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Match night!

For our 9th meeting we decided to go to an ice hockey game. It was really exciting!

This game Tappara (Tampere) played against Kookoo (Kouvola). At the beginning it was really exciting because it was 0-0 for quite a long time, but at the end of the first part Tappara scored the first goal. Tappara stayed in the lead for the whole game and won with 3-0.

In my home country ice-hockey isn’t popular at all. I don’t know anyone who plays or played it. But I have to say that I really like watching ice-hockey, because it’s really exciting and there is a lot of action. Popular sports in my home country are soccer, hockey, volleyball and ice-skating.


During the breaks we talked about sport related words in our languages:

English Finnish Dutch
Ice-hockey Jääkiekko Ijshockey
Sports Urheilu Sport
Match Ottelu Wedstrijd
Referee Tuomari Scheidsrechter
Goal Maali Doelpunt
Ice skates Luistimet Schaatsen
Helmet Kypärä Helm
Captain Kapteeni Aanvoerder
Goalie Maalivahti Keeper
Team Joukkue Team
Field Kenttä Veld/baan
Opponent Vastustaja Tegenstander
Hockey stick Jääkiekkomaila Hockey stick
Baseball Pesäpallo Honkbal
Skiing Hiihto Skiën
Soccer Jalkopallo Voetbal

8/ Ice Hockey

Because we like done various things and as I said before, we like learned our culture but also discover together the Finnish culture. So we decide to meet in the Ice Hockey stadium to watch a match of the Tampere’s team : Tappara. Our seat was really nice because we were high so we can see everything !

During the break we tried finnish food and enjoyed to look the supporters of Tappara playing, dancing etc.

It was my first hockey match so I didn’t know the rules or nothing so I asked Xavier because he went already there. So I learned some basics, enough to understand the game.

We really enjoyed the match and we were absolutely focused on it. I loved the atmosphere with competition but not too much, the music and everything ! I discovered a new sport and I think that it’s one of my favorite because I enjoy watching it, it was not boring. During the breaks, we also talked about the sport in our country.
For example, which sport we prefer or which team we support. I explained that in Paris, when you are a supporter of the team against Paris-Saint-Germain and that you are in the stadium, you really need to be careful because the fan can be mad with you and go until the fight.

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The Last Time

The last time we met with Bryan was again in café Kahvilla. Which I still recommend to everyone. Great food and even greater guests. And drinks.

This last time we talked what we have learned and I had prepared this very fancy hand-written test to Bryan with questions concerning Finnish foods, words and ice-hockey. He even remembered Tappara when asked teams from Tampere. Well done!



Before going to my exchange (where I already am) I took this language test for Erasmus and I chose Dutch as I think my English will not get any better while here. And I didn’t do half bad:


To be honest, Dutch vocabulary is quite easy to guess if you have basics in German but not to pronounce. But it helped a lot to take this course before going for my exchange. I recommend to others to do that too if they don’t speak the needed language already.

Hockey time, the 9th meeting

We had our 9th meeting on May 2nd. After thinking which topic we hadn’t covered yet we came to the conclusion that we might need to go through some vocabulary regarding sports. The World Cup of ice hockey was just going on, so we decided to watch a game. We watched the match France against Germany. Luckily Germany won in the end.

I have never been into sports and therefore I noticed I might need to improve my vocabulary about sports also in English. However, we managed to cover the basics to be able to talk about the topic. I’m not quite sure if I taught the correct terms in Finnish, as ‘pakki’ is more of a slang word than the correct one ‘puolustaja’. But at least I tried.

Let’s watch Hockey

What is probably the most Finnish thing you can do? – watch a nice match of Hockey. As the World Cups is now going on and we didn’t want to leave out the German part of our EOTO we watched Germany against France on the 2nd of May. As both of these countries are not the most famous Hockey nations the game ended with a rather unspectacular 1-2 for Germany. But at least we won with a exciting last minute goal in the end of the third period. 😉 Ice hockey will never be the most exciting sport for me to watch  but every now and then it is nice.

Ice Hockey game

A couple of weeks ago the national ice hockey competition ended with Tampere in the finals. It was too bad because our city lost from Oulu and it has been like this for a couple of years in a row now.

After our last meeting we talked a bit about this topic and my partner suggested to watch a game of the World Championships in an authentic Finnish bar. So we went to a pub called Amadeus because they were showing the game between Finland and USA on big screen.

We arrived a bit earlier so we could order our beers and discuss the rules of ice hockey.

  • There are six players of each team. Five on the ice and one in the goal.
  • There are three periods of 20 minutes.
  • If a team commits a penalty, the game continues with one player less of that team for a couple of minutes.
  • It is allowed to touch the puck with your hands or skates on condition that it is for your own benefit.

