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Kimble one more time!


That was our last second meeting. Recently all of us are just too busy to manage a time to meet up because of final exam and also assignments due in end of the semester. But luckily we still managed to meet in public corner and we played our favorite game – Kimble. The meeting was quite short but playing kimble make us forgot about the stresses.

Life is full of stresses but the thing is we just have to know how to face and get over them. Being with friends is one of the best way to remove stress. How do you think?

Finnish Board Game! -Kimble*

We meet in Public Corner in 6th meeting and Julia and Paapi had introduced a Finnish board game to us which is called Kimble! It is really interesting and nice to play and we all like it very much! It is a games that really depends on your luck and it’s also kind of “cruel” as you can “eat” or “kick back” the others back to their origin starting point if you get the same steps on the others! It was really funny to hear the one screaming sadly while being so unlucky to getting kick from the other one. I will say that this is game really help to kick stress away and make our night. We all were really into it and feel relax after one hour of playing Kimble.


I really feel glad to join the group and I think this course really let the exchange student know the local cultures, foods, games, festival, language etc. better! We always talked about this topic and I think I will get the chance introduce this helpful and interesting course to my school as I heard from Julia and Paapi said that during their exchange in Beijing, they not really have the chance to know the local people and also the traditional and culture there. It was kind of sad to hear that. So, it’s time to promote and spread this amazing course to all the University!

Anyway, it’s really a relax and interesting night spending with the girls. Thanks Julia and Paapi for introducing the Finnish board to us! Paljon Kiitos! 😉