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26/10/2016 – 4th meeting Hungarian/French

Today, I meet Rebeka and Tamás in the MacDonald in the center to have dinner. It was a pleasure to see them because the last meeting was one month ago! In fact, we travelled a lot and we did not have time to see each other for Each one teach one.

During this meeting, we talked about French and Hungarian drinks. I learnt that Pálinka is a traditional fruit brandy which has different flavors like plum (‘szilva’ in hungarian), apple (‘alma’), pear (‘körte), apricot (‘barack’) and other flavors. They told me that Pálinka is considered as the national Hungarian drink. I was really impressed because Tamás knew a lot of things about this topic. Even Rebeka didn’t know all of these things that Tamás said!

After, I talked about French wines which are quite famous. Tamás knows some of them and he also knows a lot of things about French drinks in general. We talked about the various regions, the grapes, the cellars, and a little bit about the spirits. Finally, we spoke about how to serve wine in France. I know some things about this topic but Tamás taught me more while he is Hungarian! It was quite interesting.

I learnt few words:

  • Wine: Bor
  • Spirits: Szeszes italok
  • Soda: Szóda
  • Drinks: Italok
  • Grapes: Szőlő

27/09/2016 – 3st meeting Hungarian/French

During this meeting, I just saw Tamás in a café for 1 hour and a half, in the center of Tampere.

We talked about how to order something in a bar; for example how to order drinks and food. In fact, Tamás would like to work in a bar or a restaurant in the future so he wants to practice as much as he can. We built a whole conversation between customers of a restaurant and the waiter. Which questions the waiter should ask pose and the use of good sentences. Tamás is really good in French and he always tries to do his best. He learns very quickly!

Moreover, I learnt a lot of new words today!

  • Shop: Bolt
  • Car: Autó
  • Bicycle: Bicikli
  • Boat, ship: Hajó
  • Train: Vonat
  • Letter: Levél
  • Cellphone: Mobil
  • Market: Piac
  • Post office: Posta
  • Police: Rendőrségi
  • Fire station: Tűzoltóság
  • Ambulance: Mentő
  • Hospital: Kórház


And I also learnt two news verbs in Hungarian:


  • én csinalok
  • te csinalsz
  • ő csinal
  • mi csinalunk
  • ti csinaltok
  • ők csinalnak


  • én hivek
  • te hivsz
  • ő hiv
  • mi hivünk
  • ti hivtek
  • ők hivnek

’Az èn nevem Ariane’: My name is Ariane.

25/09/2016 – 2nd meeting Hungarian/French

For this meeting on the 25th of September, we met at Tamás’ flat in the north of Tampere. We talked about French and Hungarian movies, actors and music. Tamás and Rebeka also showed me on the computer the traditional dance of their country called ‘Csárdás’. It was interesting because in France we don’t really have a traditional dance. If you want to see how to dance the ‘Csárdás’, you can have a look on this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vKKM8J3y3G0

Rebeka was very interested in French movies and French actors. So we talked about the French movie ‘Intouchables’ or ‘Le Fabuleux destin d’Amélie Poulain’. And Tamás teach me about the basics in grammar (personal pronouns for example, basic verbs and basic sentences). I also learnt new words in Hungarian! It’s very interesting but still so difficult to pronounce all the words!


  • I am: Én vagyok     /     I am 22 years old: Én 22 éves vagyok
  • You are: Te vagy     /     You are 21 years old: Te 21 éves vagy
  • He / She / It is: Ő van     /     He is 25 years old: Ő 25 éves
  • We are: Mi vagyunk     /     We are Hungarians: Mi magyarok vagyunk
  • You are: Ti vagytok     /     You are strong: Ti erődök vagytok
  • They are: Ők vannak     /     They are kind: Ők kedves


New words – Clothes = Ruhák:

  • Coat: Kabát
  • Hat: Sapka
  • Sweatshirt, Jumper: Pulóver
  • Shocks: Sokk
  • Shoes: Cipő
  • Tee-shirt: Póló
  • Skirt: Szoknya
  • Sun: Nap
  • Flower: Virág
  • Ground, Earth: Föld
  • Mountain: Hegy
  • Wind: Szél
  • Rain: Eső
  • Snow: Hó
  • Tree: Fa
  • People, man, person: ember

15/09/2016 – 1st meeting Hungarian/French

Our first meeting was on the 15th of September. I met Tamás and Rebeka in my flat in the center of Tampere (TOAS Pinja). I was so excited to meet new people from another country.