The game started slowly, but it was obvious that the team from USA led the game. They made the first two goals in the first period. In the second period Finland made one goal. When USA scored their third goal, Finland was losing hope. They changed tactics and even the goalkeeper played on ice for a while. At the end we lost the game with 5-1.


Spoken Finnish

The third meeting with Bryan was in TAMK Y-campus. And this time it was my turn to teach some Finnish to Bryan. He is taking Finnish lessons in TAMK like many other exchange students are doing, so we needed to think what to cover during our lessons. And the first thing that came to mind was that Finnish spoken language is very different from written language that is taught in official classes.

We went through some basics like

Minä olen = mä oon (I am)

Sinä olet = sä oot (You are)

Hän on = se on (He/She is where actually most Finns use word “it” instead of formal “hän”)

And so on…

We also had some vocabulary considering Tampere like

Manse = nickname for Tampere that is a short version of Manchester as Tampere is viewed or at least was viewed the city of working class like Manchester in England

Hakamettä = Hakametsä, the name of icehall in Tampere

And then I told him something about two ice hockey teams in Tampere. It is very very important sport here. And btw, today will start the finals of Finnish national hockey league and Tappara from Tampere will be playing! So find yourself a nice pub to watch a game and cheer for Tappara!

The Finnish language in Tampere

This session was about the Finnish dialect in Tampere. I’ve been in a basic Finnish course for a couple of weeks, but I’m still not able to understand the locals in Tampere. The reason is because people speak with a strong accent. Satu suggested to have a lesson about the local language.

Summary of spoken language

Spoken language Written standard language English
Mä(ä), Sä(ä) Mina,sinä Me, you
Meijän, teijän, heijän Meidän, teidän, heidän Ours, yours, their
sano sanoi (someone) said
Sä(ä) meet Sinä menet You’re going
Ne/noi menee He menevät They’re going
Mull on Minulla on I have
yks yksi one
kaks kaksi Two
viis viisi five
sori anteeksi Excuse me
Sori Tampereen pääpoliisiasema The head of police station in Tampere
tattis kiitos Thank you
hakamettä Hakametsän jäähalli Ice hall
pölliä varastaa To steal
Ei sen välli sopia Agree
Riapoa Kiukuttaa Irritate
Tosso Tuossa on hyvä Here you are


Some facts about Tampere

Nickname: Manse, Manchester of the North

Population: +/- 220.000

Students: +/- 35.000

Tampere was founded by Gustav III of Sweden in 1775

Ice hockey: there are two important teams in Tampere: Tappara and Ilves

let’s go Ilves

This time we met us in front of the ice hockey stadium Tampere, the home of the hockey team Ilves. It was a perfect day to watch a game of Ilves because they won easyli with a 4 to 1. According to the final score also the atmosphere in the stadium was stunning.


The timeouts between the thirds gave us the opportunity to talk about the ice hockey rules so that we  could better understand what is going on on the fild and chet a bit about sports in general and our favorite sports.

9 in 1 – New record in visiting museums

On sunday I met with Laura to enjoy the benefits of Tampere birthday events. Many museums were for free or discounted, so we decided to do a museum-tour and get to know some finnish culture.

When it comes to finnish culture, the mommins shouldn´t be missed out, of course! So we started in the mommin museum. Actually, I have never heard of the mommins before I came to Finland, but at first sight I fell in love with this little neat figures. Laura explained a few characters of the mommins and the person constellation in the mommin world. In the meantime she explained it to me i also learned some words in finnish, like “meri” (sea) and the different seasons.

After that, we went to vapriikki, where we only had to pay 2 euros to visit all of the museums there, which were about 8 of them! Exactly: Aphrodite museum, Ice-hockey museum, Tampere Civil War museum, Tampere history museum, Innovations museum, Tom of Finland museum, another museum from a famous drawer whose name I don´t remember, and the posti museum.

As Laura is a big ice-hockey fan, she could tell me a lot about famous hockey-stars in Finland and some historical events. She also told me about the never-ending fight between the two hockey teams in Tampere, Tappara and Ilves and that I have to decide on which side I am.


I also get to know Tom of Finland in a museum, who is a famous drawer in the queer scene. I didn´t know him before, but Laura told me that he is very famous all over the world. There are even some stamps from him, which are very controverse and lead to a debate in Finland. They were also wondering, what will happen, when they send letters to Russia with a gay actor showing his back on the stamp. But apparently nothing serious happened.

All in all, I didn´t learn many new words in finnish on this day, but I learned a lot about the history of Finland. Especially in the museum about the civil war and the history of Tampere.

At the end of the day, I realized that we have spent almost 5 hours in museums and visited 9 different museums in one day! That is an absolute all-time record for me!