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Korean tales and crabs

After such a long break, finally we met. This was about Korean reading. Girls brought me a couple of Korean tales and songs. They were for children and quite funny. And about a young crab and his mother! You can see a very cute illustration below. Anyway, that was a very good practice pronunciation. Still my reading skill is too bad, I’m orientating in hieroglyphs not as good as I wish. Well, will train more.

nice korean session

Two days after first meeting, on last Thursday we had first Korean lesson.

In group we decided that it would be better if girls teach me the language not simultaneously but alterating. Following such concept, studying will be easier for everybody.

Honestly, my first Korean session was amazing. I mean, it was mind blowing of course, but still great.

Jihee was discusing the korean alphabet its pecularities and pronunciation.

Quite hard. sometimes I just do not see the difference between some vowels, but desperately trying. Nevertheless, I discovered that some sounds in russian and in korean are absolutely the same! And this simplifies spelling them.

Also Jihee showed me different matches of vowels and consonants and the sounds they produce together. And she presented the concept of writing. Depending on a symbol its writen right or down.

korean alphabet