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Itsudemo and dialects


We decided to spend our eighth meeting in a Japanese restaurant. Maruseki has always been my favorite Japanese restaurant in Tampere but as it is quite expensive we decided to choose another place. We went to a new sushi restaurant called Itsudemo. I was heard that there is very delicious sushi and as everyone in my EOTO-group loves sushi we decided to go there.

There was a sushi buffet but as no one of us were really hungry each of us decided to order only a few bites of sushi. Food was very delicious!

At the same time when we enjoyed our food we started to talk about dialects (both in Japan and in Finland). That was the first studying time we didn’t make any special notes and because of that our conversation went more fluently than before. I noticed that notes are not always necessary in studying. Before this meeting I didn’t know anything of Japanese dialects but now I learnt something. We gave some examples of different dialects in Finland. It was quite funny!

Sushi meeting


Our seventh meeting was at Kurumi’s place and she taught us to make sushi. I was always wanted to learn make sushi so I was pretty excited! That was the fourth meeting we spent with cooking or baking and that’s why this meeting was quite similar to our previous meetings.

We made maki rolls and I guess that was a good choice because I have heard that nigiri sushis are much more difficult to make. I have always loved sushi but that was the first time I made sushi. Learning was quite easy beacuse I had a very brilliant motivation to learn! Before this meeting I thought that making sushi was much more difficult but now I learnt that I was totally wrong. Now I can also make sushi all by myself!

This kind of practical learning was suitable for me because I needn’t to understand every single word in English. I could just watch and “imitate”!

Japanese food


Our third meeting was at Kurumi’s place in Tesoma. She taught us to cook Japanese food. First we made okonomiyaki. It is Japanese-style savory pancake what is containing the customer’s choice of chopped vegetables, bits of meat, seafood etc. It is fried on a hot plate and brushed with spicy sauce.

That was the very first time I tasted okonomiyaki and I really loved it. It was a great pleasure to learn to cook it.

We also cooked miso soup. It was a familiar food for me (because I am a huge sushi lover and it is a common appetizer in sushi restaurants).

Kurumi also taught us to make delicious Japanese-style dessert. I really liked it because Japanese desserts are not so sweet as Finnish desserts. We drank Japanese green tea.

Before this meeting I couldn’t cook any of those foods that we made. So I learnt many new things during this meeting! That was much more relaxed way to learn new things than normal studying.

With love,


5th double EOTO meeting at Ada’s place

After school on 10.11, we gathered at Ada’s place to share some Japanese culture. While we were waiting for other members, Ada and I were playing/studying Japanese learning purposed Nintendo game. Ada remembers Kanji very well although she was so generous.

We spoke sometime  in Finnish as well. We cooked Japanese curry together with Nao. When the food is ready Toni arrived to Ada’s place. We were talking about how Japanese people are interested in Finnish culture and  I gave some tips for visiting Japan.

This was not for learning language but for sharing culture thus it was good for fun I thought. Maybe next time I would like to study Finnish more. Time flies! We have only 5 times left 😮

Num num curry...
Num num curry…
Ada study Kanji(Chinese character) with Nintendo.
Ada study Kanji(Chinese character) with Nintendo.

FIN – JAP 6th meeting

We, Toni and Ada and Ryoko had a meeting at Ada’s place on 10th Nov. Thursday and made Japanese Curry rice!!

Ada and Ryoko are doing E1T1, too. Their level is very advanced, Ada speaks Japanese like real Japanese girl and Ryoko speaks fluent Finnish. What I love is sometimes Ada even uses Osaka direct, which is Ryoko and I use always.

We talked a lot, about school and plans for exchange and all. Curry rice was amazing, Ada’s place was beautiful, it was such a brilliant meeting we had.

Also we ate Natto(納豆), Ryoko loves it and I love it, couldn’t eat much because was so full with curry rice though, then Ada said it was okay, Toni seemed hate it already. But I’m pretty sure if you try it two more times, you’ll find yourself eating it almost everyday.

I should have taken more pictures but you can check out how great the curry was on Ada’s post.

It was freezing cold outside at that night, I profoundly felt that I am in Finland!


18.9 First meeting with Japanese and Finnish pancake :9

Ada visit my place in Hervanta at 15:30. We enjoyed Okonomiyaki which is Japanese style of pancake and Finnish pancake for dessert. We divide time in 2 at first, we spoke in Finnish in first 20min. We spoke in Japanese in second 20min.

Here is what I learnt
Mihin aikaan bussi tulee?=Milloin bussi tulee?
From what time the bus come?=What time the bus come?
Kauanko olet ollut Suomessa? How long have you been in Finland?
Kauanko olet Suomessa? How long you are in Finland?
Precise tarkka
more precise tarkeampi
most precise tarkin

Etko mennut kouluun? Didn´t you want go to school?
Etko mene Kouluun? Don´t you go to school?

Also we started to exchange diary. I wrote first diary in Japanese and Finnish and Ada will check my Finnish and correct it for me next time(However Ada checked my Finnish already in a diary though) 😉

My Japanese diary
My Japanese diary
My Finnish diary
My Finnish diary

Sushi party

For this meeting, we took a rest from linguistic part of learning, and focused on part of japanese culture instead. In my home country, I´ve been avoiding “strange” food, such as sushi. I admit that I am conservative in many ways, and food is one of them: I will prefer well-tested food before something new (when I tried something new, it almost always ended up in “tried that-never more” category). However, this time I told myself, that there is no better time to try sushi, than at sushi party, during my erasmus stay, as a part of my studies about Japan in Finland 😀

So, after I came to Lapinkaari, I received japanese chopsticks o.o This was quite unexpected, but thanks to my previous experience with those, I managed to use them fairly  B-) There were more types of sushi, so I started with the less exotic looking ones. And to my pleasant suprise, it was not bad at all! I tried other types and all of them were tasty. Yuki and her japanese friends did simple, but good sushi. Even when fish is not my favourite meal, I was satisfied.

Another new thing I tryied there, was wasabi, very spicy green japanese horseradish. With my poor tolerance of spicy food, I only hoped that it is not THAT spicy. Well… I survived and earned another real life EXP 😀 (but yeah: “tried that-never more”).

Except for all this, we had a good time during party, and despite the fact I´m not used to attend parties so much, I´m glad that I was invited and joined.

Cooking Japanese Food

On the 10th and last EOTO meeting with Yuki we cooked Japanese food at her place. The first plan was to cook Japanese rice curry but we also made some (instant :D) soup and drank Japanese ginger chai tea. Itadakimasu!

Curry rice was delicious!
Curry rice was delicious!

riisi = rice = gohan
curry = curry = karee
peruna = potato = jagaimo
porkkana = carrot = ninjin
sipuli = onion = tamanegi

Instant but tasty and handy (got six of these as a gift) :3
Instant (soup) but tasty and handy (got six of these as a gift) :3
Cute tea package! Need to find Lupicia shop in Japan. :D
Cute tea package! Need to find Lupicia shop in Japan. 😀

After our feast I helped Yuki to translate old Finnish exam.

The exam with some trick questions
The exam with some trick questions

I enjoyed our EOTO time with both Yuki and Marius. I learned much more Japanese and were able to teach some Finnish also. Our preliminary plan was quite pretentious so was not a surprise that we did not achieve all our goals. 😀 The best part of this course was to meet new awesome people!