there is a possibility for grants. The way it works in both countries sounded quite a lot the same, even if it seemed that in Finland we have more small scale design brands – of which some are also known in Hungary, as I have learnt.

We did talk about form, shape and color of the design objects we saw, and we did agree that what we saw was not Finnish design, but kind of universal. Just something that is popular now and therefore produced.

I also learnt that in Finland we probably have more this kind of common-good organizations than in Hungary.


Thank you Fruzsi and Boti! Because of you this Each One Teach One -course was such a nice experience to me! I got this feeling that agreeing on what to do, scheduling the meetings, meeting, teaching & learning did work so well with you! And more importantly, with you learning was fun! It was a pleasure!



7th meeting: From days to seasons


This time around we met in Cafe Europa in the city center. Fruzsi had got this idea that we could teach each other days, months and season in our own languages. She had planed it smartly and she brought us these small cardboard cards to write on. This was such a good way to learn, because we were able to place things in different orders, compare them, play with them and take them with us when leaving.


For my surprise this meeting, which sounded very simple in the beginning, ended up being very interesting. First we did write down all the information and then compared them to each other. Even if Finnish and Hungarian are told to belong to the same family of languages, there just is not any resemblance when it comes to words.

Okay, it could have ended there, but then we started to wonder, why are the days called by the way they are. I had to admit that I had no any idea, why Monday is maanantai in Finnish. So, we started to Google this kind of information. I found out that maanantai comes from Swedish language and it refers to moon. So this time around, I did not only learn about Hungarian language, but also  about the origin of Finnish names for days and months.


Hetto means Monday, but it also means the beginning of the week in Hungarian.

We did conclude that szobath would come from a word Sabbath, which is a rest day according to Jewish.

Vasarnap means a market day.



For my surprise Hungarian names for months are very similar to English ones, as you are able to see in the following.

In Finland we have this kind of a song in which all the months and what happens in them are mentioned. Apparently there is one in Hungary too, so we did compare these songs too. For instance, in Hungary January is thought to be a month of storms.


According to the seasons we had this discussion, should winter or spring be seen as the first month of the year. We have not ended up to any conclusion yet. What do you think?


It does not really  matter how simple and small the thing to teach is. If you wonder and ask, question your knowledge and knowledge of the others, you will learn things that you did not plan to teach or learn, and it can unexpectedly be fun too.

Learning at the supermarket/szupermarket/Supermarkt :)

Sziastok! Hogy vagy? 😊

Our FIFTH meeting took place in the SOKOS supermarket. We walked through the supermarket and searched for food items, Flóra prepared for this meeting. I tried to speak every word and Flóra corrected my mistakes in pronunciation. Some words are quite easy to pronounce and remember and some are difficult to remember, because I cannot derive the words from languages I already learned.

Since Flóra do not speak Finnish as well, we decided always to check the Finnish labels in the supermarket to learn the Finnish word for these food items too. While strolling through the supermarket, we talked about the supermarket systems in our countries and compared these with the Finnish one. To give an example, in Germany and Hungary you can buy every kind of alcohol in the supermarket. We do not have any special alcohol store like Alko. But the difference between German and Hungarian stores in selling alcohol is that hard alcohol in Germany is usually locked in glass shelves. You have to ask an employee to unlock and hand over the bottle.

Next time we are going to do some shopping and Flóra can practice speaking in various places. And perhaps we will find some presents for Christmas 😊

Ach du grüne Neune! :)

For our SECOND MEETING, we decided to meet at TAMK, because I already had courses in the morning. We had lunch at the cafeteria and talked about our week and the Stockholm trip. Both of us went to the trip to Stockholm organized by CLINT and we met at the ferry. It was fun spending the first evening together with our friends.

I am going to help Flóra out with deepen her German skills in speaking. She already can speak German very well. At our last meeting, we talked a lot about us, our life in Germany/Hungary and our family. I told her, that I am already in the master’s degree and I am looking forward earning my own money, because my parents paid the largest part of my expenses during my study. While talking to her I used a typical German phrase “jemandem auf der Tasche liegen” which means to live on the expanse of somebody. Flóra told me that she understood what I wanted to say but she never heard it before. So, I prepared some typical phrases we usually use in Germany for our second meeting and explained them to her.

To cite a few examples, Germans use the phrase “den Faden verlieren” to tell somebody that they lose sight of what they are trying to do, e.g. a blackout in a presentation. I think in English you can say “lose the thread”. Or another example is “Ach du grüne Neune!“ which is an exclamation of surprise or astonishment. In English you say “Good grief!“ or „Gorblimey!“.

