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First French-Finnish meeting

I met today (8th March) with Joona for our first meeting. We decided to meet up at my flat and our meeting lasted about two hours. 1h during which I was learning Finnish and 1h to teach French.

For the learning session, I had two main objectives; I wanted to learn about negative sentences in past tense, with some new verbs and vocabulary as well as help me with my Finnish language exercises. It was great to have him to teach me all of these because now I feel more comfortable speaking in the past tense and I understand the grammar a lot better. Furthermore, having him to help me with my homework was really nice as he explained me the lessons with his own words and helped me understand the exercises.


– For the teaching session, Joona wanted to learn the basics at first. We started by the alphabet. That was a really fun moment because even if it is almost the same as in Finnish, the pronunciation is a lot different. I enjoyed teaching it to Joona! We helped ourselves with the “alphabet song”. In addition, I taught him the numbers until ten and used pictures that “explained” the pronunciation using phonetics. It was really useful!

At the end of our 2h, Joona showed me a video of a stand up comedian making fun of the Nordic countries, and explaining how Finland is different from the other Northern countries. It was a really nice moment and I learned something about Finnish culture!

This was a great session because we started by setting goals for this meeting and we managed to do everything we wanted to 🙂 Really looking forward to our next meeting next week!


Hong Kong, my home


We have a small group, consist of 3 different nationality — Czech, Russian and Hongkongese. In this meeting, it is more about getting to know each others and an Introduction of my home, Hong Kong. I am sure a lot of people have hear about it, but not much people know where is it and the relationship of China. I have share about some current issue we have been facing for year , for example, the sub-divded flat or extreme Gini coefficient.

I am happy to share these problems  to my group, as most of the people only know about how beautiful of our city. It is an opportunity let myself to think about these problems, even I have been study aboard more than a year. Moreover, it is really interesting know about how other countries perceived their priority. Even in different countries, family is always important.

I am looking forward for the next meeting, it gonna be so much fun. 🙂