I begin to learn the Hungarian alphabet (which is not the same as the French one), the numbers, the colors and some basics words of everyday life. You can read them at the end of my article. It was really interesting to meet them and to talk about different cultures.

During this meeting, we also played a Hungarian card game called ‘ZSÍR’. We had to play in team so I was with Rebeka and Tamás was with Béla (another Hungarian friend in my flat). Sometimes, card games are similar between different countries but not that time. So it was really interesting to discover the ZSÍR game.

My first impression of the Hungarian language is that it is really difficult to pronounce because it is not the same sounds than in French. There are forty-four letters in the Hungarian alphabet while there are twenty-six letter in the French alphabet.

The numbers in Hungarian:

  • 0 = nulla ; 1 = egy ; 2 = kettő ; 3 = három ; 4 = négy ; ­5 = öt ; 6 = hat ; 7 = hét ; 8 = nyolc ; 9 = kilenc ; 10 = tíz.
  • 11= tizen + egy ; 12 = tizen + kettő, etc.

Some basics words:

  • Good morning (before 10 am): jó reggelt
  • Good afternoon: jó napot
  • Good evening (after 7 pm): jó estét
  • Hello / Bye: Szia
  • boy: fiú
  • girl: lány
  • father: apa
  • mother: anya
  • dog: kutya
  • cat: macska
  • horse: ló
  • chicken: csirke
  • cow: tehén



  • white: fehér
  • black: fekete
  • red: piros
  • green: zöld
  • blue: kék
  • yellow: sárga
  • orange: narancssárga
  • grey: szürke
  • brown: barna
  • pink: rózsaszín
  • purple: lila


Food and drinks:

  • bread: kenyér
  • butter: vaj
  • ham: sonka
  • cheese: sajt
  • milk: tej
  • salt: só
  • pepper: bors
  • cucumber: uborka
  • tomato: paradicsom
  • apple: alma
  • pear: körte
  • pear: körte
  • water: víz
  • beer: sör
  • wine: bor


Other basics words:

  • chair: szék
  • bed: ágy
  • table: asztal
  • window: ablak
  • door: ajtó
  • fridge: hűtőszekrény
  • microwave: mikrohullámú sütő


Basic discussion:

  • Hogy vagy? (How are you?
  • Jól, köszönöm. és te? (Fine, thank you. And you?)
  • Szívesen. (You’re welcome)

First meeting and all we do is win

Our first meeting took place at Public Corner, a pub that hosts a music quiz every Tuesday. We thought it would be  a good place to start the course. Before the quiz we got to know each other and talked about our lives. We also set up the dates for our next nine meetings. I must say, we have a lot of fun things planned up!

When the quiz started we tried our best to translate the questions, that were in Finnish, to Olivia and Zsofia. We also talked a  little about Finnish music when they played it during the quiz. Everyone had good answers for the questions and to our delight we won the quiz, yay! As a price we got 9 € gift cards for Public Corner. We were all pretty hungry after the quiz so we decided to use them right away.

As we were waiting for our food we discussed the food prices in our home countries and also learned some Finnish and German vocabulary.  After eating the food we all went home happily with our stomachs full.

Until next time!


pre-Christmas party @tamko office


On December 4, Mari and Joonas and I participated in pre-Christmas party held in tamko office. We intended to gather in the tamko office around 17:00, and I left the house. But I got on the No.25 bus for some reason, and arrived at Prizma when I noticed it. Yes, I got on wrong bus when I changed a bus. I was what stupid! I could choice that I did shopping, but I came back to the main street hastily and got on an regular bus, because I passed the meeting time.

Anyway, I got at tamko office around 18:30, and Mari and Joonas have already arrived there. Then, Germany and Japanese friends gather, too. So firstly, we played cards in all the member.

I was very happy that I could eat some snack or juice during we played cards.


The game that we played first is called ‘murder game’. I was taught it from Joonas, recently, it’s a popular among me. This game’s rule is that first the using cards is K, Q, J and other number cards (1,2,3,and so on), and also means that “K = police, Q = spy, J = murder, and other number cards = citizen”. A person who is a narrator distributes one card to all the members. And finally if several some people could find out ‘’murder”, the entire member except the murder are winner. But if they couldn’t find out the murder or police is killed by murder, murder is winner. It is very strategic game because they don’t know who has which cards each other and can tell a lie. So that’s so interesting!!!


The most of that day, we played cards. I enjoyed the pre-Christmas party because we could have chat not only usual partners but other partners.

P.S. The Hungarian traditional liquor was very strong. But it was so delicious!!

kiitos 🙂