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10th meeting: Comparing Christmas markets


This was our last meeting and it took a place in Klubi where was hold a Design Market and in Tampere-talo where was hold a Christmas market sponsored by the local newspaper Aamulehti. The aim was to talk a little  about Finnish design, but also charity work as the market hold in Tampere-talo was a kind of a platform for different kind of common-good and non-profit organizations and hobby groups to talk about their agenda, but also to collect money to keep the activity going on.


We did talk about it how it is to be a designer or an artist in Finland and Hungary, how to make your living and if there is a possibility for grants. The way it works in both countries sounded quite a lot the same, even if it seemed that in Finland we have more small scale design brands – of which some are also known in Hungary, as I have learnt.

We did talk about form, shape and color of the design objects we saw, and we did agree that what we saw was not Finnish design, but kind of universal. Just something that is popular now and therefore produced.

I also learnt that in Finland we probably have more this kind of common-good organizations than in Hungary.


Thank you Fruzsi and Boti! Because of you this Each One Teach One -course was such a nice experience to me! I got this feeling that agreeing on what to do, scheduling the meetings, meeting, teaching & learning did work so well with you! And more importantly, with you learning was fun! It was a pleasure!



7th Meeting : Second hand shop & Asian market


Tuija and I planned to go second hand shop!  I think Finland second hand shops are more familiarer to people than Korea’s. Actually I don’t used to second hand shop like selling and buying used ones, so it is really funny and exciting to me. In second hand shop, we can find and buy everything what we want with cheap price although it is hard to find what we want exactly.


We went 3 second hand shops near to Tammela. First one name is ‘Bonus second hand shop’.  You can borrow table for 6 days by paying about 40 euro and sell your stuff that you want to sell. Second one is ‘Fida’. I felt Fida is more arranged than Bonus shop and also cleaner and more expensive. Last shop is ‘Kaunotar ja Kulkuri’. They normally sell woman clothes.  Visiting second hand shops was really good experience for me, even if I didn’t buy any stuff.

After then, we went Asian market and tokmanni in Tullintori. Even if I am asian, it was the first time to visit there. It was Newww world for me! They sell many Korean food and ingredients. Tuija wanted to know how to make Korean seaweed soup. I showed seaweed in Asian market. You guys also can buy it!

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How to make seaweed soup.

  1. Soak seaweed in water until it becomes bigger.
  2. Fry seaweed, beef, crushed garlic with sesami oil
  3. Pour water into a pot
  4.  Put soi sauce little into a pot
  5. Boil soup enough
  6. Let’s eat!

And We went to Klubi! It sounds like club.(It’s true) but they sell kahvi and tea during day time. Kahvi is only 1 euro and their mood was quiet nice! It would be really nice if you visit there. Band played music there normally. So if you want to enjoy music (little noisy) and drink coffee with cheap price, don’t hesitate to go there!

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We did many things in one day meeting, but really fun and good! Thank you Tuija:D