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Meeting #9: Important Days / Holidays

For this meeting we decided to speak about the important dates of our home countries.

Mexicans have a lot of important/holy – days. We like to party and take the day off work or school on those kind of days.

What i learned from Marie are the most important days in France. Such as:

  • The first Holiday is January 6th , it’s called Epiphany. It’s actually a Christian feast day where French celebrate the revelation of God incarnate as Jesus Christ, with the visit of the Magi. During this time, they eat “la Galette des Rois”. Inside the cake, you have a piece and the one who found it is the King or Queen.
  • After, they celebrate the 14th of April, who is “Vendredi Saint”. It’s also a Christian feast, who is commemorate the crucifixion of Jesus Christ and his death. It’s the Friday preceding Easter Sunday. On April 16th , they have “le Dimanche de Pâques” for the resurrection of Jesus from the dead. And on the 17th of April, they celebrate “le Lundi de Pâques” who is the day after the Sunday of the resurrection of Jesus.
  • Then on May, the  first of May, they have as in a lot of country, the Labor Day. On May 8th, they celebrate the end of World War II in Europe and the winning in front of the German in 1945. The 25th of May, they have “l’Ascension”. It’s another Christian feast 4 days after Easter, it’s the last meeting of Jesus with his apostles, and his ascension into heaven.
  • The 4th of June, they have la “Pentecote”, Christian too, it refers to the descent of the Holy Spirit upon the apostles. On July 14th , they have the Nationale feast also called Bastille Day to commemorate the Storming of the Bastille that took place on July 14th, 1789.
  • The 15th of August is “l’Assomption”, the celebration of Mary the Virgin, the Mother of Jesus.
  • The first of November, they have “La Toussaint”, commemoration of the Dead.
  • On November 11th, they have the “Armistice 1918”, celebrating the end of the World War I, between Allies and Germany.
  • And finally on the month of December they have Christmas during the 24th and 25th.

Some of our holidays are quite similar, since most of French and Mexican people are Christians, though it’s important to mention that we celebrate some of those important dates a little bit different.