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Kahvilassa / En la cafetería

Study material provided by Ani.

For the 4th meeting, we had to split up our EOTO group to meet up at a different time that was suitable for everyone. Therefore, last Thursday (22.10.15) I met up with Sofia, Jenna and Ani at Pala Cafe located in Siperia Finlayson. It was befitting that Ani prepared for us a list of sentences in English, Finnish, Spanish and German to use in a coffee place.

For example:

Saisinko espresson/mustan kahvin/maitokahvin?
Un café exprés/un café solo/un café con leche, por favor.

Tekisittekö minulle kinkku-/kana-/metvursti-/juustovoileivän?
¿Podría hacerme un sandwich de jamón/de pollo/de salchichón/de queso?

Through this, we talked about using polite forms in Finnish, used when talking to the elderly or when you want to be really polite, e.g. tekisittekö (could you please make…). But to avoid sounding strange to your family or friends, I believe voisitko/voitko tehdä is more commonly used.  It’s a little hard to remember how to use these polite forms, though my impression is that as long as there is kiitos after a request/asking favour or rejecting an offer, then it is all good 🙂

Besides learning to say things at a coffee place, we also learnt berry names in both Finnish and Spanish, as well as some exclamatory words, e.g. genial, vaya, qué triste (Spanish), mahtava, upeeta, voi ei, voi harmi (Finnish). Personally, I think it’s very useful to learn exclamatory words to enrich our conversations in foreign languages, regardless of our skill levels.

We ended our meeting with a simple game, which is a familiar childhood game for all of us. In México, they call it “Ahorcado” and in Finland, it’s called “Hirsipuu”. For English-speakers, it is simply “Hangman”, as shown in the photo above.

Our 1.5 hour meeting was short but still good. While I like having a big group of friends to experience cultural nights, I think 4-5 people is a much more comfortable size for efficient language study. On to our next meeting — Korean food and language learning!

Blog post by: Chrystal Giam, 13Media