After I explained Flóra the German phrases we revised the vocabulary I learned last time.

At our next meeting we are going to cook some typical Hungarian food together. We haven’t decided yet which one, but I am really looking forward to it 🙂

Sibling languages trying to learn from each other.

Finnish and Hungarian are sibling languages so this should be easy right!

I wouldn’t say so. Our first meeting was at my place were we got to know each other and little about the language we were trying to learn. I learned that I was the real newbie here. Compared to these two lovely ladies Helga and Melinda, I haven’t ever said even a single word of Hungarian. So the first meeting was almost all about me trying (now remember trying) to learn the alphabet.

Hungarian alphabet has 45 letters and they are hard to pronounce. Especially for a Finn because some letters you have to smile. Like a lot. Now that’s unnatural for us. Most of the time Helga was telling me “YOU HAVE TO SMILE MORE!” and i tried to cringe my pretty mouth into a smile. After an hour or two I finally got most of them right and we moved to numbers.

(There would be a picture here with all the alphabet and numbers that I learned but the whole picture seemed to have only 4 pixels so it was unreadable.)

Numbers were a lot easier to get and I hadn’t too much trouble pronouncing them (maybe because I learned to smile more).  After this we challenged ourselves to a game of torpedo! Or laivanupotus in Finnish.

Spoiler alert: I won.

I’m really looking forward to our next meeting! Learning Hungarian was way more challenging and as fun as I have predicted.



11/12/2016 – 9th meeting Hungarian/French

Now, it is time for me to cook French Food!

For this meeting ont he 8th of December, we met in Pinja (my place) in the center of Tampere. Béla (my Hungarian flatmate) and me cooked a French cake called ‘Galettes des Rois’. It was quite difficult because we need special plates and specials ingredients but I think that they appreciated the results.

It is a very famous cake in France that we eat every year at the beginning of January and which is usually decorated with a crown. I put a lot of almonds because it is the main flavour in this cake.

During this meeting, we also talked about famous French deserts and how to cook them.


10/12/2016 – 8th meeting Hungarian/French

It is already the 8th meeting and we are almost at the middle of December!

This meeting was one of my favourite! We met for Rebeka’s birthday on the 10th of December in the West of Tampere. We had a lot of fun at this meeting because we try to pronouce hard word and it was quite difficult for the three of us.

Furthermore, we played some games but in English this time, with other friends of Rebeka. We also played the ‘Twister’ for a long time. We met Rebeka’s Finish roomate who was really nice.

Some word that I learnt at this meeting:

  • game: játék
  • cake: torta
  • present: jelen
  • candle: gyertya
  • friends: barátok
  • roomate: szobatársa


02/12/2016 – 7th meeting Hungarian/French

For this 7th meeting at the beginning of January, we met in Rovaniemi, Lapland. This meeting was only with Tamas in the Santa Claus’ Village.

Tamas was also with his brother and his brother’s girlfriend so it was quite interesting to discuss with more Hungarian people. We went to see the reindeers together and after that, when talked at the campfire place. We discussed about how they live together in Hungary and about their habits. We also talked about my habits in France so Tamas’ brother and his girlfriend discovered how I live.

I just learnt few words about Lapland today:

 – Reindeers: rénszarvasok
– Santa Claus: Mikulás
– Sled dogs: szán kutyák
– Habits: szokások
– Snow: hó
– Lapland: Lappföld


13/11/2016 – 6th meeting Hungarian/French

For this meeting, I went to Tamás’ place to discover a Hungarian dinner. We were five people: two French and three Hungarian (Xavier, Tamás, Rebeka, Klementina and me). They cooked “Chicken paprikash” and it was ready when I arrrived. I also tried Palinka: the traditional alcohol in Hungary.

This dinner was really good! I ate a lot but it was my favourite dinner in Finland! We talekd a lot and after, we ate crepes with nutella for the dessert.

Next time, I will cook French food but I don’t know what yet.



02/11/2016 – 5th meeting Hungarian/French

This week, we met at my place in Toas Pinja in the center.  There was not only Tamás  and Rebeka, but also Béla and a friend of Rebeka. They are  also from Hungary so I was the only French student with four hungarian.

This meeting was quite similar to the last one, but we spoke about food. They presented their traditional food, and they illustrated it with various pictures so it was easy for me to understand. Then, I chose a typical Hungarian food that they will cooked at the next meeting: chicken paprikash.

After, we talked about French food (galettes, coq au vin, quiche lorraine, ratatouille…) and I show them some pictures. At the same time, we shared a bottle of french wine to try because French wine are famous.

See you next time for the Hungarian dinner!02-11-2016