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6. More Finnish at Tamk

Today we met at TAMKs library. We decided to focus first in Finnish because last time we used English almost all the time. Färhad had text from Finnish course and we used it to start our conversation. I asked questions from there and Färhad answered in Finnish. Questions subject were culture in work. In the picture is questions what we used. We also talked about weather in Finnish. Färhad was speaking really good and he noticed his own mistakes for example the difference between words huone and huono. I think as a teacher I’m better if I compare myself to the first meeting because now my spoken English is much better what it was in the beginning.

After the Finnish part we went to eat and then we continued with English. I told what I’m doing tomorrow and why I wanted to go to Ideapark tomorrow but I can’t anymore. Färhad asked some questions about travelling and I answered to those. I told where I want to travel, where I wouldn’t travel and which country I most like. I told about McLeod’s Daughters series and that I want to go to the place where it is filmed. McLeod’s Daughters is filmed in Australia. And the country what I like most is Iceland! I have goal to get my speaking English more fluent than before and little by little I’m getting there. I still have small pauses while I’m speaking because I forgot what I was saying or I don’t remember word but it isn’t that bad what it was when we started. I just have to keep speaking to learn it.

We will see next time on Sunday. We didn’t plan next meeting but I think we will figure out something. 🙂


Casual meeting

So today we had  a casual meeting right here without even leaving our building! Lazy morning but it was about time to learn some new German stuff!

I told her about my trip to Iceland this summer and we came up with some words to translate and phrases to learn. Here we have some:

Laguna azul – Blau lagune                Cascada – wasserfall
Volcán – vulkan                                       Hielo – eis
Géiser – geysir                                          Olor fétido – stinkenden geruch

Also we did talk about our time here and how it has affected us, we both agree  that this is an amazing personal experience. Many years ago the erasmus experience was much more special, but now-a-days it is more reachable for everybody, which is good, but less special.

And this is a picture I took back in Iceland 🙂