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4. Meeting: Kello, sää ja kirjasto

After we had a very nice outdoor activity last time, this time the schedule told us to do some more language studying.

We sat down in TAMK library (kirjasto) and repeated the numbers. With the help of this, we could learn how to say the time.

 Kello on puoli seitsemän                                     Kello on tasan seitsemän
Kello on kaksikymmentä vaille seitsemän    Kello on varttia yli kuusi

Also, we studied how to talk about the weather. We checked a local weather app and told each other, what the weather is like in the next days.
Huomenna on puolipilvistä. Viikonloppuna aurinko paistaa.
In Finland, the expression “On helle” means it is hot. But you only can say this when it is over 25°. I wonder, which countries would agree with this definition …

I was very impressed that Pauliina did a very good job, even though we have not had many lessons yet. Her pronounciation is really good and she just said a perfectly correct german sentence. “Das Wetter in Finnland ist immer kalt”. I needed to laugh very much. It is nice to see her say these words and sentences. It is also interesting to see what is challenging for her in terms of pronounciation.

Next time, we will have some more lessons about talking about yourself and some grocery vocabulary – This will help me survive in the supermarket. We also agreed on writing a Finnish (resp. German) text message to each other every day, in order to practise the daily writing. Let’s see how that goes!


Kaikki käytävät vievät kirjastoon – All corridors lead to the library ;-).

2. Meeting: Kirjasto, sanasto and Bratwurst

Today Pauliina and me met to get some basic language skills!
When we first met we both agreed that we are interested in actually being able to speak some phrases and learn some vocabulary and grammar. So we went to the main library in Tampere, rented a German and a Finnish book and studied a basic conversation!

In addition to that, we learned the days of the week, the colours, the numbers and how to conjugate the two verbs “to be”, “to have” and “to speak” – in both Finnish and German.

You wanna know? 😉



This was a long and intense session, so we treated outselves with a typicial german Bratwurst and Currywurst afterwards, since there was a food festival at Hämeenpuisto.

Hyvää ruokahalua!