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Zalig kerstfeest!

We spent our final meeting in a Christmas spirit baking gingerbread (pipari) and Christmas pastries (joulutorttu) while listening to Christmas music. We made both pipari and joulutorttu from frozen doughs to save some time. I have never made either of the doughs myself and it is quite common to use frozen doughs for pipari and joulutorttu.


With pipari, all you have to do is to roll out the dough and cut it with a different Christmas themed molds and then bake it according to the instructions in the package. After the piparis have cooled down you can decorate them however you like. We made two different icings. One was icing sugar mixed with lime juice and the other was icing sugar mixed with my grandmother’s homemade rasberry-redcurrant juice. On top of the icing we put a few peppermint flavoured chocolate candies.




One batch of piparis accidentally burned but luckily we had enough dough to make more 😊



When making joulutorttu, you first need to cut the frozen puff pastry into squares. When the dough has melted a little you need to make diagonal cuts into each corner and lift up the corners like in the photo. Then you can choose a marmelade that you like and place it on top. Traditionally joulutorttu is made with plum jam. We used plum jam and apple-cinnamon marmelade.




While enjoying our piparis and joulutorttus we taught each other some Christmas related words.



Unfortunately all good things come to an end at some point. I learned a lot about the Dutch culture (and food) and some phrases and words to amaze people with. I also liked teaching Finnish and things about Finland and Finnish culture. This course was better than I ever imagined and huge thanks for that go to my pair Jocelyn!

Baking Time!!! (17/12/2016)

This time we decided to go to the pre-Christmas event organized by Tamko, where we could bake the traditional Finnish pastries called Joulutorttu! (I’m not sure whether the spelling is right or not.) We met at Tamko and started our baking! Firstly, we shaped the materials into square and did them into windmill. Then we added the delicious jam, but for me it’s a little bit sour.

While waiting for baking, we talked a lot about the Christmas food in different countries. In China, we usually do not celebrate Christmas, so we don’t have traditional food. Because Christmas is not an official festival for us, and the Spring Festival is the most important one. And we also talked about karaoke, because we noticed that in Finland we didn’t see it. But we do like karaoke in festivals’ time. If we have chance, I really want to go there together with them!

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Then we learned about how to say months in both Chinese and German. It was an interesting time with friends!

English Chinese German
January 一月 Januar
February 二月 Februar
March 三月 März
April 四月 April
May 五月 Mai
June 六月 Juni
July 七月 July
August 八月 August
September 九月 September
October 十月 Oktober
November 十一月 November
December 十二月 Dezember